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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-122D Crystals in Three Dimensions: Electronic Decoupling of Single-Layered Platelets in Colloidal NanoparticlesRoman Kempt; Agnieszka Kuc; Jae Hyo Han, et al
2018-11A magnetic resonance tuning sensor for the MRI detection of biological targetsTae-Hyun Shin; Sunghwi Kang; Sohyeon Park, et al
2016-06A mechanogenetic toolkit for interrogating cell signaling in space and timeSeo D.; Southard K.M.; Ji-wook Kim, et al
2019-07A serotonin-modified hyaluronic acid hydrogel for multifunctional hemostatic adhesives inspired by a platelet coagulation mediatorSoohwan An; Eun Je Jeon; Jihoon Jeon, et al
2019-05Aligned Brain Extracellular Matrix Promotes Differentiation and Myelination of Human-Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived OligodendrocytesAnn-Na Cho; Yoonhee Jin; Suran Kim, et al
2020-02Amorphous Oxide Semiconductor Transistors with Air Dielectrics for Transparent and Wearable Pressure Sensor ArraysSangyoon Ji; Jiuk Jang; Jae Chul Hwang, et al
2018-09An intravenous wire captures rare tumour cellstae-Hyun Shin; Jinwoo Cheon
2017-02Characterization of Responsive Hydrogel Nanoparticles upon Polyelectrolyte ComplexationSu-Kyoung Lee; Hwang, G; Woo, J, et al
2019-09Co-culture of functionally enriched cancer stem-like cells and cancer-associated fibroblasts for single-cell whole transcriptome analysisYu-Chih Chen; Seungwon Jung; Zhixiong Zhang, et al
2016-10Colloidal Single-Layer Quantum Dots with Lateral Confinement Effects on 2D ExcitonJin, H; Minji Ahn; Sohee Jeong, et al
2019-10Controlled synthesis of SnSxSe2−x nanoplate alloys via synergetic control of reactant activity and surface defect passivation control with surfactant and co-surfactant mixtureJong Kook Won; Chahwan Hwang; Kyunghan Ahn, et al
2019-08Controlling Anisotropy of Quantum-Confined CsPbBr3 Nanocrystals by Combined Use of Equilibrium and Kinetic AnisotropyYitong Dong; Tian Qiao; Doyun Kim, et al
2018-03Deep learning improves prediction of CRISPR-Cpf1 guide RNA activityHighly Cited PaperHui Kwon Kim; Seonwoo Min; Myungjae Song, et al
2018-05Direct Hot-Injection Synthesis of Mn-Doped CsPbBr3 NanocrystalsHighly Cited PaperDavid Parobek; Yitong Dong; Tian Qiao, et al
2019-09Direct imaging of structural disordering and heterogeneous dynamics of fullerene molecular liquidJeongheon Choe; Yangjin Lee; Jungwon Park, et al
2017-05Distance-dependent magnetic resonance tuning as a versatile MRI sensing platform for biological targetsJin-sil Choi; Soojin Kim; Dongwon Yoo, et al
2017-12Effects of Direct Solvent-Quantum Dot Interaction on the Optical Properties of Colloidal Monolayer WS2 Quantum DotsHo Jin; Bongkwan Baek; Doyun Kim, et al
2017-12Electroconductive nanoscale topography for enhanced neuronal differentiation and electrophysiological maturation of human neural stem cellsKisuk Yang; Seung Jung Yu; Jong Seung Lee, et al
2018-01Electrogenerated chemiluminescence of lucigenin at mesoporous platinum electrode and its biosensing application to superoxide dismutaseSungju Nam; Won-Yong Lee
2019-05En bloc and segmental deletions of human XIST reveal X chromosome inactivation-involving RNA elementsHyeon J. Lee; Ramu Gopalappa; Hongjae Sunwoo, et al
2019-09Energetic hot electrons from exciton-to-hot electron upconversion in Mn-doped semiconductor nanocrystalsDavid Parobek; Tian Qiao; Dong Hee Son
2020-01Fabrication and Imaging of Monolayer Phosphorene with Preferred Edge Configurations via Graphene-Assisted Layer-by-Layer ThinningYangjin Lee; Sol Lee; Jun-Yeong Yoon, et al
2019-07Haze-free transparent electrodes using metal nanofibers with carbon shells for high-temperature stabilitySangyoon Ji; Jihun Park; Yejin Jo, et al
2018-04High-mobility group box 1-induced complement activation causes sterile inflammationSook Young Kim; Myoungsun Son; Sang Eun Lee, et al
2016-12High-order synchronization of hair cell bundlesLevy M.; Molzon A.; Jae-Hyun Lee, et al
2019-12High-Resolution 3D Printing of Freeform, Transparent Displays in Ambient AirHyeon Seok An; Young-Geun Park; Kukjoo Kim, et al
2018-12High-resolution acoustophoretic 3D cell patterning to construct functional collateral cylindroids for ischemia therapyByungjun Kang; Jisoo Shin; Hyun-Ji Park, et al
2019-06High-resolution, reconfigurable printing of liquid metals with three-dimensional structuresYoung-Geun Park; Hyeon Seok An; Ju-Young Kim, et al
2020-01High-throughput analysis of the activities of xCas9, SpCas9-NG and SpCas9 at matched and mismatched target sequences in human cellsHui Kwon Kim; Sungtae Lee; Younggwang Kim, et al
