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Publication Date Title Author(s)
2019-02 Multichannel digital heteronuclear magnetic resonance biosensor Stephan HuberChangwook MinChristoph StaatJuhyun OhCesar M. CastroAxel HaaseRalph WeisslederBernhard GleichHakho LeeHakho Lee
2018-12 High-resolution acoustophoretic 3D cell patterning to construct functional collateral cylindroids for ischemia therapy Byungjun KangJisoo ShinHyun-Ji ParkChanryeol RhyouDonyoung KangShin-Jeong LeeYoung-sup YoonSeung-Woo ChoHyungsuk LeeSeung-Woo Cho
2018-07 Paired D10A Cas9 nickases are sometimes more efficient than individual nucleases for gene disruption Ramu GopalappaBharathi SureshSuresh RamakrishnaHyongbum (Henry) KimHyongbum (Henry) Kim
2018-07 Three-dimensional brain-like microenvironments facilitate the direct reprogramming of fibroblasts into therapeutic neurons Yoonhee JinJung Seung LeeJin KimSungjin MinSoohyun WiJi Hea YuGyeong-Eon ChangAnn-Na ChoYeeun ChoiDa-Hee AhnSung-Rae ChoEunji CheongYun-Gon KimHyong-Pyo KimYonghwan KimDong Seok KimHyun Woo KimZhejiu QuanHoon-Chul KangSeung-Woo ChoSeung-Woo Cho
2018-07 In vivo gene correction with targeted sequence substitution through microhomology-mediated end joining Jeong Hong ShinSoobin JungSuresh RamakrishnaHyongbum Henry KimJunwon LeeHyongbum Henry Kim
2018-07 Recent Advances in the Solution-Based Preparation of Two-Dimensional Layered Transition Metal Chalcogenide Nanostructures Jae Hyo HanMinkyoung KwakYoungsoo KimJinwoo CheonJae Hyo HanJinwoo Cheon
2018-06 Precise Control of Quantum Confinement in Cesium Lead Halide Perovskite Quantum Dots via Thermodynamic EquilibriumHighly Cited Paper Yitong DongTian QiaoDoyun KimDavid ParobekDaniel RossiDong Hee SonDong Hee Son
2018-05 Direct Hot-Injection Synthesis of Mn-Doped CsPbBr3 NanocrystalsHighly Cited Paper David ParobekYitong DongTian QiaoDong Hee SonDong Hee Son
2018-04 Profiling of protein-protein interactions via single-molecule techniques predicts the dependence of cancers on growth-factor receptors Hong-Won LeeByoungsan ChoiHan Na KangHyunwoo KimAhrum MinMinkwon ChaJi Young RyuSangwoo ParkJinyoung SohnKihyuk ShinMi Ran YunJoo Yeun HanMin Ju ShonCherlhyun JeongJunho ChungSeung-Hyo LeeSeock-Ah ImByoung Chul ChoTae-Young YoonHong-Won Lee
2018-04 High-mobility group box 1-induced complement activation causes sterile inflammation Sook Young KimMyoungsun SonSang Eun LeeIn Ho ParkMan Sup KwakMyeonggil HanHyun Sook LeeEun Sook KimJae-Young KimJong Eun LeeJi Eun ChoiBetty DiamondJeon-Soo ShinJeon-Soo Shin
2018-03 Targeting mutant &ITKRAS&IT with CRISPR-Cas9 controls tumor growth Wonjoo KimSangeun LeeHan Sang KimMinjung SongYong Hoon ChaYoung-Hoon KimJeonghong ShinEun-Seo LeeYeonsoo JooJae J. SongEun Ju ChoiJae W. ChoiJinu LeeMoonkyung KangJong In YookMin Goo LeeYeon-Soo KimSoonmyung PaikHyongbum (Henry) KimJeonghong Shin
2018-03 Deep learning improves prediction of CRISPR-Cpf1 guide RNA activityHighly Cited Paper Hui Kwon KimSeonwoo MinMyungjae SongSoobin JungJae Woo ChoiYounggwang KimSangeun LeeSungroh YoonHyongbum KimHyongbum Kim
2018-03 Magnetic Nanotweezers for Interrogating Biological Processes in Space and Time Ji-wook KimHee-kyung JeongKaden M. SouthardYoung-wook JunJinwoo CheonJi-wook KimJinwoo Cheon
2018-03 Phosphorylated EGFR Dimers Are Not Sufficient to Activate Ras Samantha I. LiangBettina van LengerichKelsie EichelMinkwon ChaDavid M. PattersonTae-Young YoonMark von ZastrowNatalia JuraZev J. GartnerMinkwon Cha
2018-02 Inflachromene inhibits autophagy through modulation of Beclin 1 activity Young Hun KimMan Sup KwakJae Min ShinRia Aryani HayuningtyasJi Eun ChoiJeon-Soo ShinJeon-Soo Shin
2018-01 Electrogenerated chemiluminescence of lucigenin at mesoporous platinum electrode and its biosensing application to superoxide dismutase Sungju NamWon-Yong LeeSungju Nam
2017-12 Photoactive poly(3-hexylthiophene) nanoweb for optoelectrical stimulation to enhance neurogenesis of human stem cells Yang K.Oh J.Y.Lee J.S.Jin Y.Chang G.-E.Chae S.S.Cheong E.Baik H.K.Seung-Woo Cho
2017-02 Characterization of Responsive Hydrogel Nanoparticles upon Polyelectrolyte Complexation Su-Kyoung LeeHwang, GWoo, JPark, JJongseong Kim
2017-12 RanBPM: a potential therapeutic target for modulating diverse physiological disorders Soumyadip DasBharathi SureshHyongbum (Henry) KimSuresh RamakrishnaHyongbum (Henry) Kim
2017-12 Electroconductive nanoscale topography for enhanced neuronal differentiation and electrophysiological maturation of human neural stem cells Kisuk YangSeung Jung YuJong Seung LeeHak-Rae LeeGyeong-Eon ChangJungmok SeoTaeyoon LeeEunji CheongSung Gap ImSeung-Woo ChoSeung-Woo Cho
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