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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-06Na3V(PO4)(2) : A New Layered-Type Cathode Material with High Water Stability and Power Capability for Na-Ion BatteriesJongsoon Kim; Gabin Yoon; Hyungsub Kim, et al
2019-09NaCrO2/Coffee Waste–derived Nitrogen-doped Carbon Composite as High-Performance Cathode Material for Sodium Ion BatteriesSeok Mun Kang; Min-Seob Kim; Yunseo Jeoun, et al
2017-12NaF-FeF2 nanocomposite: a new type of Na-ion battery cathode materialInsang Hwang; Sung-Kyun Jung; Eun-Suk Jeong, et al
2016-06Naïve CD8 + T cell derived tumor-specific cytotoxic effectors as a potential remedy for overcoming TGF-β immunosuppression in the tumor microenvironmentNguyen H.H.; Kim T.; Song S.Y., et al
2016-07NAMPT suppresses glucose deprivation-induced oxidative stress by increasing NADPH levels in breast cancerSM Hong; CW Park; SW Kim, et al
2015-10Nano chocolate Waffle for near-IR Responsive Drug Releasing SystemJunseok Lee; Park, H; Won Jong Kim
2013-05Nano-Sized CT Contrast AgentsHighly Cited PaperNohyun Lee; Seung Hong Choi; Taeg Hwan Hyeon
2019-12Nanoassembly Growth Model for Subdomain and Grain Boundary Formation in 1T′ Layered ReS2Li X.; Xiao Wang; Hong J., et al
2018-06Nanocage-Confined Synthesis of Fluorescent Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in ZeoliteSeung Hyeon Ko; Taekyoung Lee; Hongjun Park, et al
2016-09Nanocomb Architecture Design Using Germanium Selenide as High-Performance Lithium Storage MaterialHyungki Kim; Son, Y; Jinho Lee, et al
2014-09Nanodomain Swelling Block Copolymer Lithography for Morphology Tunable Metal NanopatterningJeong Ho Mun; Seung Keun Cha; Kim, Hyowook, et al
2018-05Nanofluid lubrication and high pressure Raman studies of oxygen functionalized graphene nanosheetsKaruna Kara Mishra; Kalpataru Panda; Niranjan Kumar, et al
2015-07Nanohole-Structured and Palladium-Embedded 3D Porous Graphene for Ultrahigh Hydrogen Storage and CO Oxidation MultifunctionalitiesKumar, R; Oh, JH; Kim, HJ, et al
2015-03Nanoimprinting-induced nanomorphological transition in polymer solar cells: Enhanced electrical and optical performanceJeong S.; Cho C.; Kang H., et al
2017-10Nanolaminate of metallic glass and graphene with enhanced elastic modulus, strength, and ductility in tensionSun-Young Park; Eun-Ji Gwak; Ming Huang, et al
2017-11Nanomagnetic System for Rapid Diagnosis of Acute InfectionKi Soo Park; Hoyoung Kim; Soojin Kim, et al
2016-11Nanomaterial-based Soft Electronics for Healthcare ApplicationsChangsoon Choi; Moon Kee Choi; Taeghwan Hyeon, et al
2018-01Nanomaterials for bioelectronics and integrated medical systemsYoungsik Lee; Jaemin Kim; Ja Hoon Koo, et al
2014-06Nanomechanical and Charge Transport Properties of Two-Dimensional Atomic SheetsJeong Young Park; Sangku Kwon; Jong Hun Kim
2019-10Nanomechanical characterization of quantum interference in a topological insulator nanowireMinjin Kim; Jihwan Kim; Yasen Hou, et al