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Cho, Minhaeng

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Publication Date Title Author(s)
2018-12 Selective suppression of CARS signal with two competing stimulated Raman scattering processes B. Jayachander RaoDae Sik ChoiMinhaeng ChoB. Jayachander RaoMinhaeng Cho
2018-10 Interferometric Measurement of Transient Absorption and Refraction Spectra with Dual Frequency Comb JunWoo KimTai Hyun YoonMinhaeng ChoJunWoo KimMinhaeng Cho
2018-09 Frequency comb single-photon interferometry Sun Kyung LeeNoh Soo HanTai Hyun YoonMinhaeng ChoSun Kyung LeeMinhaeng Cho
2018-07 Selective suppression of CARS signal with three-beam competing stimulated Raman scattering processes Dae Sik ChoiB. Jayachander RaoDoyeon KimSang-Hee ShimHanju RheeMinhaeng ChoB. Jayachander RaoMinhaeng Cho
2018-05 Quantum optical measurement with tripartite entangled photons generated by triple parametric down-conversion Minhaeng ChoMinhaeng Cho
2018-04 Spectral modulation of stimulated Raman scattering signal: Beyond weak Raman pump limit Sohee LimBonghwan ChonHanju RheeMinhaeng ChoSohee LimMinhaeng Cho
2018-03 Interferometric Scattering Microscopy with Polarization-Selective Dual Detection Scheme: Capturing the Orientational Information of Anisotropic Nanometric Objects Il-Buem LeeHyeon-Min MoonJong-Hyeon JooKyoung-Hoon KimSeok-Cheol HongMinhaeng ChoIl-Buem LeeMinhaeng Cho
2018-02 Effect of Osmolytes on the Conformational Behavior of a Macromolecule in a Cytoplasm-like Crowded Environment: A Femtosecond Mid-IR Pump–Probe Spectroscopy Study Achintya KunduPramod Kumar VermaMinhaeng ChoAchintya KunduMinhaeng Cho