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Publication Date Title Author(s)
2019-06 Domain epitaxy of crystalline BeO films on GaN and ZnO substrates Seung Min LeeJung Hwan YumEric S. LarsenShahab ShervinWeijie WangJae-Hyun RyouChristopher W. BielawskiWoo Chul LeeSeong Keun KimJungwoo OhJung Hwan YumEric S. LarsenChristopher W. Bielawski
2019-04 Highly stable phosphorene isomers based on a buckled honeycomb lattice Lu QiuJichen DongFeng DingLu QiuJichen DongFeng Ding
2019-04 Redox- and light-switchable N-heterocyclic carbenes: A "soup-to-nuts" course on contemporary structure-activity relationships Yeonkyeong RyuGuillermo AhumadaBielawski C.W.Yeonkyeong RyuGuillermo AhumadaBielawski C.W.
2019-04 Interface-Driven Partial Dislocation Formation in 2D Heterostructures Jung Hwa KimSe-Yang KimYeonchoo ChoHyo Ju ParkHyeon-Jin ShinSoon-Yong KwonZonghoon LeeHyo Ju ParkZonghoon Lee
2019-04 Morphology Evolution of Graphene during Chemical Vapor Deposition Growth: A Phase-Field Theory Simulation Jianing ZhuangWen ZhaoLu QiuJohn XinJichen DongFeng DingWen ZhaoLu QiuJichen DongFeng Ding
2019-04 Unveiling a Masked Polymer of Dewar Benzene Reveals trans-Poly(acetylene) Jinwon SeoStanfield Y. LeeChristopher W. BielawskiJinwon SeoStanfield Y. LeeChristopher W. Bielawski
2019-03 Atomic-layer deposition of crystalline BeO on SiC Seung Min LeeYoonseo JangJongho JungJung Hwan YumEric S. LarsenChristopher W. BielawskiWeijie WangJae-Hyun RyouHyun-Seop KimHo-Young ChaJungwoo OhJung Hwan YumEric S. LarsenChristopher W. Bielawski
2019-03 Incipient plasticity and fully plastic contact behavior of copper coated with a graphene layer Sun-Young ParkYoung-Cheon KimRodney S. RuoffJu-Young KimSun-Young ParkRodney S. Ruoff
2018-12 Poly(polyhedral)s: synthesis and study of a new class of polyurethanes composed of homocubanes Chiwon HwangPrakash R SultaneDong-Hee KangChristopher W. BielawskiChiwon HwangPrakash R SultaneChristopher W. Bielawski
2018-11 Metal-promoted C1 polymerizations Collin R. CahoonChristopher W. BielawskiCollin R. CahoonChristopher W. Bielawski
2018-11 The formation and stability of junctions in single-wall carbon nanotubes Xiuyun ZhangJichen DongXiaoshu GongFeng DingXiuyun ZhangJichen DongFeng Ding
2018-10 Chirality-controlled synthesis of single-walled carbon nanotubes-From mechanistic studies toward experimental realization Xiao WangMaoshai HeFeng DingXiao WangMaoshai HeFeng Ding
2018-08 Controlled Syntheses of Poly(phenylene ethynylene)s with Regiochemically-Tuned Optical Band Gaps and Ordered Morphologies Songsu KangAlexander D. ToddAbhijit PaulStanfield Y. LeeChristopher W. BielawskiSongsu KangChristopher W. Bielawski
2018-07 In Situ Atomic-Scale Observation of Surface-Tension-Induced Structural Transformation of Ag-NiPx Core-Shell Nanocrystals Xing HuangZhongqiang LiuMarie-Mathilde MilletJichen DongMilivoj PlodineFeng DingRobert SchloglMarc-Georg WillingerZhongqiang LiuJichen DongFeng Ding
2018-06 Ascertaining the Carbon Hybridization States of Synthetic Polymers with X-ray Induced Auger Electron Spectroscopy Stanfield Y. LeeJihong LyuSongsu KangSherilyn Jiawen LuChristopher W. BielawskiStanfield Y. LeeChristopher W. Bielawski
2018-05 Mechanically Assisted Self-Healing of Ultrathin Gold Nanowires Binjun WangYing HanShang XuLu QiuFeng DingJun LouYang LuLu QiuFeng Ding
2017-10 Advanced Silicon-on-Insulator: Crystalline Silicon on Atomic Layer Deposited Beryllium Oxide Seung Min LeeJung Hwan YumEric S. LarsenWoo Chul LeeSeong Keun KimChristopher W. BielawskiJungwoo Oh
2017-12 Atomic-Layer Deposition of Single-Crystalline BeO Epitaxially Grown on GaN Substrates Seung Min LeeJung Hwan YumSeonno YoonEric S. LarsenWoo Chul LeeSeong Keun KimShahab ShervinWeijie WangJae-Hyun RyouChristopher W. BielawskiJungwoo OhJung Hwan YumChristopher W. Bielawski
2017-11 Hydrogenation of monolayer molybdenum diselenide via hydrogen plasma treatment Kyung Yeol MaSeong In YoonA-Rang JangHu Yong JeongYong-Jin KimPramoda K. NayakHyeon Suk ShinKyung Yeol MaYong-Jin Kim
2017-10 Nanolaminate of metallic glass and graphene with enhanced elastic modulus, strength, and ductility in tension Sun-Young ParkEun-Ji GwakMing HuangRodney S. RuoffJu-Young KimSun-Young ParkRodney S. Ruoff
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