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Publication Date Title Author(s)
2018-11 In situ direct growth of graphene/hexagonal boron nitride heterostructure on SiO2 substrate without metal catalyst Qinke WuJoohyun LeeJia SunYoung Jae SongYoung Jae Song
2018-10 Management of transition dipoles in organic hole-transporting materials under solar irradiation for perovskite solar cells Song Ah OkBonghyun JoSivaraman SomasundaramHwi Je WooDae Woon LeeZijia LiBong-Gi KimJong H. KimYoung Jae SongTae Kyu AhnSanghyuk ParkHui Joon ParkYoung Jae Song
2018-10 Coating two-dimensional MoS2 with polymer creates a corrosive non-uniform interface Quoc Huy ThiHyun KimJiong ZhaoThuc Hue LyHyun Kim
2018-10 Investigation of Zirconium effect on the corrosion resistance of aluminum alloy using electrochemical methods and numerical simulation in an acidified synthetic sea salt solution Yong-Sang KimJong Gil ParkByeong-Seon AnYoung Hee LeeCheol-Woong YangJung-Gu KimJong Gil ParkYoung Hee Lee
2018-09 Origin of extremely large magnetoresistance in the candidate type-II Weyl semimetal MoTe2-x Sangyun LeeJaekyung JangSung-Il KimSoon-Gil JungJihyun KimSuyeon ChoSung Wng KimJoo Yull RheeKee-Su ParkTuson ParkSuyeon Cho
2018-08 Exfoliation of Transition Metal Dichalcogenides by a High-Power Femtosecond Laser Sung-Jin AnYong Hwan KimChanwoo LeeDaeYoung ParkMun Seok JeongSung-Jin An
2018-07 Publisher Correction: Direct imaging of the electron liquid at oxide interfaces Kyung SongSangwoo RyuHyungwoo LeeTula R. Paudel Christoph T. KochBumsu ParkJa Kyung LeeSi-Young ChoiYoung-Min KimJong Chan KimHu Young JeongMark S. RzchowskiEvgeny Y. TsymbalChang-Beom EomSang Ho OhJa Kyung Lee
2018-07 Ultrafast nonlinear travel of hot carriers driven by high-field terahertz pulse Hee Jun ShinVan Luan NguyenSeong Chu LimJoo-Hiuk SonVan Luan Nguyen
2018-07 Parameter control for enhanced peak-to-valley current ratio in a MoS2/MoTe2 van der Waals heterostructure Ngoc Thanh DuongSeungho BangSeung Mi LeeDang Xuan DangDong Hoon KuemJuchan LeeMun Seok JeongSeong Chu LimNgoc Thanh Duong
2018-07 Effect of Dislocation Arrays at Grain Boundaries on Electronic Transport Properties of Bismuth Antimony Telluride: Unified Strategy for High Thermoelectric Performance Jae-Yeol HwangJungwon KimHyun-Sik KimSang-Il KimKyu Hyoung LeeSung Wng KimJungwon Kim
2018-07 FeIn2S4 Nanocrystals: A Ternary Metal Chalcogenide Material for Ambipolar Field-Effect Transistors Hyunjung KimAnand P. TiwariEunhee HwangYunhee ChoHeemin HwangSora BakYeseul HongHyoyoung LeeHyunjung KimHyoyoung Lee
2018-07 Atomic Observation of Filling Vacancies in Monolayer Transition Metal Sulfides by Chemically Sourced Sulfur Atoms Shrawan RoyWooseon ChoiSera JeonDo-Hwan KimHyun KimSeok Joon YunYongjun LeeJaekwang LeeYoung-Min KimJeongyong KimShrawan RoyJeongyong Kim
2018-07 Electric field effect on the electronic structure of 2D Y2C electride Youngtek OhJunsu LeeJongho ParkHyeokshin KwonInsu JeonSung Wng KimGunn KimSeongjun ParkSung Woo HwangJongho Park
2018-07 van der Waals Metallic Transition Metal Dichalcogenides Gang Hee HanDinh Loc DuongDong Hoon KeumSeok Joon YunYoung Hee LeeGang Hee HanYoung Hee Lee
2018-07 Superconductivity in Te-deficient polymorphic MoTe2-x and its derivatives: rich structural and electronic phase transitions Se Hwang KangHo Sung YuJaeyoon BaikHeejun YangYoung Hee LeeSuyeon ChoSung Wng KimSe Hwang KangYoung Hee Lee
2018-07 Plasma-Induced Phase Transformation of SnS2 to SnS Jung Ho KimSeok JoonYunHyun Seok LeeJiong ZhaoHoucine BouzidYoung Hee LeeJung Ho KimYoung Hee Lee
2018-07 Intragranular Dispersion of Carbon Nanotubes Comprehensively Improves Aluminum Alloys Kang Pyo SoAkihiro KushimaJong Gil ParkXiaohui LiuDong Hoon KeumHye Yun JeongFei YaoSoo Hyun JooHyoung Seop KimHwanuk KimJu LiYoung Hee LeeJong Gil ParkYoung Hee Lee
2018-07 Electronics and Optoelectronics Based on Two-Dimensional Materials Quoc An VuWoo Jong YuQuoc An Vu
2018-07 Near-zero hysteresis and near-ideal subthreshold swing in h-BN encapsulated single-layer MoS2 field-effect transistors Quoc An VuSidi FanSang Hyup LeeMin-Kyu JooWoo Jong YuYoung Hee LeeQuoc An VuYoung Hee Lee
2018-07 Layer-by-layer hybrid chemical doping for high transmittance uniformity in graphene-polymer flexible transparent conductive nanocomposite Chandan BiswasIdris CandanYazeed AlaskarHussam QasemWei ZhangAdam Z. StiegYa-Hong XieKang L. WangChandan Biswas
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