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Publication Date Title Author(s)
2018-04 Tunneling from the past horizon Subeom KangDong-han Yeom
2018-12 Dark matter search in nucleon, pion, and electron channels from a proton beam dump with MiniBooNE Aguilar-Arevalo A.A.M. BackfishA. BashyalB. BatellB. C. BrownR. CarrA. ChatterjeeR. L. CooperP. deNivervilleR. DharmapalanZ. DjurcicR. FordF. G. GarciaG. T. GarveyJ. GrangeJ. A. GreenE.-C. HuangW. HuelsnitzI. L. de Icaza AstizG. KaragiorgiT. KatoriW. KetchumT. KobilarcikQ. LiuW. C. LouisW. MarshC. D. MooreG. B. MillsJ. MirabalP. NienaberZ. PavlovicD. PerevalovH. RayB. P. RoeM. H. ShaevitzS. ShahsavaraniI. StancuR. TayloeC. TaylorR. T. ThorntonR. G. Van de WaterW. WesterD. H. WhiteJ. YuP. deNiverville
2018-08 A note on circle compactification of tensile ambitwistor string Kanghoon LeeJ.A. RosabalKanghoon LeeJ.A. Rosabal
2018-05 Threshold factorization redux Junegone ChayChul KimJunegone Chay
2018-01 Refined geometric transition and qq-characters Taro KimuraHironori MoriYuji SugimotoTaro Kimura
2017-12 Monodromy relations in higher-loop string amplitudes S.HoheneggerStieberger, S
2017-11 Minimal flavor violation with axion-like particles Kiwoon ChoiSang Hui ImChan Beom ParkSeokhoon Yun
2017-10 Bound states of little strings and symmetric orbifold conformal field theories Ambreen AhmedStefan HoheneggerAmer IqbalSoo-Jong Rey
2017-10 Minimal flavored U(1)′ for B -meson anomalies Ligong BianSoo-Min ChoiYoo-Jin KangHyun Min Lee
2017-09 Quantum information metric on ℝ × S d − 1 Dongsu BakAndrea Trivella
2017-08 Constraining dark photon model with dark matter from CMB spectral distortions Ki-Young ChoiKenji KadotaInwoo Park
2017-07 Dual little strings from F-theory and flop transitions Stefan HoheneggerAmer IqbalSoo-Jong Rey
2017-07 Axionlike particle assisted strongly interacting massive particle Ayuki KamadaHyungjin KimToyokazu Sekiguchi
2017-07 Effective action for non-geometric fluxes duality covariant actions Kanghoon LeeSoo-Jong ReyYuho Sakatan
2017-06 Current LHC constraints on minimal universal extra dimensions Nicolas DeutschmannThomas FlackeJong Soo Kim
2017-06 Holographic micro thermoeld geometries of BTZ black holes Dongsu BakChanju KimKyung Kiu KimJeong-Pil Song
2017-06 Model independent constraints on charges of new particles Dongjin ChwayRadovan DermíšekTae Hyun JungHyung Do Kim
2017-05 Weyl invariance for generalized supergravity backgrounds from the doubled formalism Jun-ichi SakamotoYuho SakataniKentarohYoshida
2017-05 Mixed-symmetry fields in de Sitter space: a group theoretical glance Thomas BasileXavier BekaertNicolas Boulanger
2017-05 A map of the non-thermal WIMP Hyungjin KimJeong-Pyong HongChang Sub Shin
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