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Publication Date Title Author(s)
2020-01 Visible-Light-Induced ortho-Selective Migration on Pyridyl Ring: Trifluoromethylative Pyridylation of Unactivated Alkenes Jinwon JeonYu‐Tao HeSanghoon ShinSungwoo HongJinwon JeonYu‐Tao HeSungwoo Hong
2019-12 Regioselective Oxidation of C-H Bonds in Unactivated Alkanes by a Vanadium Superoxo Catalyst Bound to a Supramolecular Host Mahesh SundararajanBohyun ParkMu-Hyun BaikMahesh SundararajanBohyun ParkMu-Hyun Baik
2019-12 Visible-Light-Induced Remote C(sp3)-H Pyridylation of Sulfonamides and Carboxamides Namhoon KimChangseok LeeTaehwan KimSungwoo HongNamhoon KimSungwoo Hong
2019-11 Visible light induced alkene aminopyridylation using N-aminopyridinium salts as bifunctional reagents Yonghoon MoonBohyun ParkInwon KimGyumin KangSanghoon ShinDahye KangMu-Hyun BaikSungwoo HongYonghoon MoonDahye KangMu-Hyun BaikSungwoo Hong
2019-10 Ru-Catalyzed Deoxygenative Regioselective C8-H Arylation of Quinoline N-Oxides Jinwoo KimSuhyeon KimDongwook KimSukbok ChangJinwoo KimDongwook KimSukbok Chang
2019-09 Efficient Cobalt Catalyst for Ambient-Temperature Nitrile Dihydroboration, the Elucidation of a Chelate-Assisted Borylation Mechanism, and a New Synthetic Route to Amides Chandrani GhoshSuyeon KimMatthew R. MenaJun-Hyeong KimRaja PalChristopher L. RockThomas L. GroyMu-Hyun BaikRyan J. TrovitchSuyeon KimMu-Hyun Baik
2019-09 Disrotatory Ring-Opening of Furans Gives Stereocontrol Jinhoon JeongHyunjoong KimChinmoy K. HazraSukbok ChangMu-Hyun BaikJinhoon JeongChinmoy K. HazraSukbok ChangMu-Hyun Baik
2019-09 Site-Selective C-H Acylation of Pyridinium Derivatives by Photoredox Catalysis Sungwoo JungHyeonyeong LeeYonghoon MoonHoi-Yun JungSungwoo HongSungwoo JungSungwoo Hong
2019-09 Strategic Approach to the Metamorphosis of γ-Lactones to NH γ-Lactams via Reductive Cleavage and C-H Amidation Hoi-Yun JungSukbok ChangSungwoo HongHoi-Yun JungSukbok ChangSungwoo Hong
2019-09 Harnessing Secondary Coordination Sphere Interactions That Enable the Selective Amidation of Benzylic C-H Bonds Hoimin JungMalte SchraderDongwook KimMu-Hyun BaikYoonsu ParkSukbok ChangHoimin JungDongwook KimMu-Hyun BaikYoonsu ParkSukbok Chang
2019-08 Positive shift in corrole redox potentials leveraged by modest β-CF3-substitution helps achieve efficient photocatalytic C-H bond functionalization by group 13 complexes Xuan ZhanPinky YadavYael Diskin-PosnerNatalia FridmanMahesh SundararajanZakir UllahQiu-Cheng ChenLinda J. W. ShimonAtif MahammedDavid G. ChurchillMu-Hyun BaikZeev GrossMahesh SundararajanZakir UllahMu-Hyun Baik
2019-08 Mechanism of Palladium-Catalyzed C-N Coupling with 1,8-Diazabicyclo[5.4.0]undec-7-ene (DBU) as a Base Seoung-Tae KimBimal PudasainiMu-Hyun BaikSeoung-Tae KimBimal PudasainiMu-Hyun Baik
2019-08 Enantioselective Intermolecular Excited-State Photoreactions Using a Chiral Ir Triplet Sensitizer: Separating Association from Energy Transfer in Asymmetric Photocatalysis Jian ZhengWesley B. SwordsHoimin JungJesse B. KiddGerald J. MeyerMu-Hyun BaikTehshik P. YoonHoimin JungMu-Hyun Baik
2019-07 The Mechanism of Copper-Catalyzed Trifunctionalization of Terminal Allenes Hong Ki KimManoj V. ManeJohn MontgomeryMu Hyun BaikHong Ki KimManoj V. ManeMu Hyun Baik
2019-07 Dynamic Kinetic Resolution of Alkenyl Cyanohydrins Derived from α,β-Unsaturated Aldehydes: Stereoselective Synthesis of E-Tetrasubstituted Olefins Jadab MajhBen W. H. TurnbullHo RyuJiyong ParkMu-Hyun BaikP. Andrew EvansHo RyuJiyong ParkMu-Hyun Baik
2019-05 One metal is enough: A nickel complex reduces nitrate anions to nitrogen gas Jinseong GwakSeihwan AhnMu-Hyun BaikYunho LeeSeihwan AhnMu-Hyun Baik
2019-05 Maximizing Property Tuning of Phosphorus Corrole Photocatalysts through a Trifluoromethylation Approach Xuan ZhanPeter TeplitzkyYael Diskin-PosnerMahesh SundararajanZakir UllahQiu-Cheng ChenLinda J. W. ShimonIrena SaltsmanAtif MahammedMonica KosaMu-Hyun BaikDavid G. ChurchillZeev GrossMahesh SundararajanZakir UllahMu-Hyun Baik
2019-04 Visible-light-induced cascade radical ring-closure and pyridylation for the synthesis of tetrahydrofurans Yechan KimKangjae LeeGangadhar Rao MathiInwon KimSungwoo HongYechan KimKangjae LeeGangadhar Rao MathiSungwoo Hong
2019-02 Directing Foldamer Self-Assembly with a Cyclopropanoyl Cap Danim LimHyunjoong KimJintaek GongJae-Hoon EomEunyoung YoonRussell W. DriverMu-Hyun BaikHee-Seung LeeHyunjoong KimMu-Hyun Baik
2019-01 Schrock vs Fischer carbenes: A quantum chemical perspective Joonghee WonHoimin JunManoj V. ManeJoon HeoSeongyeon KwonMu-Hyun BaikJoonghee WonManoj V. ManeMu-Hyun Baik
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