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Publication Date Title Author(s)
2019-05 Structural Control of Metal-Organic Framework Bearing N-Heterocyclic Imidazolium Cation and Generation of Highly Stable Porous Structure Kim H.Hyunyong KimKimoon KimEunsung LeeHyunyong KimKimoon KimEunsung Lee
2018-12 Stable Organic Radicals Derived from N-Heterocyclic Carbenes Youngsuk KimEunsung LeeYoungsuk KimEunsung Lee
2018-11 Rational Design and Construction of Hierarchical Superstructures Using Shape-Persistent Organic Cages: Porphyrin Box-Based Metallosupramolecular Assemblies Younghoon KimJaehyoung KooIn-Chul HwangRahul Dev MukhopadhyaySoonsang HongJejoong YooAjaz Ahmad DarIkjin KimDohyun MoonTae Joo ShinYoung Ho KoKimoon KimYounghoon KimIn-Chul HwangRahul Dev MukhopadhyaySoonsang HongJejoong YooAjaz Ahmad DarYoung Ho KoKimoon Kim
2018-01 Oxime Ether Radical Cations Stabilized by N-Heterocyclic Carbenes Youngsuk KimKimoon KimEunsung LeeYoungsuk KimKimoon KimEunsung Lee
2017-07 Nanoscale Control of Amyloid Self-Assembly Using Protein Phase Transfer by Host-Guest Chemistry Tae Su ChoiHong Hee LeeYoung Ho KoKwang Seob JeongKimoon KimHugh I. Kim
2017-01 Remission of lymphoblastic leukaemia in an intravascular fluidic environment by pliable drug carrier with a sliding target ligand Donghyun JangYeong Mi LeeLee J.Doh J.Won Jong Kim
2017-11 Therapeutic-Gas-Responsive Hydrogel Junghong ParkSwapan PramanickDongsik ParkJiwon YeoJihyun LeeHaeshin LeeWon Jong KimJunghong ParkWon Jong Kim
2017-11 Triazenyl Radicals Stabilized by N-Heterocyclic Carbenes Jisu BackJunbeom ParkYoungsuk KimHaneol KangYonghwi KimMoon Jeong ParkKimoon KimEunsung LeeJisu BackYonghwi KimKimoon KimEunsung Lee
2017-10 Nitric oxide-activatable gold nanoparticles for specific targeting and photo-thermal ablation of macrophages Junghong ParkSwapan PramanickJinhwan KimJihyun LeeWon Jong KimJunghong ParkSwapan PramanickJinhwan KimWon Jong Kim
2017-10 Point-of-Use Detection of Amphetamine-Type Stimulants with Host-Molecule-Functionalized Organic Transistors Yoonjung JangMoonjeong JangHyoeun KimSang Jin LeeEunyeong JinJin Young KooIn-Chul HwangYonghwi KimYoung Ho KoIlha HwangJoon Hak OhKimoon KimYoonjung JangIn-Chul HwangYonghwi KimYoung Ho KoIlha HwangKimoon Kim
2017-09 A synthesis of novel expanded porphyrinoids: NiII-induced nitrile cyclization of dicyanovinylene-bis(: Meso -aryl)dipyrrin Nathan H. FaialagaSatoru ItoHiroshi ShinokuboYounghoon KimKimoon KimJi-Young ShinYounghoon KimKimoon Kim
2017-08 Reversible photoreduction of Cu(II)-coumarin metal-organic polyhedra Jaeyeon BaeKangkyun BaekDaqiang YuanWooram KimKimoon KimHong-Cai ZhouJinhee ParkKangkyun BaekWooram KimKimoon Kim
2017-07 Self-Healable Supramolecular Hydrogel Formed by Nor-Seco-Cucurbit[10] uril as a Supramolecular Crosslinker Park, KMRoh, JHGihyun SungMurray, JKim, KPark, KMRoh, JHGihyun SungMurray, JKim, K
2017-05 Self-Assembled Nanoconstructs Modified with Amplified Aptamers Inhibited Tumor Growth and Retinal Vascular Hyperpermeability via Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Capturing Jihyun LeeLee B.J.Yeong Mi LeePark H.Kim J.H.Won Jong KimJihyun LeeYeong Mi LeeWon Jong Kim
2017-04 On the mechanism of the oxidative cleavage of n-heterocyclic-carbene-palladium bonds with iodine Eunsung LeeJaechul LeeDmitry V. YandulovEunsung LeeJaechul Lee
2017-03 An n-heterocyclic-carbene-tetracyanoethylene zwitterion: Experimental and theoretical study on its formation and reactivity Hayoung SongYoungsuk KimJunbeom Park.Ko Y.H.Kim K.Lee E.Hayoung SongKo Y.H.Kim K.Lee E.
2017-03 Synthetic control of coincidental formation of an N-heterocyclic carbene-copper(i) complex and imidazolium cations within metal-organic frameworks Hyun-Jung LeeKwon H.Sim J.Dalnim SongYonghwi KimKim J.Kimoon KimEunsung LeeHyun-Jung LeeYonghwi KimKimoon KimEunsung Lee
2016-06 Two conformational states in D-shaped DNA: Effects of local denaturation O.-chul LeeKim C.Kim J.-Y.Lee N.K.Wokyung Sung
2016-05 Discovery of novel peptides targeting pro-atherogenic endothelium in disturbed flow regions -Targeted siRNA delivery to pro-atherogenic endothelium in vivo Jihwa ChungHyunbo ShimKwanchang KimDuhwan LeeWon Jong KimDong Hoon KangSang Won KangHanjoong JoKihwan Kwon
2016-12 E-Bodipy fluorescent chemosensor for Zn2+ ion Indranil RoyJi-Young ShinDinesh ShettyJayshree K. KhedkarJun Heuk ParkKimoon KimIndranil RoyDinesh ShettyJayshree K. KhedkarJun Heuk ParkKimoon Kim
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