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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-12A Multifunctional Subphthalocyanine Nanosphere for Targeting, Labeling, and Killing of Antibiotic-Resistant BacteriaIndranil Roy; Dinesh Shetty; Hota, R, et al
2017-11An Alcohol Dehydrogenase Gene from Synechocystis sp Confers Salt Tolerance in Transgenic TobaccoYi, SY; Ku, SS; Hee-Jung Sim, et al
2014-09Anti-Site Reordering in LiFePO4: Defect Annihilation on Charge Carrier InjectionPark, KY; Inchul Park; Kim, H, et al
2019-02Biological Redox Mediation in Electron Transport Chain of Bacteria for Oxygen Reduction Reaction Catalysts in Lithium-Oxygen BatteriesKo, Y; Park, H; Kim, J, et al
2015-09Breathing silicon anodes for durable high-power operationsHwang, C; Joo, S; Kang, NR, et al
2017-10Combination of nitric oxide and drug delivery systems: tools for overcoming drug resistance in chemotherapyKim, J; Yung, BC; Won Jong Kim, et al
2020-02Complete determination of the crystallographic orientation of ReX2 (X = S, Se) by polarized Raman spectroscopyChoi, Y; Kim, K; Lim, SY, et al
2016-08Composition Control of Plasmon-Phonon Interaction Using Topological Quantum-Phase Transition in Photoexcited (Bi1-xInx)(2)Se-3Sim, S; Park, J; Koirala, N, et al
2016-10Development and mass production of a mixture of LAB- and DIN-based gadolinium-loaded liquid scintillator for the NEOS short-baseline neutrino experimentKim, BR; Han, B; Eunju Jeon, et al
2015-01Distributed functions of detection and discrimination of vibrotactile stimuli in the hierarchical human somatosensory systemKim, J; Muller, KR; Yoon Gi Chung, et al
2014-11Dual MRI T-1 and T-2(()*()) contrast with size-controlled iron oxide nanoparticlesJung, H; Park, B; Lee, C, et al
2013-09Heck and Sonogashira cross-coupling reactions using recyclable Pd-Fe3O4 heterodimeric nanocrystal catalystsJooyoung Chung; Kim, J; Jang, Y, et al
2015-09High performance graphene embedded rubber compositesSung Ho Song; Kim, JM; Park, KH, et al
2015-10High-Performance n-Type Electrical Memory and Morphology-Induced Memory-Mode Tuning of a Well-Defined Brush Polymer Bearing Perylene Diimide MoietiesKim, YY; Brian J. Ree; Kido, M, et al
2018-12Highly Durable and Stable Sodium Superoxide in Concentrated Electrolytes for Sodium-Oxygen BatteriesHyeokjun Park; Kim, J; Lee, MH, et al
2016-10Highly Stable Iron- and Manganese-Based Cathodes for Long-Lasting Sodium Rechargeable BatteriesHyungsub Kim; Gabin Yoon; Inchul Park, et al
2014-08Integration of proteomic and transcriptomic profiles identifies a novel PDGF-MYC network in human smooth muscle cellsYang, W; Ramachandran, A; You, S, et al
2018-06Miktoarm Amphiphilic Block Copolymer with Singlet Oxygen-Labile Stereospecific beta-Aminoacrylate Junction: Synthesis, Self-Assembly, and Photodynamically Triggered Drug ReleaseSaravanakumar, G; Park, H; Kim, J, et al
2015-07Moisture Barrier Composites Made of Non-Oxidized Graphene FlakesKim, J; Song, SH; Im, HG, et al
2015-09Multiplex lithography for multilevel multiscale architectures and its application to polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cellCho, H; Kim, SM; Yun Sik Kang, et al
2014-10Negative-Tone Block Copolymer Lithography by In Situ Surface Chemical ModificationBong Hoon Kim; Byeon, KJ; Ju Young Kim, et al
2019-02Pseudospin-lattice coupling in the spin-orbit Mott insulator Sr2IrO4Porras, J; Bertinshaw, J; Liu, H, et al
2016-10Redesign of Li2MP2O7 (M = Fe or Mn) by Tuning the Li Diffusion in Rechargeable Battery ElectrodesKim, J; Lee, B; Kim, H, et al
2014-10Reversible Lithium Storage at Highly Populated Vacant Sites in an Amorphous Vanadium Pentoxide ElectrodeChae, OB; Kim, J; In Chul Park, et al
2014-12Semiconducting Polymers with Nanocrystallites Interconnected via Boron-Doped Carbon NanotubesYu, K; Ju Min Lee; Kim, J, et al
2018-06Separation of Acetylene from Carbon Dioxide and Ethylene by a Water-Stable Microporous Metal-Organic Framework with Aligned Imidazolium Groups inside the ChannelsJaechul Lee; Chuah, CY; Kim, J, et al
2015-07Single-step fabrication of quantum funnels via centrifugal colloidal casting of nanoparticle filmsKim, JY; Adinolfi, V; Sutherland, BR, et al
2015-01Sodium Storage Behavior in Natural Graphite using Ether-based Electrolyte SystemsHighly Cited PaperKim, H; Hong, J; Park, YU, et al
2015-03Synergistic Concurrent Enhancement of Charge Generation, Dissociation, and Transport in Organic Solar Cells with Plasmonic Metal-Carbon Nanotube HybridsJu Min Lee; Joonwon Lim; Nayeun Lee, et al
2016-03Tailoring a New 4V-Class Cathode Material for Na-Ion BatteriesKim, J; Inchul Park; Kim, H, et al
2016-07Understanding Origin of Voltage Hysteresis in Conversion Reaction for Na Rechargeable Batteries: The Case of Cobalt OxidesKim, H; Kim, H; Kim, H, et al
2015-02Unexpected discovery of low-cost maricite NaFePO4 as a high-performance electrode for Na-ion batteriesKim, J; Seo, DH; Kim, H, et al
2015-10Wide-field optical coherence microscopy of the mouse brain sliceMin, E; Lee, J; Vavilin, A, et al
2018-06YAP/TAZ Initiates Gastric Tumorigenesis via Upregulation of MYCChoi, W; Kim, J; Park, J, et al