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Publication Date Title Author(s)
2019-07 Atomically thin three-dimensional membranes of van der Waals semiconductors by wafer-scale growth Gangtae JinChang-Soo LeeLiao X.Juho KimWang Z.Okello O.F.N.Park B.Jaehyun ParkCheolhee HanHeo H.Kim J.Oh S.H.Choi S.-Y.Park H.Moon-Ho JoGangtae JinMoon-Ho Jo
2019-06 Crossover between Photochemical and Photothermal Oxidations of Atomically Thin Magnetic Semiconductor CrPS4 Kim S.Lee J.Gangtae JinMoon-Ho JoLee C.Ryu S.Gangtae JinMoon-Ho Jo
2019-04 Position-selective solution phase growth of fullerene crystals Chibeom ParkJinho LeeLee M.Taekyung YoonHee Cheul ChoiChibeom ParkJinho LeeHee Cheul Choi
2019-03 Spin waves and spin-state transitions in a ruthenate high-temperature antiferromagnet Suzuki H.Gretarsson H.Ishikawa H.Ueda K.Yang Z.Liu H.H. KimKukusta D.Yaresko A.Minola M.Sears J.A.Francoual S.Wille H.-C.Nuss J.Takagi H.B. J. KimKhaliullin G.Yavaş H.Keimer B.H. KimB. J. Kim
2019-03 Epitaxial van der Waals Contacts between Transition-Metal Dichalcogenide Monolayer Polymorphs Chang-Soo LeeOh S.J.Hoseok HeoSeung-Young SeoJuho KimYong Hyeon KimDonghwi KimNgome Okello O.F.Hocheol ShinJi Ho SungChoi S.-Y.Jun Sung KimJong Kyu KimMoon-Ho JoChang-Soo LeeHoseok HeoJi Ho SungJun Sung KimMoon-Ho Jo
2019-02 Surface-Mediated Recrystallization for Highly Conducting Organic Radical Crystal Taeyeon KwonKoo J.Y.Hee Cheul ChoiTaeyeon KwonHee Cheul Choi
2018-11 Soft X-ray absorption spectroscopy study of spin crossover Fe-compounds: Persistent high spin configurations under soft X-ray irradiation Ahmed Yousef MohamedMinji LeeKosuke KitaseTakafumi KitazawaJae-Young KimDeok-Yong ChoJae-Young Kim
2018-11 Transfer-Free, Large-Scale Growth of High-Quality Graphene on Insulating Substrate by Physical Contact of Copper Foil Intek SongYohwan ParkHyeyeon ChoHee Cheul ChoiIntek SongYohwan ParkHee Cheul Choi
2018-10 Structural and electronic effects of adatoms on metallic atomic chains in Si(111)5 × 2-Au Eui Hwan DoSe Gab KwonMyung Ho KangHan Woong YeomEui Hwan DoHan Woong Yeom
2018-10 Generation, transport, and detection of valley-locked spin photocurrent in WSe2-graphene–Bi2Se3 heterostructures Soonyoung ChaMinji NohJehyun KimJangyup SonHyemin BaeDoeon LeeHoil KimJekwan LeeHo-Seung ShinSangwan SimSeunghoon YangSooun LeeWooyoung ShimChul-Ho LeeMoon-Ho JoJun Sung KimDohun KimHyunyong ChoiHoil KimSangwan SimMoon-Ho JoJun Sung Kim
2018-10 Accessing the Intrinsic Spin Transport in a Topological Insulator by Controlling the Crossover of Bulk-to-Surface Conductance Wonhee KoGiang D. NguyenHoil KimJun Sung KimX.-G. ZhangAn-Ping LiHoil KimJun Sung Kim
2018-09 Writing monolithic integrated circuits on a two-dimensional semiconductor with a scanning light probe Seung-Young SeoJaehyun ParkJewook ParkKyung SongSoonyoung ChaSangwan SimSi-Young ChoiHan Woong YeomHyunyong ChoiMoon-Ho JoSeung-Young SeoJewook ParkSangwan SimHan Woong YeomMoon-Ho Jo
2018-08 Crystallisation of organic molecules with a remarkably suppressed coffee-ring effect by a drop-drying process using binary solvent core-shell droplets Yoolim AhnYohwan ParkJin Young KooHee Cheul ChoiYoolim AhnJin Young KooHee Cheul Choi
2018-08 Role of Spin Hall Effect in the Topological Side Surface Conduction Jekwan LeeSangwan SimSoohyun ParkChihun InSeungwan ChoSeungmin LeeSoonyoung ChaSooun LeeHoil KimJehyun KimWooyoung ShimJun Sung KimDohun KimHyunyong ChoiHoil KimJun Sung Kim
2018-03 Thickness driven spin reorientation transition of epitaxial LaCrO3 films Junho ParkKim D.-H.Lee D.Ko K.-T.Hyun Song J.Jae-Young KimTae-Yeong KooLee S.R.Park J.-H.Jae-Young KimTae-Yeong Koo
2018-03 Directly Assembled 3D Molybdenum Disulfide on Silicon Wafer for Efficient Photoelectrochemical Water Reduction Dinsefa Mensur AndosheGangtae JinChang-Soo LeeChangyeon KimKi Chang KwonSeokhoon ChoiWoonbae SohnCheon Woo MoonSeung Hee LeeJun Min SuhSungwoo KangJaehyun ParkHoseok HeoJong Kyu KimSeungwu HanMoon-Ho JoHo Won JangGangtae JinHoseok HeoMoon-Ho Jo
2018-02 Spectroscopic, electronic and computational properties of a mixed tetrachalcogenafulvalene and its charge transfer complex Walwyn R.J.Chan B.Usov P.M.Solomon M.B.Duyker S.G.Jiin Young KooMasaki KawanoTurner P.Kepert C.J.D'Alessandro D.M.Jiin Young KooMasaki Kawano
2018-01 Single-Component-Based White Light Photoluminescence Emission via Selective Photooxidation in an Organic-Polymer Hybrid System Minkyung LeeIntek SongMisun HongJin Young KooHee Cheul ChoiMinkyung LeeIntek SongJin Young KooHee Cheul Choi
2017-10 Moiré Superstructure and Dimensional Crossover of 2D Electronic States on Nanoscale Lead Quantum Films Hyo Sung KimGyeongcheol GyeSung-Hoon LeeLihai WangSang-Wook CheongHan Woong Yeom
2017-08 Correlated electronic states at domain walls of a Mott-charge-density-wave insulator 1T-TaS2 Doohee ChoGyeongcheol GyeJinwon LeeSung-Hoon LeeLihai WangSang-Wook CheongHan Woong Yeom
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