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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-10F(R) gravity in the early Universe: Electroweak phase transition and chameleon mechanismTaishi Katsuragawa; Shinya Matsuzaki; Eibun Senaha
2015-11F-18 Half-life measurement using 2-gamma coincidence methodKang, YS; Ahn, JK; Kim, Sung Hyun, et al
2014-07Fabric-based integrated energy devices for wearable activity monitorsSungmook Jung; Jongsu Lee; Taeghwan Hyeon, et al
2013-12Fabrication and application of flexible, multimodal light-emitting devices for wireless optogeneticsMcCall, Jordan G.; Tae-il Kim; Shin, Gunchul, et al
2020-01Fabrication and Imaging of Monolayer Phosphorene with Preferred Edge Configurations via Graphene-Assisted Layer-by-Layer ThinningYangjin Lee; Sol Lee; Jun-Yeong Yoon, et al
2020-04Fabrication and testing of a 1024-pixel SiPM cameraJ.A. Jeon; Hye Young Lee; Lee J.
2019-08Fabrication of a spherical inclusion phantom for validation of magnetic resonance-based magnetic susceptibility imagingJun-Ho Kim; Jung-Hyun Kim; So-Hee Lee, et al
2018-04Fabrication of a Stable New Polymorph Gold Nanowire with Sixfold Rotational SymmetrySeonhee Lee; Changdeuck Bae; Jubok Lee, et al
2017-08Fabrication of photochromic hydrogels using an interpenetrating chitosan networkLee, CW; Seung Hwan Lee; Yang, YK, et al
2019-11Fabrication of rigidity and space variable protein oligomers with two peptide linkersChoi, H; Park, H; Son, K, et al
2019-04Fabrication of Stacked MoS 2 Bilayer with Weak Interlayer Coupling by Reduced Graphene Oxide SpacerHye MinOh; Hyojung Kim; Hyun Kim, et al
2016-03Facet-controlled hollow Rh2S3 hexagonal nanoprisms as highly active and structurally robust catalysts toward hydrogen evolution reactionDonghwan Yoon; Bora Seo; jaeyoung Lee, et al
2018-06Facet-controlled Rh3Pb2S2 nanocage as an efficient and robust electrocatalyst toward hydrogen evolution reactionTaekyung Kim; Jongsik Park; Haneul Jin, et al
2015-03Facile and gram-scale synthesis of metal-free catalysts: Toward realistic applications for fuel cellsKim O.-H.; Cho Y.-H.; Dong Young Chung, et al
2018-10Facile C–H arylation using catalytically active terminal sulfurs of 2 dimensional molybdenum disulfideEunhee Hwang; Sae Mi Lee; Sora Bak, et al
2018-09Facile Doping in Two-Dimensional Transition-Metal Dichalcogenides by UV LightThuc Hue Ly; Qingming Deng; Manh Ha Doan, et al
2014-12Facile fabrication and application of near-IR light-responsive drug release system based on gold nanorods and phase change materialJunseok Lee; Cherlhyun Jeong; Won Jong Kim
2017-07Facile large-scale synthesis of three-dimensional graphene-like ordered microporous carbon via ethylene carbonization in CaX zeolite templateKyoungsoo Kim; Yonghyun Kwon; Taekyoung Lee, et al
2014-01Facile meso-BODIPY annulation and selective sensing of hypochlorite in waterSudesh T. Manjare; Kim J.; Lee Y., et al
2016-05Facile Multiscale Patterning by Creep-Assisted Sequential Imprinting and Fuel Cell ApplicationJang S.; Minhyoung Kim; Yun Sik Kang, et al