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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-09T cell microvilli constitute immunological synaptosomes that carry messages to antigen-presenting cellsHye-Ran Kim; YeVin Mun; Kyung-Sik Lee, et al
2017-08T Cell's Sense of Self: a Role of Self-Recognition in Shaping Functional Competence of Naïve T CellsHee-Ok Kim; Jae-Ho Cho
2017-12T-folds from Yang-Baxter deformationsJos´e J. Fern´andez-Melgarejo; Jun-ichi Sakamoto; Yuho Sakatani, et al
2014-12T-type Ca2+ channels facilitate NO-formation, vasodilatation and NO-mediated modulation of blood pressurePer Svenningsen; Kenneth Andersen; Anne D. Thuesen, et al
2014-04T-type Ca2+ channels in absence epilepsyEunji Cheong; Shin Hee Sup
2013-07T-type Ca2+ channels in absence epilepsyEunji Cheong; Hee-Sup Shin
2013-07T-type Ca2+ channels in normal and abnormal brain functions.Eunji Cheong; Hee-Sup Shin
2018-04T1 shortening in the globus pallidus after multiple administrations of gadobutrol: Assessment with a multidynamic multiecho sequenceKoung Mi Kang; Seung Hong Choi; Moonjung Hwang, et al
2015-12Table-top femtosecond soft X-ray laser by collisional ionization gatingDepresseux, A; Oliva, E; Gautier, J, et al
2018-11Tabletop laser-driven gamma-ray source with nanostructured double-layer targetTaiwu W. Huang; Chul min Kim; Zhou, CT, et al
2016-09Tactic, reactive, and functional droplets outside of equilibriumSławomir Lach; Seok Min Yoon; Bartosz A. Grzybowski
2018-01TAF15b, involved in the autonomous pathway for flowering, represses transcription of FLOWERING LOCUS CHyunjoo Eom; Park, SJ; Kim, MK, et al
2019-12Tagging a jet from a dark sector with jet substructures at collidersMyeonghun Park; Mengchao Zhang
2015-04TAGLN2 regulates T cell activation by stabilizing the actin cytoskeleton at the immunological synapseNa BR; Kim HR; Piragyte I, et al
2014-03TAIL-seq: Genome-wide determination of poly(A) tail length and 3' end modificationsHyeshik Chang; Jaechul Lim; Minju Ha, et al
2016-03Tailoring a New 4V-Class Cathode Material for Na-Ion BatteriesKim, J; Inchul Park; Kim, H, et al
2015-06Tailoring metal–oxide interfaces of inverse catalysts of TiO2/nanoporous-Au under hydrogen oxidationKamran Qadir; Bui Thi Phuong Quynh; Hyosun Lee, et al
2016-05Tailoring metal–oxide interfaces of oxide-encapsulated Pt/silica hybrid nanocatalysts with enhanced thermal stabilitySong Yi Moon; Brundabana Naik; Chan-Ho Jung, et al
2013-06Tailoring oxidation of Al particles morphologically controlled by carbon nanotubesHye Yun Jeong; Kangpyo So; Jung Jun Bae, et al
2017-02Tailoring Photoelectrochemical Performance and Stability of Cu(In,Ga)Se2 Photocathode via TiO2-Coupled Buffer LayersBonhyeong Koo; Sung-Wook Nam; Richard Haight, et al