Journal Papers (저널논문)233

Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-03Enhanced tumor-targeted gene delivery by bioreducible polyethylenimine tethering EGFR divalent ligandsDuhwan Lee; Yeong Mi Lee; Jihoon Kim, et al
2016-10Electric Field Keeps Chromophore Planar and Produces High Yield Fluorescence in Green Fluorescent ProteinJae Woo Park; Young Min Rhee
2016-09Synthesis of [Mg2(DOBDC)(DMF)2]@polystyrene composite and its carbon dioxide adsorptionMoon H.-S.; Moon J.-H.; Chun D.H., et al
2016-03Single-Layered MoS2-PEI-PEG Nanocomposite-Mediated Gene Delivery Controlled by Photo and Redox StimuliJinhwan Kim; Hyunwoo Kim; Won Jong Kim
2016-03Synergistic nanomedicine by combined gene and photothermal therapyHighly Cited PaperKim J.; Jihoon Kim; Jeong C., et al
2015-02Microbiota-independent ameliorative effects of antibiotics on spontaneous Th2-associated pathology of the small intestineDaehee Han; Walsh M.C.; Kwang Soon Kim, et al
2016-02Structural Characterization of Anticancer Drug Paclitaxel and Its Metabolites Using Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry and Tandem Mass SpectrometryLee, HH; Hong, A; Cho, Y, et al
2016-03Activation of Small Molecules at N-Heterocyclic Carbene CentersHayoung Song; Youngsuk Kim; Junbeom Park, et al
2015-10High-Performance n-Type Electrical Memory and Morphology-Induced Memory-Mode Tuning of a Well-Defined Brush Polymer Bearing Perylene Diimide MoietiesKim, YY; Brian J. Ree; Kido, M, et al
2015-12A Multifunctional Subphthalocyanine Nanosphere for Targeting, Labeling, and Killing of Antibiotic-Resistant BacteriaIndranil Roy; Dinesh Shetty; Hota, R, et al
2015-07Polymeric biomaterials for the delivery of platinum-based anticancer drugsKim, J; Swapan Pramanick; Duhwan Lee, et al
2015-06Induction of immune tolerance to dietary antigensKwang Soon Kim; Charles D. Surh
2016-02Dietary antigens limit mucosal immunity by inducing regulatory T cells in the small intestineHighly Cited PaperKwang Soon Kim; Sung-Wook Hong; Daehee Han, et al
2015-01Molecular pop-up toy: A molecular machine based on folding/unfolding motion of alkyl chains bound to a hostYoung Ho Ko; Ilha Hwang; Kim H., et al
2016-06Polymer-DNA Molecular Net for Selective Transportation of Target Biomolecules and Inhibition of Tumor GrowthJihyun Lee; Yeong Mi Lee; Won Jong Kim
2016-06Two conformational states in D-shaped DNA: Effects of local denaturationO.-chul Lee; Kim C.; Kim J.-Y., et al
2016-03The guest-dependent thermal response of the flexible MOF Zn2(BDC)2(DABCO)Yonghwi Kim; Ritesh Haldar; Kim H., et al
2018-01DNA-Au Nanomachine Equipped with i-Motif and G-Quadruplex for Triple Combinatorial Anti-Tumor TherapyPark H.; Jinhwan Kim; Jung S., et al
2018-01Dye-Cucurbit[n]uril complexes as sensor elements for reliable pattern recognition of biogenic polyaminesKyeng Min Park; Kim J.; Young Ho Ko, et al
2018-11Self-assembled adhesive biomaterials formed by a genetically designed fusion proteinPulakesh Aich; Jaeyeon An; Byeongseon Yang, et al
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