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Publication Date Title Author(s)
2018-12 2D Crystals in Three Dimensions: Electronic Decoupling of Single-Layered Platelets in Colloidal Nanoparticles Roman KemptAgnieszka KucJae Hyo HanJinwoo CheonThomas HeineJae Hyo HanJinwoo Cheon
2018-11 A magnetic resonance tuning sensor for the MRI detection of biological targets Tae-Hyun ShinSunghwi KangSohyeon ParkJin-sil ChoiPan Ki KimJinwoo CheonTae-Hyun ShinJinwoo Cheon
2018-09 An intravenous wire captures rare tumour cells tae-Hyun ShinJinwoo Cheontae-Hyun ShinJinwoo Cheon
2018-07 Recent Advances in the Solution-Based Preparation of Two-Dimensional Layered Transition Metal Chalcogenide Nanostructures Jae Hyo HanMinkyoung KwakYoungsoo KimJinwoo CheonJae Hyo HanJinwoo Cheon
2018-03 Magnetic Nanotweezers for Interrogating Biological Processes in Space and Time Ji-wook KimHee-kyung JeongKaden M. SouthardYoung-wook JunJinwoo CheonJi-wook KimJinwoo Cheon
2017-12 Effects of Direct Solvent-Quantum Dot Interaction on the Optical Properties of Colloidal Monolayer WS2 Quantum Dots Ho JinBongkwan BaekDoyun KimFanglue WuJames D. BatteasJinwoo CheonDong Hee SonBongkwan BaekJinwoo Cheon
2017-05 Distance-dependent magnetic resonance tuning as a versatile MRI sensing platform for biological targets Jin-sil ChoiSoojin KimDongwon YooTae-Hyun ShinHoyoung KimMuller D. GomesSun Hee KimAlexander PinesJinwoo CheonJin-sil ChoiJinwoo Cheon
2017-04 Recent advances of magneto-thermal capabilities of nanoparticles: From design principles to biomedical applications Seung-hyun NohSeung Ho MoonTae-Hyun ShinYongjun LimJinwoo CheonSeung-hyun NohJinwoo Cheon
2017-03 Synergism of Nanomaterials with Physical Stimuli for Biology and Medicine Tae-Hyun ShinJinwoo CheonJinwoo Cheon
2016-12 High-order synchronization of hair cell bundles Levy M.Molzon A.Jae-Hyun LeeJi-wook KimJinwoo CheonBozovic D.Jae-Hyun LeeJinwoo Cheon
2016-12 Magnetic Tandem Apoptosis for Overcoming Multidrug-Resistant Cancer Mi Hyeon ChoSeulmi KimJae-Hyun LeeTae-Hyun ShinDongwon YooJinwoo CheonMi Hyeon ChoJinwoo Cheon
2016-12 Quantitative Measurements of Size-Dependent Magnetoelectric Coupling in Fe3O4 Nanoparticles Kyongjun YooByung-Gu JeonSae Hwan ChunDeepak Rajaram PatilYongjun LimSeung-hyun NohJihyo GilJinwoo CheonKee Hoon KimYongjun LimJinwoo Cheon
2016-10 Colloidal Single-Layer Quantum Dots with Lateral Confinement Effects on 2D Exciton Jin, HMinji AhnSohee JeongJae Hyo HanDongwon YooSon, DHJinwoo CheonMinji AhnJinwoo Cheon
2016-06 Magnetic Force Nanoprobe for Direct Observation of Audio Frequency Tonotopy of Hair Cells Ji-wook KimJae-Hyun LeeMa, JHEunna ChungHongsuh ChoiBok, JJinwoo CheonJi-wook KimJinwoo Cheon
2016-06 A mechanogenetic toolkit for interrogating cell signaling in space and time Seo D.Southard K.M.Ji-wook KimLee H.J.Farlow J.Jung-uk LeeLitt D.B.Haas T.Alivisatos A.P.Jinwoo CheonGartner Z.J.Young-wook JunJi-wook KimJinwoo Cheon
2015-10 Iron Oxide Based Nanoparticles for Multimodal Imaging and Magnetoresponsive TherapyHighly Cited Paper Nohyun LeeDongwon YooDaishun LingCho, M.H.Taeghwan HyeonCheon, J.Daishun LingTaeghwan HyeonCheon, J.