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Publication Date Title Author(s)
2019-03 Uniform and directional growth of centimeter-sized single crystals of cyclodextrin-based metal organic frameworks Namhun KimJun Heuk ParkJan PaczesnyBartosz A. GrzybowskiNamhun KimJun Heuk ParkJan PaczesnyBartosz A. Grzybowski
2019-03 Fully Automated, Label-Free Isolation of Extracellular Vesicles from Whole Blood for Cancer Diagnosis and Monitoring Vijaya SunkaraChi-Ju KimJuhee ParkHyun-Kyung WooDongyoung KimHong Koo HaMi-Hyun KimYoulim SonJae-Ryong KimYoon-Kyoung ChoVijaya SunkaraChi-Ju KimJuhee ParkDongyoung KimYoon-Kyoung Cho
2018-11 Optimal tuning of a Brownian information engine operating in a nonequilibrium steady state Govind PaneruDong Yun LeeJong-Min ParkJin Tae ParkJae Dong NohHyuk Kyu PakGovind PaneruDong Yun LeeJin Tae ParkHyuk Kyu Pak
2018-10 Lévy-like movement patterns of metastatic cancer cells revealed in microfabricated systems and implicated in vivo Sabil HudaBettina WeigelinKatarina WolfKonstantin V. TretiakovKonstantin PolevGary WilkMasatomo IwasaFateme S. EmamiJakub W. NarojczykMichal BanaszakSiowling SohDidzis PilansAmir VahidMonika MakurathPeter FriedlGary G. BorisyKristiana Kandere-GrzybowskaBartosz A. GrzybowskiKonstantin PolevKristiana Kandere-GrzybowskaBartosz A. Grzybowski
2018-08 Longer-Lasting Electron-Based Microscopy of Single Molecules in Aqueous Medium Huan WangK. Hima NagamanasaYe-Jin KimOh-Hoon KwonSteve GranickHuan WangK. Hima NagamanasaYe-Jin KimSteve Granick
2018-06 Dextran adsorption onto red blood cells revisited: Single cell quantification by laser tweezers combined with microfluidics KISUNG LEEEVGENY SHIRSHINNATALIYA ROVNYAGINAFRANCOIS YAYAZAKARIA BOUJJAALEXANDER PRIEZZHEVCHRISTIAN WAGNERKISUNG LEE
2018-05 Non-lithographic nanofluidic channels with precisely controlled circular cross sections Yang-Seok ParkJung Min OhYoon-Kyoung ChoYang-Seok ParkJung Min OhYoon-Kyoung Cho
2018-03 Centrifugal microfluidic system for a fully automated N-fold serial dilution Tae-Hyeong KimChi-Ju KimYubin KimYoon-Kyoung ChoTae-Hyeong KimChi-Ju KimYoon-Kyoung Cho
2018-03 Carbon Dots: Bottom-Up Syntheses, Properties, and Light-Harvesting Applications Choi YuriChoi YeongKyuOh-Hoon KwonKim ByeongsuOh-Hoon Kwon
2018-02 Liquid biopsy in lung cancer: Clinical applications of circulating biomarkers (CTCs and ctDNA) Minji LimChi-Ju KimVijaya SunkaraMi-Hyun KimYoon-Kyoung ChoMinji LimYoon-Kyoung Cho
2017-07 Ultrafast electron microscopy integrated with a direct electron detection camera Young Min LeeYoung Jae KimYe-Jin KimOh-Hoon Kwon
2017-05 A microfluidic chip for screening individual cancer cells via eavesdropping on autophagyinducing crosstalk in the stroma niche Hacer Ezgi KarakasJunyoung KimJuhee ParkJung Min OhYongjun ChoiDevrim GozuacikYoon-Kyoung Cho
2017-12 Synergistic Configuration of Diols as Brønsted Bases Ye-Jin KimSurajit RakshitGeun Young JinPrasun GhoshYoung Min LeeWon-Woo ParkYung Sam KimOh-Hoon KwonYe-Jin Kim
2017-12 Non-Equilibrium Self-Assembly of Monocomponent and Multicomponent Tubular Structures in Rotating Fluids Taehoon LeeKonrad GizynskiBartosz A. GrzybowskiTaehoon LeeKonrad GizynskiBartosz A. Grzybowski
2017-10 Tunable Photoluminescence across the Visible Spectrum and Photocatalytic Activity of Mixed-Valence Rhenium Oxide Nanoparticles Yong-Kwang JeongYoung Min LeeJeonghun YunTomasz MazurMinju KimYoung Jae KimMiroslaw DygasSun Hee ChoiKwang S. KimOh-Hoon KwonSeok Min YoonBartosz A. GrzybowskiYong-Kwang JeongTomasz MazurMinju KimMiroslaw DygasSeok Min YoonBartosz A. Grzybowski
2017-06 Morphology Tunable Hybrid Carbon Nanosheets with Solvatochromism Yuri ChoiSunghu KimYeongkyu ChoiJaeeun SongTae‐Hyuk KwonOh-Hoon KwonByeong‐Su KimOh-Hoon Kwon
2017-03 Measurement of multispectral scattering properties in mouse brain tissue EUNJUNG MINSUNGBEA BANYANYAN WANGSUNG CHUL BAEGABRIEL POPESCUCATHERINE BEST-POPESCUWoonggyu JungWoonggyu Jung
2017-02 Highly Acid-Resistant, Magnetically Steerable Acoustic Micromotors Prepared by Coating Gold Microrods with Fe3O4 Nanoparticles via pH Adjustment Zeheng LiLanjun BaiChao ZhouXiaohui YanLamar MairAnning ZhangLi ZhangWei WangWei Wang
2017-02 Topography-guided buckling of swollen polymer bilayer films into three-dimensional structures Joonwoo JeongYigil ChoSu Yeon LeeXingting GongRandall D. KamienShu YangA. G. YodhdJoonwoo Jeong
2017-01 Large-Area, Freestanding MOF Films of Planar, Curvilinear, or Micropatterned Topographies Seok Min YoonJun Heuk ParkBartosz A. GrzybowskiSeok Min YoonJun Heuk ParkBartosz A. Grzybowski
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