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Publication Date Title Author(s)
2020-04 A General Descriptor ΔE Enables the Quantitative Development of Luminescent Materials Based on Photoinduced Electron Transfer Weijie ChiJie ChenWenjuan LiuChao WangQingkai QiQinglong QiaoTee Meng TanKangming XiongXiao LiuKeegan KangYoung-Tae ChangZhaochao XuXiaogang LiuXiao LiuYoung-Tae Chang
2020-04 RNA-Induced Conformational Switching and Clustering of G3BP Drive Stress Granule Assembly by Condensation Guillen-Boixet J.Kopach A.Holehouse A.S.Wittmann S.Jahnel M.Schlussler R.Kim K.Trussina I.R.E.A.Wang J.Mateju D.Poser I.Maharana S.Ruer-Gruss M.Richter D.Zhang X.Young-Tae ChangGuck J.Honigmann A.Mahamid J.Hyman A.A.Pappu R.V.Alberti S.Franzmann T.M.Young-Tae Chang
2020-03 Molecular Mechanism of Viscosity Sensitivity in BODIPY Rotors and Application to Motion-Based Fluorescent Sensors Xiao LiuChi W.Qiao Q.Kokate S.V.Cabrera E.P.Xu Z.Liu X.Young-Tae ChangXiao LiuYoung-Tae Chang
2020-02 Multimodal Imaging Probe Development for Pancreatic beta Cells: From Fluorescence to PET Kang, NYLee, JYLee, SHSong, IHHwang, YHKim, MJPhue, WHAgrawalla, BKWan, SYDLalic, JPark, SJJong-Jin KimHaw-Young KwonIm, SHBae, MAAhn, JHLim, CSTeo, AKKPark, SKim, SELee, BCLee, DYYoung-Tae ChangJong-Jin KimHaw-Young KwonYoung-Tae Chang
2020-01 A mouse ear skin model to study the dynamics of innate immune responses against Staphylococcus aureus biofilms Abdul Hamid A.I.Nakusi L.Givskov M.Young-Tae ChangMarques C.Gueirard P.Young-Tae Chang
2019-11 Holding-Oriented versus Gating-Oriented Live-Cell Distinction: Highlighting the Role of Transporters in Cell Imaging Probe Development Choi, YKJong-Jin KimYoung-Tae ChangJong-Jin KimYoung-Tae Chang
2019-09 Gold nanoparticle-based detection of dopamine based on fluorescence resonance energy transfer between a 4-(4-dialkylaminostyryl)pyridinium derived fluorophore and citrate-capped gold nanoparticles Peng, JJZhou, NZhong, YSu, YQZhao, LZYoung-Tae ChangYoung-Tae Chang
2019-09 A Near-Infrared Probe Tracks and Treats Lung Tumor Initiating Cells by Targeting HMOX2 Jong-Jin KimLee, YASu, DLee, JPark, SJKim, BLee, JHJXiao LiuKim, SSBae, MALee, JSHong, SCWang, LSamanta, AHaw-Young KwonChoi, SYKim, JYYu, YHHa, HHWang, ZXTam, WLLim, BKang, NYYoung-Tae ChangJong-Jin KimXiao LiuHaw-Young KwonYoung-Tae Chang
2019-09 Visualizing biofilm by targeting eDNA with long wavelength probe CDr15 Haw-Young KwonLee J.Y.Xiao LiuYam J.K.H.Dahl Hultqvist L.Xu W.Rybtke M.Tolker-Nielsen T.Heo W.Jong-Jin KimKang N.-Y.Joo T.Yang L.Park S.-J.Givskov M.Young-Tae ChangHaw-Young KwonXiao LiuJong-Jin KimYoung-Tae Chang
2019-08 Tools for Bioimaging Pancreatic β Cells in Diabetes Nam-Young KangAndreas Alvin Purnomo SoetedjoNur Shabrina AmirruddinYoung Tae ChangOlof ErikssonAdrian Kee Keong TeoYoung Tae Chang
2019-08 Visualizing Alzheimer’s Disease Mouse Brain with Multispectral Optoacoustic Tomography using a Fluorescent probe, CDnir7 Park, SJHo, CJHArai, SSamanta, AOlivo, MYoung-Tae ChangYoung-Tae Chang
2019-05 A Photoexcitation-Induced Twisted Intramolecular Charge Shuttle Chi W.Qiao Q.Lee R.Liu W.Teo Y.S.Gu D.Lang M.J.Young-Tae ChangXu Z.Liu X.Young-Tae Chang
2019-04 A thermoresponsive nanocarrier for mitochondria-targeted drug delivery Wang D.Huang H.Zhou M.Lu H.Chen J.Young-Tae ChangGao J.Chai Z.Hu Y.Young-Tae Chang
2019-03 Imaging inflammation using an activated macrophage probe with Slc18b1 as the activation-selective gating target Park S.-J.Kim B.Choi S.Balasubramaniam S.Lee S.-C.Lee J.Y.Kim H.S.Kim J.-Y.Jong-Jin KimLee Y.-A.Kang N.-Y.Jin-Soo KimYoung-Tae ChangJong-Jin KimJin-Soo KimYoung-Tae Chang
2018-05 RNA buffers the phase separation behavior of prion-like RNA binding proteinsHighly Cited Paper Maharana, SWang, JPapadopoulos, DKRichter, DPozniakovsky, APoser, IBickle, MRizk, SGuillen-Boixet, JFranzmann, TMJahnel, MMarrone, LYoung-Tae ChangSterneckert, JTomancak, PHyman, AAAlberti, SYoung-Tae Chang
2017-11 A new approach for turn-on fluorescence sensing of l-DOPA Lu WangDongdong SuStuart N. BerryJungyeol LeeYoung-Tae ChangYoung-Tae Chang
2015-04 Rootin, a compound that inhibits root development through modulating PIN-mediated auxin distribution Suyeong JeongJun-Young KimHyunmo ChoiHyunmin KimIlhwan LeeMoon-Soo SohHong Gil NamYoung-Tae ChangPyung Ok LimHye Ryun WooHong Gil NamYoung-Tae Chang