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Jee, Ah-Young

첨단연성물질 연구단

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Publication Date Title Author(s)
2019-12 Enhanced Diffusion and Oligomeric Enzyme Dissociation Ah-Young JeeKuo ChenTsvi TlustyJiang ZhaoSteve GranickAh-Young JeeTsvi TlustySteve Granick
2019-11 Robustness of FCS (Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy) with Quenchers Present Hima Nagamanasa KandulaAh-Young JeeSteve GranickHima Nagamanasa KandulaAh-Young JeeSteve Granick
2018-01 Enzyme leaps fuel antichemotaxis Ah-Young JeeSandipan DuttaYoon-Kyoung ChoTsvi TlustySteve Granick
2018-11 Catalytic enzymes are active matter Ah-Young JeeYoon-Kyoung ChoSteve GranickTsvi TlustyAh-Young JeeYoon-Kyoung ChoSteve GranickTsvi Tlusty
2016-04 Nanoparticle puzzles and research opportunities that go beyond state of the art Ah-Young JeeKai LouHyun-Sook JangK. Hima NagamanasaSteve GranickAh-Young JeeKai LouHyun-Sook JangK. Hima NagamanasaSteve Granick
2015-09 Scrutinizing evidence of no dilatancy upon stick-slip of confined fluids Ah-Young JeeKai LouSteve GranickAh-Young JeeKai LouSteve Granick