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Publication Date Title Author(s)
2018-12 Atomistic Investigation of Doping Effects on Electrocatalytic Properties of Cobalt Oxides for Water Oxidation Kim, BPark, IYoon, GKim, JSKim, HKisuk KangKisuk Kang
2018-10 Radiogenomics Profiling for Glioblastoma-related Immune Cells Reveals CD49d Expression Correlation with MRI parameters and Prognosis Hye Rim ChoHyejin JeonChul-Kee ParkSung-Hye ParkSeung Hong ChoiHye Rim Cho
2018-09 Can amide proton transfer MRI distinguish benign and malignant head and neck tumors? Seung Hong ChoiSeung Hong Choi
2018-09 Biomass waste, coffee grounds-derived carbon for lithium storage Ji Hyun UmYunok KimChi-Yeong AhnJinsoo KimYung-Eun SungYong-Hun ChoSeung-Soo KimWon-Sub YoonChi-Yeong AhnYung-Eun Sung
2018-08 Liquid Cell TEM and Automated Image Analysis for Nanoparticle Growth Study Byung Hyo KimJoodeok KimJungwon ParkByung Hyo Kim
2018-08 Flexible and Stretchable Smart Display: Materials, Fabrication, Device Design, and System Integration Ja Hoon KooDong Chan KimHyeong Joon ShimTae-Ho KimDae-Hyeong KimJa Hoon KooDae-Hyeong Kim
2018-08 Electrochemically Synthesized Mesoscopic Nickel Oxide Films as Photocathodes for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells Jin Soo KangJin KimJeong Soo KimKyungju NamHyungyung JoYoon Jun SonJiho KangJuwon JeongHeeman ChoeTae-Hyuk KwonYung-Eun SungJin Soo KangYung-Eun Sung
2018-08 Responsive Assembly of Upconversion Nanoparticles for pH‐Activated and Near‐Infrared‐Triggered Photodynamic Therapy of Deep Tumors Fangyuan LiYang DuJianan LiuHeng SunJin WangRuiqing LiDokyoon KimTaeghwan HyeonDaishun LingJianan LiuTaeghwan Hyeon
2018-08 Application of 3D fast spin-echo T1 black-blood imaging in the diagnosis and prognostic prediction of patients with leptomeningeal carcinomatosis Oh J.Seung Hong ChoiLee E.Shin D.J.Jo S.W.Yoo R.-E.Kang K.M.Yun T.J.Kim J.-H.Sohn C.-H.Seung Hong Choi
2018-08 Stretchable electronics on another level Dae-Hyeong KimDong Chan KimDae-Hyeong KimDong Chan Kim
2018-07 Defect Engineering for High-Performance n-Type PbSe Thermoelectrics Chongjian ZhouYong Kyu LeeJoonil ChaByeongjun YooSung-Pyo ChoTaeghwan HyeonIn ChungChongjian ZhouTaeghwan Hyeon
2018-07 Understanding the Roles of Sulfur Dopants in Carbonaceous Electrocatalysts for the Oxygen Reduction Reaction: The Relationship between Catalytic Activity and Work Function Heejong ShinNarae KangDaye KangJin Soo KangJu Hong KangDoo Hun LeeSubin ParkSeung Uk SonYung-Eung SungHeejong ShinYung-Eung Sung
2018-07 Highly loaded PbS/Mn-doped CdS quantum dots for dual application in solar-to-electrical and solar-to-chemical energy conversion Jae-Yup KimYoun Jeong JangJongwoo ParkJeehye KimJin Soo KangDong Young ChungYung-Eun SungChanghee LeeJae Sung LeeMin Jae KoJin Soo KangYung-Eun Sung
2018-07 Application of synthetic MRI for direct measurement of magnetic resonance relaxation time and tumor volume at multiple time points after contrast administration: Preliminary results in patients with brain metastasis Kang K.M.Seung Hong ChoiHwang M.Yoo R.-E.Yun T.J.Kim J.-H.Sohn C.-H.Seung Hong Choi
2018-06 Bioinspired Artificial Eyes: Optic Components, Digital Cameras, and Visual Prostheses Gil Ju LeeChangsoon ChoiDae-Hyeong KimYoung Min SongChangsoon ChoiDae-Hyeong Kim
2018-06 Propionibacterium acnes-Derived Extracellular Vesicles Promote Acne-Like Phenotypes in Human Epidermis Eun-Jeong ChoiHyun Gee LeeIl-Hong BaeWanil KimJungwon ParkTae Ryong LeeEun-Gyung ChoJungwon Park
2018-05 Deformable inorganic semiconductor Dae-Hyeong KimGi Doo ChaDae-Hyeong KimGi Doo Cha
2018-05 Radiogenomics correlation between MR imaging features and major genetic profiles in glioblastoma Eun Kyoung HongSeung Hong ChoiDong Jae ShinSang Won JoRoh-Eul YooKoung Mi KangTae Jin YunJi-Hoon KimChul-Ho SohnSung-Hye ParkJae-Kyung WonTae Min Kimchul-Kee ParkIl Han KimSoon Tae LeeSeung Hong Choi
2018-05 Excellent Performances of Modified RuOs Bimetallic Materials as Anode Catalysts for Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cells Min Jeong KimOk-Hee KimIn-Su ParkYong-Hun ChoYung-Eun SungMin Jeong KimYung-Eun Sung
2018-05 Effect of N-doped carbon coatings on the durability of highly loaded platinum and alloy catalysts with different carbon supports for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells Chi-Yeong AhnWonchan HwangHyunjoon LeeSungjun KimJi Eun ParkOk-Hee KimMin HerYong-Hun ChoYung-Eun SungChi-Yeong AhnYung-Eun Sung
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