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Publication Date Title Author(s)
2017-02 Enrichment of Specifically Labeled Proteins by an Immobilized Host Molecule James MurraySim, JOh, KSung, GLee, AAnnadka ShrinidhiAyyavu ThirunarayananDinesh ShettyKimoon KimJames MurrayAnnadka ShrinidhiAyyavu ThirunarayananDinesh ShettyKimoon Kim
2016-12 E-Bodipy fluorescent chemosensor for Zn2+ ion Indranil RoyJi-Young ShinDinesh ShettyJayshree K. KhedkarJun Heuk ParkKimoon KimIndranil RoyDinesh ShettyJayshree K. KhedkarJun Heuk ParkKimoon Kim
2015-01 Eliminating the heart from the curcumin molecule: Monocarbonyl curcumin mimics (MACs) Dinesh ShettyKim Y.J.Shim H.Snyder J.P.
2015-12 A Multifunctional Subphthalocyanine Nanosphere for Targeting, Labeling, and Killing of Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria Indranil RoyDinesh ShettyHota, RKangkyun BackKim, JKim, CSandro KappertKimoon KimIndranil RoyDinesh ShettyKangkyun BackSandro KappertKimoon Kim
2015-12 Can we beat the biotin-avidin pair?: Cucurbit[7]uril-based ultrahigh affinity host-guest complexes and their applicationsHighly Cited Paper Dinesh ShettyJayshree K. KhedkarKyeng Min ParkKimoon KimDinesh ShettyJayshree K. KhedkarKyeng Min ParkKimoon Kim
2015-08 Self-Assembly of Nanostructured Materials through Irreversible Covalent Bond Formation Kangkyun BaekIlha HwangIndranil RoyDinesh ShettyKimoon KimKangkyun BaekIlha HwangDinesh ShettyKimoon Kim
2015-07 High Affinity Host-Guest FRET Pair for Single-Vesicle Content-Mixing Assay: Observation of Flickering Fusion Events Bokyoung GongChoi B.-K.Kim J.-Y.Dinesh ShettyYoung Ho KoNarayanan SelvapalamNam Ki LeeKimoon KimBokyoung GongDinesh ShettyYoung Ho KoKimoon Kim
2015-02 Reversible morphological transformation between polymer nanocapsules and thin films through dynamic covalent self-assembly Jeehong KimKangkyun BaekDinesh ShettyNarayanan SelvapalamGyeongwon YunNam Hoon KimYoung Ho KoKyeng Min ParkIlha HwangKimoon KimJeehong KimKangkyun BaekDinesh ShettyGyeongwon YunNam Hoon KimYoung Ho KoKyeng Min ParkIlha HwangKimoon Kim
2015-02 A simple modular aptasensor platform utilizing cucurbit[7]uril and a ferrocene derivative as an ultrastable supramolecular linker Don-Wook LeeKyeng Min ParkBokyoung GongDinesh ShettyJayshree K. KhedkarKangkyun BaekJeehong KimSung Ho RyuKimoon KimDon-Wook LeeKyeng Min ParkDinesh ShettyJayshree K. KhedkarKangkyun BaekKimoon Kim