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Publication Date Title Author(s)
2019-12 Water-Assisted Growth of Cobalt Oxide and Cobalt Hydroxide Overlayers on the Pt3Co(111) Surface Jeongjin KimWon Hui DohYoungjae KimKi-Jeong KimJeong Young ParkJeongjin KimWon Hui DohYoungjae KimJeong Young Park
2019-12 Template dissolution with NaOH–HCl in synthesis of zeolite-templated carbons: Effects on oxygen functionalization and electrical energy storage characteristics Hongjun ParkSteven K. TerhorstRaj Kumar BeraRyong RyooHongjun ParkRaj Kumar BeraRyong Ryoo
2019-12 Oxygen activation on the interface between Pt nanoparticles and mesoporous defective TiO2 during CO oxidation Sunyoung OhHyunwoo HaHanseul ChoiChangbum JoJangkeun ChoHyuk ChoiRyong RyooHyun You KimJeong Young ParkSunyoung OhChangbum JoJangkeun ChoRyong RyooJeong Young Park
2019-12 Charge Transfer during the Aluminum-Water Reaction Studied with Schottky Nanodiode Sensors Ievgen I. NedrygailovYeob HeoHeeyoung KimJeong Young ParkIevgen I. NedrygailovYeob HeoJeong Young Park
2019-11 Solvent-dependent complex reaction pathways of bromoform revealed by time-resolved X-ray solution scattering and X-ray transient absorption spectroscopy Qingyu KongDmitry KhakhulinIlya A. ShkrobJae Hyuk LeeXiaoyi ZhangJeongho KimKyung Hwan KimJunbeom JoJungmin KimJaedong KangVan-Thai PhamGuy JenningsCharles KurtzRick SpenceLin X. ChenMichael WulffHyotcherl IheeJunbeom JoHyotcherl Ihee
2019-11 Ferroelectric-Polymer-Enabled Contactless Electric Power Generation in Triboelectric Nanogenerators Hyun Soo KimDong Yeong KimJae-Eun KimJong Hun KimDae Sol KongGonzalo MurilloGwan-Hyoung LeeJeong Young ParkJong Hoon JungJae-Eun KimJong Hun KimJeong Young Park
2019-09 Atomic-scale view of stability and degradation of single-crystal MAPbBr3 surfaces Joong Il Jake ChoiMuhammad Ejaz KhanZafer HawashKi Jeong KimHyunhwa LeeLuis K. OnoYabing QiYong-Hoon KimJeong Young ParkJoong Il Jake ChoiHyunhwa LeeJeong Young Park
2019-09 Intrinsic Relation between Hot Electron Flux and Catalytic Selectivity during Methanol Oxidation Si Woo LeeWoonghyeon ParkHyosun LeeHee Chan SongYousung JungJeong Young ParkSi Woo LeeHyosun LeeJeong Young Park
2019-08 The effect of the oxidation states of supported oxides on catalytic activity: CO oxidation studies on Pt/cobalt oxide Hee Chan SongSeungtaeg OhSang Hoon KimSi Woo LeeSong Yi MoonHanseul ChoiSoo-Hyun KimYongman KimJihun OhJeong Young ParkHee Chan SongJeong Young Park
2019-08 Size-controlled model Ni catalysts on Ga2O3 for CO2 hydrogenation to methanol Hanseul ChoiSunyoung OhSi Bui Trung TranJeong Young ParkHanseul ChoiSi Bui Trung TranJeong Young Park
2019-08 Elongated Lifetime and Enhanced Flux of Hot Electrons on a Perovskite Plasmonic Nanodiode Yujin ParkJungkweon ChoiChanghwan LeeAn-Na ChoDae Won ChoNam-Gyu ParkHyotcherl IheeJeong Young ParkYujin ParkJungkweon ChoiHyotcherl IheeJeong Young Park
2019-07 Defective Nb2O5-supported Pt catalysts for CO oxidation: Promoting catalytic activity via oxygen vacancy engineering Si Bui Trung TranHanseul ChoiSunyoung OhJeong Young ParkSi Bui Trung TranHanseul ChoiJeong Young Park
2019-06 Fate of transient isomer of CH2I2: Mechanism and origin of ionic photoproducts formation unveiled by time-resolved x-ray liquidography Sungjun ParkJungkweon ChoiHosung KiKyung Hwan KimKey Young OangHeegwang RohJoonghan KimShunsuke NozawaTokushi SatoShin-ichi AdachiJeongho KimHyotcherl IheeSungjun ParkJungkweon ChoiHyotcherl Ihee
2019-05 Revisiting side-chain alkylation of toluene to styrene: Critical role of microporous structures in catalysts Lee H.Lee S.Ryong RyooMinkee ChoiRyong RyooMinkee Choi
2019-05 Enhanced hot electron generation by inverse metal-oxide interfaces on catalytic nanodiode Hyosun LeeSinmyung YoonJinwoung JoBeomjoon JeonTaeghwan HyeonKwangjin AnJeong Young ParkHyosun LeeJinwoung JoBeomjoon JeonTaeghwan HyeonJeong Young Park
2019-05 Boosting the electrocatalytic glycerol oxidation performance with highly-dispersed Pt nanoclusters loaded on 3D graphene-like microporous carbon Daewon LeeYoungmin KimYonghyun KwonJongmin LeeTae-Wan KimYuseong NohWon Bae KimMin Ho SeoKyoungsoo KimHyung Ju KimYonghyun Kwon
2019-04 Ultrafast charge transfer coupled with lattice phonons in two-dimensional covalent organic frameworks Tae Wu KimSunhong JunYoonhoo HaRajesh K. YadavAbhishek KumarChung-Yul YooInhwan OhHyung-Kyu LimJae Won ShinRyong RyooHyungjun KimJeongho KimJin-Ook BaegHyotcherl IheeTae Wu KimInhwan OhRyong RyooHyotcherl Ihee
2019-04 Hot electron-driven electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution reaction on metal–semiconductor nanodiode electrodes Ievgen I. NedrygailovSong Yi MoonJeong Young ParkIevgen I. NedrygailovSong Yi MoonJeong Young Park
2019-04 Variation of nitrogen species in zeolite-templated carbon by low-temperature carbonization of pyrrole and the effect on oxygen reduction activity Seung Won HanJisuk BangSeung Hyeon KoRyong RyooSeung Won HanSeung Hyeon KoRyong Ryoo
2019-03 Unravelling inherent electrocatalysis of mixed-conducting oxide activated by metal nanoparticle for fuel cell electrodes Yoonseok ChoiSeung Keun ChaHyunwoo HaSiwon LeeHyeon Kook SeoJeong Yong LeeHyun You KimSang Ouk KimWooChul JungHyeon Kook SeoJeong Yong Lee
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