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Publication Date Title Author(s)
2019-05 Boosting the electrocatalytic glycerol oxidation performance with highly-dispersed Pt nanoclusters loaded on 3D graphene-like microporous carbon Daewon LeeYoungmin KimYonghyun KwonJongmin LeeTae-Wan KimYuseong NohWon Bae KimMin Ho SeoKyoungsoo KimHyung Ju KimYonghyun Kwon
2019-01 Selective separation and preconcentration of Th(iv) using organo-functionalized, hierarchically porous silica monoliths Yimu HuSimon GiretRafael MeinuschJongho HanFr´ed´eric-Georges FontaineFreddy KleitzDominic LariviereJongho Han
2019-01 Gold Binding Peptide Identified from Microfluidic Biopanning: An Experimental and Molecular Dynamics Study Dong Jae LeeHyun Su ParkKunmo KooJeong Yong LeeYoon Sung NamWonhee LeeMoon Young YangKunmo KooJeong Yong Lee
2018-11 Protein Structural Dynamics of Wild-Type and Mutant Homodimeric Hemoglobin Studied by Time-Resolved X-Ray Solution Scattering Cheolhee YangMinseo ChoiJong Goo KimHanui KimSrinivasan MuniyappanShunsuke NozawaShin-ichi AdachiRobert HenningIrina KoshelevaHyotcherl IheeCheolhee YangMinseo ChoiJong Goo KimSrinivasan MuniyappanHyotcherl Ihee
2018-10 Ambient-pressure atomic force microscope with variable pressure from ultra-high vacuum up to one bar Joong Il Jake ChoiJeong Jin KimWooseok OhWon Hui DohJeong Young ParkJoong Il Jake ChoiJeong Jin KimWooseok OhWon Hui DohJeong Young Park
2018-06 Nanocage-Confined Synthesis of Fluorescent Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Zeolite Seung Hyeon KoTaekyoung LeeHongjun ParkDoo-Sik AhnKyoungsoo KimYonghyun KwonSung June ChoRyong RyooSeung Hyeon KoTaekyoung LeeDoo-Sik AhnKyoungsoo KimYonghyun KwonRyong Ryoo
2018-06 The surface plasmon-induced hot carrier effect on the catalytic activity of CO oxidation on a Cu2O/hexoctahedral Au inverse catalyst Si Woo LeeJong Wook HongHyunhwa LeeDae Han WiSun Mi KimSang Woo HanJeong Young ParkSi Woo LeeSun Mi KimJeong Young Park
2018-06 Isotope Effect of Hot Electrons Generated on Pt Nanoparticle Surfaces Under H2 and D2 Oxidation Hyosun LeeNedrygailov I.I.Si Woo LeeJeong Young ParkHyosun LeeNedrygailov I.I.Si Woo LeeJeong Young Park
2018-05 In Situ Observations of UV-Induced Restructuring of Self-Assembled Porphyrin Monolayer on Liquid/Au(111) Interface at Molecular Level Yongman KimWon Hui DohJeongjin KimJeong Young ParkYongman KimWon Hui DohJeongjin KimJeong Young Park
2018-04 High utilization of methanol in toluene methylation using MFI zeolite nanosponge catalyst Changq LeeSeungjun LeeWookdong KimRyong RyooSeungjun LeeWookdong KimRyong Ryoo
2017-09 Extremely high electrical conductance of microporous 3D graphene-like zeolite-templated carbon framework Hyunsoo LeeKyoungsoo KimSeoung-Hun KangYonghyun KwonJong Hun KimYoung-Kyun KwonRyong RyooJeong Young Park
2017-12 Revisiting on the effect and role of TiO2 layer thickness on SnO2 for enhanced electrochemical performance for lithium-ion batteries Jun Young CheongJoon Ha ChangChanhoon KimFrank Jaksoni MwetaJi-Won JungJeong Yong LeeIl-Doo KimJoon Ha ChangJeong Yong Lee
2017-12 In Situ High-Resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) Observation of Sn Nanoparticles on SnO2 Nanotubes under Lithiation Jun Young CheongJoon Ha ChangSung Joo KimChanhoon KimHyeon Kook SeoJae Won ShinJong Min Yuk,Jeong Yong LeeIl-Doo KimJoon Ha ChangJeong Yong Lee
2017-12 Surface plasmon-driven catalytic reactions on a patterned Co3O4/Au inverse catalyst Si Woo LeeChanghwan LeeKalyan C. GoddetiSun Mi KimJeong Young ParkSi Woo LeeKalyan C. GoddetiSun Mi KimJeong Young Park
2017-11 Nanospace-Confined High-Temperature Solid-State Reactions: Versatile Synthetic Route for High-Diversity Pool of Catalytic Nanocrystals Jung Hun KooSi Woo LeeJeong Young ParkIn Su LeeSi Woo LeeJeong Young Park
2017-10 Hollow Ag2S nanosphere formation via electron beam-assisted oxidative etching of Ag nanoparticles Sung Joo KimKyun Seong DaeJae Yeol ParkJeong Yong LeeJong Min YukSung Joo KimJeong Yong Lee
2017-10 Construction and evaluation of an ultrahigh-vacuum-compatible sputter deposition source Peter LacknerJoong II Jake ChoiUlrike DieboldMichael SchmidJoong II Jake Choi
2017-09 Effect of homopolymer in polymerization-induced microphase separation process Jongmin ParkStacey A. SabaMarc A. HillmyerDong-Chang KangMyungeun SeoMyungeun Seo
2017-09 Kinetics of the E46Q mutant of photoactive yellow protein investigated by transient grating spectroscopy Cheolhee YangTae Wu KimYoungmin KimJungkweon ChoiSang Jin LeeHyotcherl IheeCheolhee YangTae Wu KimYoungmin KimJungkweon ChoiSang Jin LeeHyotcherl Ihee
2017-09 Probing surface oxide formations on SiO2-supported platinum nanocatalysts under CO oxidation Sunyoung OhSeoin BackWon Hui DohSong Yi MoonJeongjin KimYousung JungJeong Young ParkSunyoung OhWon Hui DohJeong Young Park
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