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Publication Date Title Author(s)
2019-12 Taming two interacting particles with disorder Diana ThongjaomayumAlexei AndreanovThomas EnglSergej FlachDiana ThongjaomayumAlexei AndreanovThomas EnglSergej Flach
2019-12 Low-density expansions for the homogeneous dipolar Bose gas at zero temperature Alexander Yu. ChernyAlexander Yu. Cherny
2019-12 Acoustic vortex beams in synthetic magnetic fields Irving RondónDaniel LeykamIrving RondónDaniel Leykam
2019-12 Probing an excited-state quantum phase transition in a quantum many-body system via an out-of-time-order correlator Qian WangPerez-Bernal, FQian Wang
2019-12 Exciton-Polariton Topological Insulator with an Array of Magnetic Dots M. SunD. KoD. LeykamV. M. KovalevI. G. SavenkoM. SunD. LeykamI. G. Savenko
2019-08 Unconventional Bloch-Grüneisen Scattering in Hybrid Bose-Fermi Systems K. H. A. VillegasMeng SunV. M. KovalevIvan SavenkoK. H. A. VillegasMeng SunIvan Savenko
2019-02 Non-Gibbs states on a Bose-Hubbard lattice Alexander Yu. ChernyThomas EnglSergej FlachAlexander Yu. ChernySergej Flach
2018-12 Almost compact moving breathers with fine-Tuned discrete time quantum walks I. VakulchykM. V. FistulY. ZolotaryukS. FlachI. VakulchykM. V. FistulY. ZolotaryukS. Flach
2018-10 Excitation of localized condensates in the flat band of the exciton-polariton Lieb lattice Meng SunSavenko, IvanSergej, FlachRubo, YuriMeng SunSavenko, IvanSergej, Flach
2018-08 Accurate projective two-band description of topological superfluidity in spin-orbit-coupled Fermi gases Joachim BrandLauri ToikkaUlrich ZülickeLauri Toikka
2018-07 Stochastic spin flips in polariton condensates: Nonlinear tuning from GHz to sub-Hz Del Valle-Inclan Redondo Y.Ohadi H.Yuri G RuboBeer O.Ramsay A.J.Tsintzos S.I.Hatzopoulos Z.Savvidis P.G.Baumberg J.J.Yuri G Rubo
2018-07 Signatures of many-body localization in steady states of open quantum systems I. VakulchykI. YusipovM. IvanchenkoS. FlachS. DenisovI. VakulchykS. FlachS. Denisov
2018-06 Electric and magnetic gating of Rashba-active weak links A. AharonyO. Entin-WohlmanM. JonsonR. I. ShekhterA. Aharony
2018-06 Zitterbewegung of exciton-polaritons Sedov E.S.Rubo Y.G.Kavokin A.V.Rubo Y.G.
2018-04 Molecular Kondo effect in flat-band lattices Minh-Tien TranThuy Thi NguyenMinh-Tien Tran
2018-04 Asymmetric wave transmission through one dimensional lattices with cubic-quintic nonlinearity Muhammad Abdul WasayMuhammad Abdul Wasay
2018-03 Effect of Sn-Doping on Behavior of Li-Intercalation in V2O5 Cathode Materials of Li-Ion Batteries: A Computational Perspective Suwit SuthirakunSirichok JungthawanSukit LimpijumnongSirichok Jungthawan
2018-01 Quantum jumps on Anderson attractors I.I. YusipovT. V. LaptyevaM.V. IvanchenkoI.I. Yusipov
2018-01 Quantum exciton-polariton networks through inverse four-wave mixing T. C. H. LiewY.G. RuboY.G. Rubo
2018-01 Magnetically induced transparency of a quantum metamaterial composed of twin flux qubits K.V. ShulgaE. Il’ichevM.V. FistulI.S. BesedinS. ButzO.V. AstafievU. HübnerA.V. UstinovM.V. Fistul
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