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Publication Date Title Author(s)
2020-01 Design and synthesis of multigrain nanocrystals via geometric misfit strain Myoung Hwan OhMin Gee ChoDong Young ChungInchul ParkKwon Y.P.Ophus C.Dokyoon KimKim M.G.Jeong B.Gu X.W.Jinwoung JoJi Mun YooJaeyoung HongMcMains S.Kisuk KangYung-Eun SungAlivisatos A.P.Taeghwan HyeonMyoung Hwan OhYung-Eun SungTaeghwan Hyeon
2019-12 Facile synthesis of manganese (II)-doped ZnSe nanocrystals with controlled dimensionality Jung Ho YuJunhee KimTaeghwan HyeonYang J.Jung Ho YuTaeghwan Hyeon
2019-12 Moisture proof hole transport layers based on CISe quantum dots for highly stable and large active area perovskite solar cells Kim J.-Y.Woonhyuk BaekKim S.Kang G.Han I.K.Taeghwan HyeonPark M.Woonhyuk BaekTaeghwan Hyeon
2019-11 Redox-Sensitive Facet Dependency in Etching of Ceria Nanocrystals Directly Observed by Liquid Cell TEM Jongbaek SungBack Kyu ChoiByunghoon KimByung Hyo KimJoodeok KimDonghoon LeeSungin KimKisuk KangTaeghwan HyeonJungwon ParkJongbaek SungTaeghwan Hyeon
2019-11 Highly selective microglial uptake of ceria-zirconia nanoparticles for enhanced analgesic treatment of neuropathic pain Choi B.Min SohManandhar Y.Kim D.Sang Ihn HanSeungmin BaikKwangsoo ShinSagang KooHyek Jin KwonGiho KoOh J.Hwang H.Taeghwan HyeonLee S.J.Min SohTaeghwan Hyeon
2019-11 Flexible, sticky, and biodegradable wireless device for drug delivery to brain tumors Jongha LeeHye Rim ChoGi Doo ChaHyunseon SeoLee, SPark, CKKim, JWQiao, STWang, LDayoung KangTaegyu KangIchikawa, TJonghoon KimHakyong LeeWoongchan LeeKim, SLee, STLu, NSTaeghwan HyeonSeung Hong ChoiDae-Hyeong KimJongha LeeTaeghwan HyeonDae-Hyeong Kim
2019-10 Large scale and integrated platform for digital mass culture of anchorage dependent cells Kyoung Won ChoSeok Joo KimJaemin KimSong, SYWang Hee LeeWang, LMin SohLu, NSTaeghwan HyeonKim, BSDae-Hyeong KimKyoung Won ChoTaeghwan HyeonDae-Hyeong Kim
2019-09 Deep Tumor Penetration of Drug-Loaded Nanoparticles by Click Reaction-Assisted Immune Cell Targeting Strategy Soo Hong LeeOk Kyu ParkJonghoon KimKwangsoo ShinPack C.G.Kang KimGiho KoLee N.Kwon S.-H.Taeghwan HyeonSoo Hong LeeTaeghwan Hyeon
2019-07 Dynamically Reversible Iron Oxide Nanoparticle Assemblies for Targeted Amplification of T1-Weighted Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Tumors Li F.Liang Z.Jianan LiuSun J.Hu X.Zhao M.Liu J.Bai R.Dokyoon KimSun X.Taeghwan HyeonLing D.Jianan LiuTaeghwan Hyeon
2019-06 Reversible and cooperative photoactivation of single-atom Cu/TiO 2 photocatalysts Byoung-Hoon LeePark S.Kim M.Arun K. SinhaSeong Chan LeeEuiyeon JungChang W.J.Lee K.-S.Jeong Hyun KimCho S.-P.Kim H.Nam K.T.Taeghwan HyeonByoung-Hoon LeeTaeghwan Hyeon
2019-06 Ferrimagnetic Nanochains-Based Mesenchymal Stem Cell Engineering for Highly Efficient Post-Stroke Recovery Zhang T.Li F.Xu Q.Wang Q.Jiang X.Liang Z.Liao H.Kong X.Jianan LiuWu H.Zhang D.An C.Dong L.Lu Y.Cao H.Dokyoon KimSun J.Taeghwan HyeonGao J.Ling D.Jianan LiuTaeghwan Hyeon
2019-06 Toxicological Risk Assessments of Iron Oxide Nanocluster- and Gadolinium-Based T1MRI Contrast Agents in Renal Failure Rats Weng Q.Hu X.Zheng J.Xia F.Wang N.Liao H.Liu Y.Dokyoon KimJianan LiuLi F.He Q.Yang B.Chen C.Taeghwan HyeonLing D.Dokyoon KimTaeghwan Hyeon
2019-05 Molecular-Level Understanding of Continuous Growth from Iron-Oxo Clusters to Iron Oxide Nanoparticles Hogeun ChangByung Hyo KimJeong H.Y.Moon J.H.Park M.Kwangsoo ShinSue In ChaeJisoo LeeTaegyu KangBack Kyu ChoiJiwoong YangMegalamane S. BootharajuHyoin SongAn S.H.Park K.M.Oh J.Y.Lee H.Myung Soo KimJungwon ParkTaeghwan HyeonHogeun ChangTaeghwan Hyeon
2019-05 Magnetite/Ceria Nanoparticle Assemblies for Extracorporeal Cleansing of Amyloid-β in Alzheimer's Disease Dokyoon KimHyek Jin KwonTaeghwan HyeonDokyoon KimTaeghwan Hyeon
2019-05 Direct Observation of Redox Mediator-Assisted Solution-Phase Discharging of Li-O-2 Battery by Liquid-Phase Transmission Electron Microscopy Donghoon LeeHyeokjun ParkYoungmin KoHayoung ParkTaeghwan HyeonKisuk KangJungwon ParkDonghoon LeeTaeghwan Hyeon
2019-05 Cd12Ag32(SePh)36: Non-Noble Metal Doped Silver Nanoclusters Megalamane S. BootharajuHogeun ChangDeng G.Malola S.Woonhyuk BaekHakkinen H.Zheng N.Taeghwan HyeonMegalamane S. BootharajuTaeghwan Hyeon
2019-05 Enhanced hot electron generation by inverse metal-oxide interfaces on catalytic nanodiode Hyosun LeeSinmyung YoonJinwoung JoBeomjoon JeonTaeghwan HyeonKwangjin AnJeong Young ParkHyosun LeeJinwoung JoBeomjoon JeonTaeghwan HyeonJeong Young Park
2019-04 Synthesis of nanostructured P2-Na 2/3 MnO 2 for high performance sodium-ion batteries Euiyeon JungPark Y.Kunsu ParkKwon M.-S.Mihyun ParkArun Kumar SinhaByoung-Hoon LeeJiheon KimHyeon Seok LeeSue In ChaeCho S.-P.Lee K.T.Taeghwan HyeonEuiyeon JungTaeghwan Hyeon
2019-03 Synergistic Oxygen Generation and Reactive Oxygen Species Scavenging by Manganese Ferrite/Ceria Co-decorated Nanoparticles for Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment Jonghoon KimKim H.Y.Song S.Y.Go S.-H.Sohn H.S.Seungmin BaikMin SohKang KimKim D.Kim H.-C.Lee N.Kim B.-S.Taeghwan HyeonJonghoon KimTaeghwan Hyeon
2019-03 High-performance stretchable conductive nanocomposites: materials, processes, and device applications Suji ChoiSang Ihn HanDokyoon KimTaeghwan HyeonDae-Hyeong KimSuji ChoiTaeghwan HyeonDae-Hyeong Kim
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