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Publication Date Title Author(s)
2019-12 Enhanced Diffusion and Oligomeric Enzyme Dissociation Ah-Young JeeKuo ChenTsvi TlustyJiang ZhaoSteve GranickAh-Young JeeTsvi TlustySteve Granick
2019-11 Robustness of FCS (Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy) with Quenchers Present Hima Nagamanasa KandulaAh-Young JeeSteve GranickHima Nagamanasa KandulaAh-Young JeeSteve Granick
2019-10 Synthetic asters as elastic and radial skeletons Qingqiao XieXixi ChenTianli WuTiankuo WangYi CaoSteve GranickYuchao LiLingxiang JiangSteve GranickLingxiang Jiang
2019-08 Colloidal flatlands confronted with urge for the third dimension Ruo-Yu DongWei WangSteve GranickRuo-Yu DongWei WangSteve Granick
2019-07 Single-crosslink microscopy in a biopolymer network dissects local elasticity from molecular fluctuations Jiang, LXXie, QQTsang, BSteve GranickSteve Granick
2018-01 Enzyme leaps fuel antichemotaxis Ah-Young JeeSandipan DuttaYoon-Kyoung ChoTsvi TlustySteve Granick
2018-11 Catalytic enzymes are active matter Ah-Young JeeYoon-Kyoung ChoSteve GranickTsvi TlustyAh-Young JeeYoon-Kyoung ChoSteve GranickTsvi Tlusty
2018-10 Preface: Special Topic on Chemical Physics of Charged Macromolecules Tirrell, MVGranick, SMuthukumar, MGranick, S
2018-08 Longer-Lasting Electron-Based Microscopy of Single Molecules in Aqueous Medium Huan WangK. Hima NagamanasaYe-Jin KimOh-Hoon KwonSteve GranickHuan WangK. Hima NagamanasaYe-Jin KimSteve Granick
2017-06 Giant capsids from lattice self-assembly of cyclodextrin complexes Shenyu YangYun YanJianbin HuangAndrei V. PetukhovLoes M.J. Kroon-BatenburgMarkus DrechslerChengcheng ZhouMei TuSteve GranickLingxiang Jiang
2017-06 Vector assembly of colloids on monolayer substrates Lingxiang JiangShenyu YangBoyce TsangMei TuSteve Granick
2017-12 Cell migration in microengineered tumor environments Eujin UmJung Min OhSteve GranickYoon-Kyoung ChoEujin UmJung Min OhSteve GranickYoon-Kyoung Cho
2017-11 Liquid-Cell Electron Microscopy of Adsorbed Polymers Kandula Hima NagamanasaHuan WangSteve GranickKandula Hima NagamanasaHuan WangSteve Granick
2017-09 Active colloids with collective mobility status and research opportunities Jie ZhangErik LuijtenBartosz A. GrzybowskiSteve GranickBartosz A. GrzybowskiSteve Granick
2017-07 Janus Particle Synthesis, Assembly, and Application Jie ZhangBartosz A. GrzybowskiSteve GranickBartosz A. GrzybowskiSteve Granick
2017-01 Real-Space, in Situ Maps of Hydrogel Pores Lingxiang JiangSteve GranickSteve Granick
2016-06 Operating organic light-emitting diodes imaged by super-resolution spectroscopy John T. KingSteve Granick
2016-10 Natural selection in the colloid world: active chiral spirals Jie ZhangSteve GranickSteve Granick
2016-10 Reconfiguring active particles by electrostatic imbalance Jing YanMing HanJie ZhangCong XuErik LuijtenSteve GranickSteve Granick
2016-05 Preorganized Chromophores Facilitate Triplet Energy Migration, Annihilation and Upconverted Singlet Energy Collection Mahato, PYanai, NSindoro, MSteve GranickKimizuka, NSteve Granick
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