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Publication Date Title Author(s)
2019-12 Simultaneous enhancement of transition dipole strength and vibrational lifetime of an alkyne IR probe via π-d backbonding and vibrational decoupling Dorota KossowskaLee, GiseongHan, HogyuKyungwon KwakMinhaeng ChoDorota KossowskaMinhaeng Cho
2019-12 Two-dimensional infrared spectroscopic study of cytochrome c peroxidase activity in deep eutectic solvent Koji OsawaDorota KossowskaKwanghee ParkKyungwon KwakMinhaeng ChoKoji OsawaMinhaeng Cho
2019-11 Theory of three-pulse photon echo spectroscopy with dual frequency combs Jonggu JeonJunWoo KimTai Hyun YoonMinhaeng ChoJonggu JeonMinhaeng Cho
2019-10 Differential evolution algorithm approach for describing vibrational solvatochromism Kijeong KwacMinhaeng ChoKijeong KwacMinhaeng Cho
2019-10 Bis(oxalate)borate-containing electrolytes for high voltage electric double-layer capacitors: A comparative study Nguyen, Hoai VanLee, SangheeKyungwon KwakLee, Kyung-KooKyungwon Kwak
2019-09 Water hydrogen-bonding structure and dynamics near lipid multibilayer surface: Molecular dynamics simulation study with direct experimental comparison Euihyun LeeAchintya KunduJonggu JeonMinhaeng ChoEuihyun LeeMinhaeng Cho
2019-08 Two-Dimensional Infrared Spectroscopy and Molecular Dynamics Simulation Studies of Nonaqueous Lithium Ion Battery Electrolytes Joonhyung LimLee, Kyung-KooLiang, ChungwenKwang-Hee ParkMinjoo KimKyungwon KwakMinhaeng ChoJoonhyung LimMinhaeng Cho
2019-08 Two distinct actin waves correlated with turns-and-runs of crawling microglia Yang, Taeseok DanielPark, KwanjunJin-Sung ParkLee, Jang-HoonChoi, EunpyoLee, JonghwanWonshik ChoiChoi, YoungwoonLee, Kyung J.Jin-Sung ParkWonshik Choi
2019-07 Spectroscopic speciation of aqueous Am(iii)-oxalate complexes Kim, H. -KJeong, KCho, H. -RJung, E. CKyungwon KwakCha, WKyungwon Kwak
2019-06 Unique Scattering Properties of Silicon Nanowires Embedded with Porous Segments Lee, Hoo-CheolLee, Soon-JaeKim, JungkilKim, Kyoung-HoJin-Sung ParkHwang, Min-SooLee, Jung MinJeong, Kwang-YongHong-Gyu ParkHong-Gyu Park
2019-05 Amplified Expansion Stimulated Emission Depletion Microscopy Doyeon KimKim, TaeyeonLee, JooyongSang-Hee ShimDoyeon Kim
2019-04 Iterative optimization of time-gated reflectance for the efficient light energy delivery within scattering media SEUNGWON JEONGDONG-YOUNG KIMYE-RYOUNG LEEWONJUN CHOIWONSHIK CHOISEUNGWON JEONGWONSHIK CHOI
2019-03 Reflection Phase Microscopy by Successive Accumulation of Interferograms Hyeon,Yang, Taeseok DanielJin-Sung ParkPark, KwanjunKang, Yong GukKim, Beop-MinChoi, YoungwoonJin-Sung Park
2019-01 Computational investigation of tuning the electron-donating ability in metal-free organic dyes featuring an azobenzene spacer for dye-sensitized solar cells Rashid, Md Al MamunurHayati, DiniKyungwon KwakHong JonginKyungwon Kwak
2018-12 Selective suppression of CARS signal with two competing stimulated Raman scattering processes B. Jayachander RaoDae Sik ChoiMinhaeng ChoB. Jayachander RaoMinhaeng Cho
2018-11 Microsphere-based interferometric optical probe Yongjae JoJunhwan KwonMoonseok KimWonshik ChoiMyunghwan ChoiYongjae JoMoonseok KimWonshik Choi
2018-10 Interferometric Measurement of Transient Absorption and Refraction Spectra with Dual Frequency Comb JunWoo KimTai Hyun YoonMinhaeng ChoJunWoo KimMinhaeng Cho
2018-09 Frequency comb single-photon interferometry Sun Kyung LeeNoh Soo HanTai Hyun YoonMinhaeng ChoSun Kyung LeeMinhaeng Cho
2018-09 Electronic Effect on the Molecular Motion of Aromatic Amides: Combined Studies Using VT-NMR and Quantum Calculations Kim, SungsooJungyu KimKim, JieunWon, DaeunChang, Suk-KyuCha, WansikJeong, KeunhongAhn, SangdooKyungwon KwakJungyu Kim
2018-07 Selective Pump Focusing on Individual Laser Modes in Microcavities Jae-Hyuck ChoiSehwan ChangKyoung-Ho KimWonjun ChoiSoon-Jae LeeJung Min LeeMin-Soo HwangJungkil KimSeungwon JeongMin-Kyo SeoWonshik ChoiHong-Gyu ParkWonjun ChoiWonshik Choi
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