2019-10HMGB1 modulates the balance between senescence and apoptosis in response to genotoxic stressJe-Jung Lee; In Ho Park; Woo Joong Rhee, et al
2019-07Human-Interactive, Active-Matrix Displays for Visualization of Tactile PressuresJiuk Jang; Byungkook Oh; Subin Jo, et al
2019-10Implantation of electronic visual prosthesis for blindness restorationJIUK JANG; HYOBEOM KIM; YOUNG MIN SONG, et al
2019-12In Situ Self-Cross-Linkable, Long-Term Stable Hyaluronic Acid Filler by Gallol Autoxidation for Tissue Augmentation and Wrinkle CorrectionJung Seung Lee; Jung Ho Cho; Soohwan An, et al
2018-07In vivo gene correction with targeted sequence substitution through microhomology-mediated end joiningJeong Hong Shin; Soobin Jung; Suresh Ramakrishna, et al
2018-02Inflachromene inhibits autophagy through modulation of Beclin 1 activityYoung Hun Kim; Man Sup Kwak; Jae Min Shin, et al
2016-07Inositol pyrophosphates inhibit synaptotagmin-dependent exocytosisTae-Sun Lee; Lee, JY; Kyung, JW, et al
2019-11Instantaneous and Repeatable Self-Healing of Fully Metallic Electrodes at Ambient ConditionsYoung-Geun Park; Hyobeom Kim; Sun-Young Park, et al
2019-11Label-Free Estimation of Therapeutic Efficacy on 3D Cancer Spheres Using Convolutional Neural Network Image AnalysisZhixiong Zhang; Lili Chen; Yimin Wang, et al
2017-12Label-free impedimetric glycosensor based on beta-galactose-functionalized gold electrode for the determination of cholera toxinDaeho Jeong; Kwang-Soo Ahn; Won-Yong Lee
2019-12Low-power, bio-inspired time-stamp-based 2-d optic flow sensor for artificial compound eyes of micro air vehiclesSeokjun Park; Kyuseok Lee; Hyunsoo Song, et al
2019-09Magnetic Control of Axon Navigation in Reprogrammed NeuronsYoonhee Jin; Jung-uk Lee; Eunna Chung, et al
2016-06Magnetic Force Nanoprobe for Direct Observation of Audio Frequency Tonotopy of Hair CellsJi-wook Kim; Jae-Hyun Lee; Ma, JH, et al
2018-03Magnetic Nanotweezers for Interrogating Biological Processes in Space and TimeJi-wook Kim; Hee-kyung Jeong; Kaden M. Southard, et al
2016-12Magnetic Tandem Apoptosis for Overcoming Multidrug-Resistant CancerMi Hyeon Cho; Seulmi Kim; Jae-Hyun Lee, et al
2020-01Mechanoluminescent, Air-Dielectric MoS2 Transistors as Active-Matrix Pressure Sensors for Wide Detection Ranges from Footsteps to Cellular MotionsJiuk Jang; Hyobeom Kim; Sangyoon Ji, et al
2019-12Medical fluorophore 1 (MF1), a benzoquinolizinium-based fluorescent dye, as an inflammation imaging agentSang Bong Lee; Ye Ri Han; Hui-Jeon Jeon, et al
2019-02Megahertz-wave-transmitting conducting polymer electrode for device-to-device integrationTaehoon Kim; Gwangmook Kim; Hyeohn Kim, et al
2019-02Multichannel digital heteronuclear magnetic resonance biosensorStephan Huber; Changwook Min; Christoph Staat, et al
2020-03Nanoscale Heat Transfer from Magnetic Nanoparticles and Ferritin in an Alternating Magnetic FieldHunter C. Davis; Sunghwi Kang; Jae-Hyun Lee, et al
2019-08Nanowires for PhotonicsLi Na Quan; Joohoon Kang; Cun-Zheng Ning, et al
2020-02Near-field sub-diffraction photolithography with an elastomeric photomaskSangyoon Paik; Gwangmook Kim; Sehwan Chang, et al
2016-11Observing Extremely Weak Protein-Protein Interactions with Conventional Single-Molecule Fluorescence MicroscopyJanghyun Yoo; Tae-Sun Lee; Byungsan Choi, et al
2019-10On the determination of absorption cross section of colloidal lead halide perovskite quantum dotsJoseph Puthenpurayil; Oscar Hsu-Cheng Cheng,; Tian Qiao, et al
2018-07Paired D10A Cas9 nickases are sometimes more efficient than individual nucleases for gene disruptionRamu Gopalappa; Bharathi Suresh; Suresh Ramakrishna, et al
2019-06Peroxiredoxin-mediated disulfide bond formation is required for nucleocytoplasmic translocation and secretion of HMGB1 in response to inflammatory stimuliMan Sup Kwak; Hee Sue Kim; Khulan Lkhamsuren, et al
2018-03Phosphorylated EGFR Dimers Are Not Sufficient to Activate RasSamantha I. Liang; Bettina van Lengerich; Kelsie Eichel, et al
2017-12Photoactive poly(3-hexylthiophene) nanoweb for optoelectrical stimulation to enhance neurogenesis of human stem cellsYang K.; Oh J.Y.; Lee J.S., et al
2019-03Photoinduced Mn doping in cesium lead halide perovskite nanocrystalsTian Qiao; David Parobek; Yitong Dong, et al
2019-12Photons and charges from colloidal doped semiconductor quantum dotsTian Qiao; David Parobek; Dong Hee Son
2017-05Plant Flavonoid-Mediated Multifunctional Surface Modification Chemistry: Catechin Coating for Enhanced Osteogenesis of Human Stem CellsLee J.S.; Lee J.S.; Lee M.S., et al
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