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Park, Jeong Young

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Publication Date Title Author(s)
2018-10 Ambient-pressure atomic force microscope with variable pressure from ultra-high vacuum up to one bar Joong Il Jake ChoiJeong Jin KimWooseok OhWon Hui DohJeong Young ParkJoong Il Jake ChoiJeong Jin KimWooseok OhWon Hui DohJeong Young Park
2018-09 The Effect of Thickness and Chemical Reduction of Graphene Oxide on Nanoscale Friction Sangku KwonKyung Eun LeeHyunsoo LeeSang Joon KohJae-Hyeon KoYong-Hyun KimSang Ouk KimJeong Young ParkSangku KwonHyunsoo LeeSang Joon KohJeong Young Park
2018-06 The surface plasmon-induced hot carrier effect on the catalytic activity of CO oxidation on a Cu2O/hexoctahedral Au inverse catalyst Si Woo LeeJong Wook HongHyunhwa LeeDae Han WiSun Mi KimSang Woo HanJeong Young ParkSi Woo LeeSun Mi KimJeong Young Park
2018-06 Isotope Effect of Hot Electrons Generated on Pt Nanoparticle Surfaces Under H2 and D2 Oxidation Hyosun LeeNedrygailov I.I.Si Woo LeeJeong Young ParkHyosun LeeNedrygailov I.I.Si Woo LeeJeong Young Park
2018-05 In Situ Observations of UV-Induced Restructuring of Self-Assembled Porphyrin Monolayer on Liquid/Au(111) Interface at Molecular Level Yongman KimWon Hui DohJeongjin KimJeong Young ParkYongman KimWon Hui DohJeongjin KimJeong Young Park
2017-09 Extremely high electrical conductance of microporous 3D graphene-like zeolite-templated carbon framework Hyunsoo LeeKyoungsoo KimSeoung-Hun KangYonghyun KwonJong Hun KimYoung-Kyun KwonRyong RyooJeong Young Park
2017-12 Surface plasmon-driven catalytic reactions on a patterned Co3O4/Au inverse catalyst Si Woo LeeChanghwan LeeKalyan C. GoddetiSun Mi KimJeong Young ParkSi Woo LeeKalyan C. GoddetiSun Mi KimJeong Young Park
2017-11 Nanospace-Confined High-Temperature Solid-State Reactions: Versatile Synthetic Route for High-Diversity Pool of Catalytic Nanocrystals Jung Hun KooSi Woo LeeJeong Young ParkIn Su LeeSi Woo LeeJeong Young Park
2017-09 Probing surface oxide formations on SiO2-supported platinum nanocatalysts under CO oxidation Sunyoung OhSeoin BackWon Hui DohSong Yi MoonJeongjin KimYousung JungJeong Young ParkSunyoung OhWon Hui DohJeong Young Park
2017-08 Non-Colloidal Nanocatalysts Fabricated Using Arc Plasma Deposition and Their Application in Heterogenous Catalysis and Photocatalysis Sang Hoon KimSong-Yi MoonJeong Young ParkSong-Yi MoonJeong Young Park
2017-08 Hot plasmonic electron-driven catalytic reactions on patterned metal-insulator-metal nanostructures Sun Mi KimChanghwan LeeKalyan C. GoddetiJeong Young ParkSun Mi KimChanghwan LeeKalyan C. GoddetiJeong Young Park
2017-06 Transfer-printable micropatterned fluoropolymer-based triboelectric nanogenerator Jaewook HaJihoon ChungSeongMin KimJong Hun KimSeungmin ShinJeong Young ParkSangmin LeeJin-Baek KimJong Hun KimJeong Young Park
2017-03 EEWS 2016: Progress and Perspectives of Energy Science and Technology Jihun OhJang Wook ChoiCafer T. YavuzSung-Yoon ChungJeong Young ParkYousung JungJeong Young Park
2017-02 Mechanistic Insight into the Conversion Chemistry between Au-CuO Heterostructured Nanocrystals Confined inside SiO2 Nanospheres Ki-Wan JeonDong-Gyu LeeYou Kyung KimKangkyun BaekKimoon KimTaewon JinJi Hoon ShimJeong Young ParkIn Su LeeYou Kyung KimKangkyun BaekKimoon KimJeong Young Park
2017-01 Nature of Active Sites and Their Quantitative Measurement in Two-Dimensional Pt Metal Catalysts Sunyoung OhKamran QadirJeong Young ParkSunyoung OhJeong Young Park
2016-06 Hot carrier multiplication on graphene/TiO2 Schottky nanodiodes Young Keun LeeChoi, HHyunsoo LeeChanghwan LeeChoi, JSChoi, CGHwang, EJeong Young Park
2016-04 A facile method for the selective decoration of graphene defects based on a galvanic displacement reaction Hong J.Lee J.-B.Lee S.Seo J.Hyunsoo LeeJeong Young ParkAhn J.-H.Seo T.I.Lee T.Lee H.-B.-R.
2016-12 Local conductance mapping of water-intercalated graphene on mica Jin Heui HwangHyunsoo LeeSangku KwonJin Hyeok JeongHee Chan SongJoong Il Jake ChoiJeong Young ParkJin Heui HwangHyunsoo LeeSangku KwonJeong Young Park
2016-12 Postsynthesis Modulation of the Catalytic Interface inside a Hollow Nanoreactor: Exploitation of the Bidirectional Behavior of Mixed-Valent Mn3O4 Phase in the Galvanic Replacement Reaction Lee D.-G.Kim S.M.Sun Mi KimSi Woo LeeJeong Young ParkAn K.Lee I.S.Sun Mi KimSi Woo LeeJeong Young Park
2016-11 Liquid-phase catalytic reactor combined with measurement of hot electron flux and chemiluminescence Ievgen I. NedrygailovChanghwan LeeSong Yi MoonHyosun LeeJeong Young ParkIevgen I. NedrygailovChanghwan LeeJeong Young Park
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