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Publication Date Title Author(s)
2020-01 Observation of quincunx-shaped and dipole-like flatband states in photonic rhombic lattices without band-touching Shiqiang XiaCarlo DanieliWenchao YanDenghui LiShiqi XiaJina MaHai LuDaohong SongLiqin TangSergej FlachZhigang ChenCarlo DanieliSergej Flach
2019-12 Taming two interacting particles with disorder Diana ThongjaomayumAlexei AndreanovThomas EnglSergej FlachDiana ThongjaomayumAlexei AndreanovThomas EnglSergej Flach
2019-09 Dynamical glass in weakly nonintegrable Klein-Gordon chains Carlo DanieliThudiyangal MithunYagmur KatiDavid K. CampbellSergej FlachCarlo DanieliThudiyangal MithunYagmur KatiSergej Flach
2019-02 Non-Gibbs states on a Bose-Hubbard lattice Alexander Yu. ChernyThomas EnglSergej FlachAlexander Yu. ChernySergej Flach
2018-12 Almost compact moving breathers with fine-Tuned discrete time quantum walks I. VakulchykM. V. FistulY. ZolotaryukS. FlachI. VakulchykM. V. FistulY. ZolotaryukS. Flach
2018-10 Excitation of localized condensates in the flat band of the exciton-polariton Lieb lattice Meng SunSavenko, IvanSergej, FlachRubo, YuriMeng SunSavenko, IvanSergej, Flach
2018-07 Signatures of many-body localization in steady states of open quantum systems I. VakulchykI. YusipovM. IvanchenkoS. FlachS. DenisovI. VakulchykS. FlachS. Denisov
2018-06 Artificial flat band systems: from lattice models to experimentsHighly Cited Paper Leykam, DanielAndreanov, AlexeySergej, FlachLeykam, DanielAndreanov, AlexeySergej, Flach
2018-06 Perspective: Photonic flatbands Leykam, DanielSergej, FlachLeykam, DanielSergej, Flach
2018-01 Topological flat Wannier-Stark bands A.R. KolovskyAjith RamachandranSergej FlachA.R. KolovskyAjith RamachandranSergej Flach
2018 Fano Resonances in Flat Band Networks Ajith RamachandranCarlo DanieliSergej FlachAjith RamachandranCarlo DanieliSergej Flach
2017-10 Chiral flat bands: Existence, engineering, and stability Ajith RamachandranAlexei AndreanovSergej Flach
2017-08 Flat bands in lattices with non-Hermitian coupling Daniel LeykamSergej FlachY. D. Chong
2017-03 Compact localized states and flat-band generators in one dimension Wulayimu MaimaitiAlexey AndreanovHee Chul ParkOleg GendelmanSergej Flach
2017-01 Fractional lattice charge transport Sergej FlachRamaz Khomeriki
2017-01 Interacting ultracold atomic kicked rotors: Loss of dynamical localization Pinquan QinAlexei AndreanovHee Chul ParkSergej Flach
2017-11 Analyzing chaos in higher order disordered quartic-sextic Klein-Gordon lattices using q-statistics Chris G. AntonopoulosCharalampos SkokosTassos BountisSergej FlachSergej Flach
2017-10 Anderson localization in generalized discrete-time quantum walks I. VakulchykM. V. FistulP. QinS. FlachI. VakulchykM. V. FistulP. QinS. Flach
2017-06 Stability through asymmetry: Modulationally stable nonlinear supermodes of asymmetric non-Hermitian optical couplers Yannis KominisTassos BountisSergej FlachSergej Flach
2017-06 Intermittent many-body dynamics at equilibrium Carlo DanieliD.K. CampbellSergej FlachCarlo DanieliSergej Flach
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