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Publication Date Title Author(s)
2020-01 Non-invasive optical control of endogenous Ca2+ channels in awake mice Kim S.Taeyoon KyungChung J.-H.Nury KimSehoon KeumLee J.Park H.Ho Min KimSangkyu LeeHee-Sup ShinWon Do HeoTaeyoon KyungNury KimSehoon KeumHo Min KimSangkyu LeeHee-Sup ShinWon Do Heo
2019-11 Genetic factors associated with empathy in humans and mice Sehoon KeumHee-Sup ShinSehoon KeumHee-Sup Shin
2019-10 The rostroventral part of the thalamic reticular nucleus modulates fear extinction Joon-Hyuk LeeCharles-Francois V. LatchoumaneJungjoon ParkKim J.Jeong J.Lee K.-H.Hee-Sup ShinJoon-Hyuk LeeCharles-Francois V. LatchoumaneJungjoon ParkHee-Sup Shin
2019-10 Neural Basis of Observational Fear Learning: A Potential Model of Affective Empathy Sehoon KeumHee-Sup ShinSehoon KeumHee-Sup Shin
2019-02 Neural circuits underlying a psychotherapeutic regimen for fear disorders Jinhee BaekSukchan LeeTaesup ChoSeong-Wook KimMinsoo KimYongwoo YoonKo Keun KimJunweon ByunKim S.J.Jeong J.Hee-Sup ShinJinhee BaekSukchan LeeTaesup ChoSeong-Wook KimMinsoo KimYongwoo YoonKo Keun KimJunweon ByunHee-Sup Shin
2019-01 Noninvasive optical activation of Flp recombinase for genetic manipulation in deep mouse brain regions Jung, HSeong-Wook KimMinsoo KimHong, JYu, DJi Hye KimYunju LeeKim, SDoyeon WooHee-Sup ShinByung Ouk ParkWon Do HeoSeong-Wook KimMinsoo KimJi Hye KimYunju LeeDoyeon WooHee-Sup ShinByung Ouk ParkWon Do Heo
2019-01 Observational fear behavior in rodents as a model for empathy Arie KimSehoon KeumHee-Sup ShinArie KimHee-Sup Shin
2018-10 Stress-induced changes in social dominance are scaled by AMPA-type glutamate receptor phosphorylation in the medial prefrontal cortex Min-Jung ParkBo Am SeoBoyoung LeeHee-Sup ShinMyoung-Goo KangMin-Jung ParkBo Am SeoBoyoung LeeHee-Sup ShinMyoung-Goo Kang
2018-10 Yin-and-yang bifurcation of opioidergic circuits for descending analgesia at the midbrain of the mouse Jong-Hyun KimGireesh GangadharanJunweon ByunEui-Ju ChoiC. Justion LeeHee-Sup ShinJong-Hyun KimGireesh GangadharanC. Justion LeeHee-Sup Shin
2018-09 The Possible Role of Neurobeachin in Extinction of Contextual Fear Memory Boyoung LeeEunyoung BangWon Suk YangAfshin PaydarGo Eun HaSujin KimJong-Hyun KimTaesuo ChoSeung Eun LeeSukchan LeeMyung-Goo KangEunji CheongKey-Sun KimCheolju LeeMyeong-Hee YuHee-Sup ShinBoyoung LeeEunyoung BangTaesuo ChoSukchan LeeMyung-Goo KangHee-Sup Shin
2018-07 LARGE, an intellectual disability-associated protein, regulates AMPA-type glutamate receptor trafficking and memory Bo Am SeoTaesup ChoDaniel Z. LeeJoong-jae LeeBoyoung LeeSeong-Wook KimHee-Sup ShinMyoung-Goo KangBo Am SeoTaesup ChoBoyoung LeeSeong-Wook KimHee-Sup ShinMyoung-Goo Kang
2018-06 Overcoming Depression by Inhibition of Neural Burst Firing Daesoo KimEunji CheongHee-Sup ShinHee-Sup Shin
2018-05 A Missense Variant at the Nrxn3 Locus Enhances Empathy Fear in the Mouse Sehoon KeumArie KimJae Jin ShinJong-Hyun KimJoomin ParkHee-Sup ShinSehoon KeumArie KimJoomin ParkHee-Sup Shin
2018-02 The Improving Effect of HL271, a Chemical Derivative of Metformin, a Popular Drug for Type II Diabetes Mellitus, on Aging-induced Cognitive Decline Eunyoung BangBoyoung LeeJoon-Oh ParkYooncheol JangAekyong KimSungwuk KimHee-Sup ShinEunyoung BangBoyoung LeeYooncheol JangHee-Sup Shin
2018-01 Targeted knockout of a chemokine-like gene increases anxiety and fear responses Jung-Hwa ChoiYun-Mi JeongSujin KimBoyoung LeeKirishan AriyasiriHyun-Taek KimSeung-Hyun JungKyu-Seok HwangTae-IK ChoiChul O ParkWon-Ki HuhMatthias CarlJill A. RosenfeldSalmo RaskinAlan MaJozef GeczHyung-Goo KimJin-Soo KimHo-Chul ShinDoo-Sang ParkRobert GerlaiBradley B. JamiesonJoon S. KimKarl J. IremongerSang H. LeeHee-Sup ShinCheol-Hee KimSujin KimBoyoung LeeJin-Soo KimHee-Sup Shin
2017-11 Mice in social conflict show rule-observance behavior enhancing long-term benefit Il-Hwan ChoeJunweon ByunKo Keun KimSol ParkIsaac KimJaeseung JeongHee-Sup ShinIl-Hwan ChoeJunweon ByunKo Keun KimHee-Sup Shin
2017-11 Deficiency of a brain-specific chemokine-like molecule, SAM3, induces cardinal phenotypes of autism spectrum disorders in mice Sujin KimBoyoung LeeJung-Hwa ChoiJong-Hyun KimCheol-Hee KimHee-Sup ShinSujin KimBoyoung LeeHee-Sup Shin
2017-07 Thalamic Spindles Promote Memory Formation during Sleep through Triple Phase-Locking of Cortical, Thalamic, and Hippocampal RhythmsHighly Cited Paper Charles-Francois V. LatchoumaneHong-Viet V. NgoJan BornHee-Sup ShinCharles-Francois V. LatchoumaneHee-Sup Shin
2017-03 A 2.048 Mb/s Full-Duplex Free-Space Optical Transceiver IC for a Real-Time In Vivo Brain-Computer Interface Mouse Experiment Under Social Interaction Gunpil HwangJong-Kwan ChoiJaehyeok YangSungmin LimJae-Myoung KimMin-Gyu ChoiKiuk GwakJinwoo JeonIl-Hwan ChoiSol ParkDae-Shik KimHee Sup ShinHyeon-Min BaeIl-Hwan ChoiSol ParkHee Sup Shin
2016-12 The Ca2+ -activated chloride channel anoctamin-2 mediates spike-frequency adaptation and regulates sensory transmission in thalamocortical neurons Go Eun HaJaekwang LeeHankyul KwakKiyeong SongJea KwonSoon-Young JungJoohyeon HongGyeong-Eon ChangEun Mi HwangHee-Sup ShinC. Justin LeeEunji CheongHee-Sup ShinC. Justin Lee
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