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Ryusuke, Jinno

순수물리이론 연구단

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Publication Date Title Author(s)
2019-10 Gravitational waves from first-order phase transitions: ultra-supercooled transitions and the fate of relativistic shocks Ryusuke JinnoHyeonseok SeongMasahiro TakimotoChoong Min UmRyusuke JinnoHyeonseok Seong
2019-04 Selecting models of first-order phase transitions using the synergy between collider and gravitational-wave experiments Katsuya HashinoRyusuke JinnoMitsuru KakizakiShinya KanemuraTomo TakahashiMasahiro TakimotoRyusuke Jinno
2019-04 Hillclimbing inflation in metric and Palatini formulations Ryusuke JinnoKunio KanetaKin-ya OdaSeong Chan ParkRyusuke Jinno
2018-01 Hill-climbing Higgs inflation Ryusuke JinnoKunio KanetaKin-ya Oda
2017-08 Hill-climbing inflation Ryusuke JinnoKunio Kaneta
2017-11 Gravitational waves from first-order phase transitions: towards model separation by bubble nucleation rate Ryusuke JinnoSangjun LeeHyeonseok SeongMasahiro TakimotoRyusuke JinnoSangjun Lee
2017-02 Violent preheating in inflation with nonminimal coupling Yohei EmaRyusuke JinnoKyohei MukaidaKazunori NakayamaRyusuke Jinno