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Publication Date Title Author(s)
2018-09 The Effect of Thickness and Chemical Reduction of Graphene Oxide on Nanoscale Friction Sangku KwonKyung Eun LeeHyunsoo LeeSang Joon KohJae-Hyeon KoYong-Hyun KimSang Ouk KimJeong Young ParkSangku KwonHyunsoo LeeSang Joon KohJeong Young Park
2017-09 Extremely high electrical conductance of microporous 3D graphene-like zeolite-templated carbon framework Hyunsoo LeeKyoungsoo KimSeoung-Hun KangYonghyun KwonJong Hun KimYoung-Kyun KwonRyong RyooJeong Young Park
2016-06 Hot carrier multiplication on graphene/TiO2 Schottky nanodiodes Young Keun LeeChoi, HHyunsoo LeeChanghwan LeeChoi, JSChoi, CGHwang, EJeong Young Park
2016-04 A facile method for the selective decoration of graphene defects based on a galvanic displacement reaction Hong J.Lee J.-B.Lee S.Seo J.Hyunsoo LeeJeong Young ParkAhn J.-H.Seo T.I.Lee T.Lee H.-B.-R.
2016-12 Local conductance mapping of water-intercalated graphene on mica Jin Heui HwangHyunsoo LeeSangku KwonJin Hyeok JeongHee Chan SongJoong Il Jake ChoiJeong Young ParkJin Heui HwangHyunsoo LeeSangku KwonJeong Young Park
2016-08 Work function engineering of SnO single crystal microplates with thermal annealing Won Hui DohWooseok JeongHyunsoo LeePark J.Jeong Young ParkWon Hui DohWooseok JeongHyunsoo LeeJeong Young Park
2016-06 Charge transport-driven selective oxidation of graphene Young Keun LeeChoi H.Changhwan LeeHyunsoo LeeKalyan C. GoddetiSong Yi MoonWon Hui DohBaik J.Kim J.-S.Choi J.S.Choi C.-G.Jeong Young ParkYoung Keun LeeHyunsoo LeeWon Hui DohJeong Young Park
2016-05 Ultraflat Au nanoplates as a new building block for molecular electronics Wooseok JeongLee M.Hyunsoo LeeLee H.Kim B.Jeong Young ParkWooseok JeongHyunsoo LeeJeong Young Park
2016-02 Friction and conductance imaging of sp2- and sp3-hybridized subdomains on single-layer graphene oxide Hyunsoo LeeSon N.Jeong H.Y.Kim T.G.Bang G.S.Kim J.Y.Shim G.W.Kalyan C. GoddetiJong Hun KimKim N.Shin H.-J.Kim W.Kim S.Choi S.-Y.Jeong Young ParkHyunsoo LeeKalyan C. GoddetiJong Hun KimJeong Young Park
2015-12 Enhancing the Internal Quantum Efficiency and Stability of Organic Solar Cells via Metallic Nanofunnels Baek, SWJong Hun KimKang, JHyunsoo LeeJeong Young ParkLee, JYJong Hun KimHyunsoo LeeJeong Young Park
2015-04 Internal and external atomic steps in graphite exhibit dramatically different physical and chemical properties Hyunsoo LeeLee H.-B.-R.Sangku KwonSalmeron M.Jeong Young ParkHyunsoo LeeSangku KwonJeong Young Park
2015-03 Shape-dependent adhesion and friction of Au nanoparticles probed with atomic force microscopy Youngji YukHong J.W.Hyunsoo LeeSang Woo HanJeong Young ParkYoungji YukHyunsoo LeeJeong Young Park
2015-01 Large changes of graphene conductance as a function of lattice orientation between stacked layers Hyunsoo LeeQi Y.Sangku KwonSalmeron M.Jeong Young ParkHyunsoo LeeSangku KwonJeong Young Park
2013-10 Nanoscale Schottky behavior of Au islands on TiO2 probed with conductive atomic force microscopy Hyunsoo LeeYoung Keun LeeTrong Nghia VanJeong Young Park
2013-11 Nanoscale Resistive Switching Schottky Contacts on Self-Assembled Pt Nanodots on SrTiO3 Hyunsoo LeeHaeri KimTrong Nghia VanDong-Wook KimJeong Young ParkHyunsoo LeeTrong Nghia VanJeong Young Park