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Publication Date Title Author(s)
2018-01 DNA-Au Nanomachine Equipped with i-Motif and G-Quadruplex for Triple Combinatorial Anti-Tumor Therapy Park H.Jinhwan KimJung S.Won Jong KimJinhwan KimWon Jong Kim
2017-01 Remission of lymphoblastic leukaemia in an intravascular fluidic environment by pliable drug carrier with a sliding target ligand Donghyun JangYeong Mi LeeLee J.Doh J.Won Jong Kim
2017-12 Well-defined and stable nanomicelles self-assembled from brush cyclic and tadpole copolymer amphiphiles: a versatile smart carrier platform Brian J ReeYusuke SatohKyeong Sik JinTakuya IsonoWon Jong KimToyoji KakuchiToshifumi SatohMoonhor ReeBrian J ReeWon Jong Kim
2017-11 Therapeutic-Gas-Responsive Hydrogel Junghong ParkSwapan PramanickDongsik ParkJiwon YeoJihyun LeeHaeshin LeeWon Jong KimJunghong ParkWon Jong Kim
2017-10 Nitric oxide-activatable gold nanoparticles for specific targeting and photo-thermal ablation of macrophages Junghong ParkSwapan PramanickJinhwan KimJihyun LeeWon Jong KimJunghong ParkSwapan PramanickJinhwan KimWon Jong Kim
2017-10 Combination of nitric oxide and drug delivery systems: tools for overcoming drug resistance in chemotherapy Kim, JYung, BCWon Jong KimChen, XWon Jong Kim
2017-10 Interleukin-4 receptor-targeted delivery of Bcl-xL siRNA sensitizes tumors to chemotherapy and inhibits tumor growth Padmanaban GuruprasathJihoon KimGowri Rangaswamy GunassekaranLianhua ChiSoyoun KimRang-Woon ParkSang-Hyun KimMoon-Chang BaekSang Mun BaeSang-Yeob KimDong-Kyu KimIn-Kyu ParkWon-Jong KimByungheon LeeJihoon KimWon-Jong Kim
2017-08 Andrographolide-loaded polymerized phenylboronic acid nanoconstruct for stimuli-responsive chemotherapy Jinhwan KimJunseok LeeYeong Mi LeeSwapan PramanickSooseok ImWon Jong KimJunseok LeeYeong Mi LeeWon Jong Kim
2017-06 Self-assembled nanocomplex between polymerized phenylboronic acid and doxorubicin for efficient tumor-targeted chemotherapy Junseok LEEJinhwan KIMYeong Mi LEEDongsik PARKSooseok IMEun Ho SONGHansoo PARKWon Jong KIMJunseok LEEJinhwan KIMWon Jong KIM
2017-05 Self-Assembled Nanoconstructs Modified with Amplified Aptamers Inhibited Tumor Growth and Retinal Vascular Hyperpermeability via Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Capturing Jihyun LeeLee B.J.Yeong Mi LeePark H.Kim J.H.Won Jong KimJihyun LeeYeong Mi LeeWon Jong Kim
2016-05 Discovery of novel peptides targeting pro-atherogenic endothelium in disturbed flow regions -Targeted siRNA delivery to pro-atherogenic endothelium in vivo Jihwa ChungHyunbo ShimKwanchang KimDuhwan LeeWon Jong KimDong Hoon KangSang Won KangHanjoong JoKihwan Kwon
2016-09 Photothermally Controllable Cytosolic Drug Delivery Based on Core-Shell MoS2-Porous Silica Nanoplates Junseok LeeJinhwan KimWon Jong KimJunseok LeeWon Jong Kim
2016-08 Coordinative Amphiphiles as Tunable siRNA Transporters Jin Bum KimYeong Mi LeeJooyeon RyuEunji LeeWon Jong KimGyochang KeumEun Kyoung BangYeong Mi LeeWon Jong Kim
2016-08 Stimuli-Regulated Enzymatically Degradable Smart Graphene-Oxide-Polymer Nanocarrier Facilitating Photothermal Gene Delivery Hyunwoo KimJinhwan KimMinkyung LeeHee Cheul ChoiWon Jong KimHyunwoo KimJinhwan KimMinkyung LeeHee Cheul ChoiWon Jong Kim
2016-08 Polydopamine Hollow Nanoparticle Functionalized with N-diazeniumdiolates as a Nitric Oxide Delivery Carrier for Antibacterial Therapy Dongsik ParkJihoon KimYeong Mi LeeJunghong ParkWon Jong KimDongsik ParkJihoon KimWon Jong Kim
2016-07 Defect engineering route to boron nitride quantum dots and edge-hydroxylated functionalization for bio-imaging Jung-Hwan JungMoumita KotalMin-Ho JangJunseok LeeYong-Hoon ChoWon-Jong KimIl Kwon OhJunseok LeeWon-Jong Kim
2016-06 Polymer-DNA Molecular Net for Selective Transportation of Target Biomolecules and Inhibition of Tumor Growth Jihyun LeeYeong Mi LeeWon Jong KimJihyun LeeWon Jong Kim
2016-04 Light-Induced Acid Generation on a Gatekeeper for Smart Nitric Oxide Delivery Hyung Woo ChoiJihoon KimKim J.Yonghwi KimSong H.B.Kim J.H.Kimoon KimWon Jong KimHyung Woo ChoiJihoon KimYonghwi KimKimoon KimWon Jong Kim
2016-03 Single-Layered MoS2-PEI-PEG Nanocomposite-Mediated Gene Delivery Controlled by Photo and Redox Stimuli Jinhwan KimHyunwoo KimWon Jong KimJinhwan KimHyunwoo KimWon Jong Kim
2016-02 Structural Characterization of Anticancer Drug Paclitaxel and Its Metabolites Using Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry and Tandem Mass Spectrometry Lee, HHHong, ACho, YKim, SWon Jong KimKim, HIWon Jong Kim
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