Journal Papers (저널논문)196

Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-12Genetically engineered mesenchymal stem cell therapy using self-assembling supramolecular hydrogelsByung Woo Hwang; Su Jin Kim; Kyeng Min Park, et al
2015-11Value-added Synthesis of Graphene: Recycling Industrial Carbon Waste into Electrodes for High-Performance Electronic DevicesSeo, H.-K.; Kim, T.-S.; Chibeom Park, et al
2015-10Nano chocolate Waffle for near-IR Responsive Drug Releasing SystemJunseok Lee; Park, H; Won Jong Kim
2015-12Can we beat the biotin-avidin pair?: Cucurbit[7]uril-based ultrahigh affinity host-guest complexes and their applicationsHighly Cited PaperDinesh Shetty; Jayshree K. Khedkar; Kyeng Min Park, et al
2015-09Charge screening in RNA: an integral route for dynamical enhancementsJoon Ho Roh; Tyagi, M.; Pulakesh Aich, et al
2017-09A synthesis of novel expanded porphyrinoids: NiII-induced nitrile cyclization of dicyanovinylene-bis(: Meso -aryl)dipyrrinNathan H. Faialaga; Satoru Ito; Hiroshi Shinokubo, et al
2017-08Reversible photoreduction of Cu(II)-coumarin metal-organic polyhedraJaeyeon Bae; Kangkyun Baek; Daqiang Yuan, et al
2016-10How Does Solvation Affect the Binding of Hydrophilic Amino Saccharides to Cucurbit[7]uril with Exceptional Anomeric Selectivity?Jianping Wang; Yoonjung Jang; Jayshree K. Khedkar, et al
2017-08Andrographolide-loaded polymerized phenylboronic acid nanoconstruct for stimuli-responsive chemotherapyJinhwan Kim; Junseok Lee; Yeong Mi Lee, et al
2017-08Ferrocene and ferrocenium inclusion compounds with cucurbiturils: A study of metal atom dynamics probed by Mössbauer spectroscopyClara I. R. Magalha˜es; Ana C. Gomes; Andre´ D. Lopes, et al
2015-08Self-Assembly of Nanostructured Materials through Irreversible Covalent Bond FormationKangkyun Baek; Ilha Hwang; Indranil Roy, et al
2018-01DNA-Au Nanomachine Equipped with i-Motif and G-Quadruplex for Triple Combinatorial Anti-Tumor TherapyPark H.; Jinhwan Kim; Jung S., et al
2018-01Dye-Cucurbit[n]uril complexes as sensor elements for reliable pattern recognition of biogenic polyaminesKyeng Min Park; Kim J.; Young Ho Ko, et al
2016-08Coordinative Amphiphiles as Tunable siRNA TransportersJin Bum Kim; Yeong Mi Lee; Jooyeon Ryu, et al
2016-08Polydopamine Hollow Nanoparticle Functionalized with N-diazeniumdiolates as a Nitric Oxide Delivery Carrier for Antibacterial TherapyDongsik Park; Jihoon Kim; Yeong Mi Lee, et al
2016-08Permselective 2D-polymer-based membrane tuneable by host-guest chemistryKangkyun Baek; Dan Xu; James Murray, et al
2016-05Discovery of novel peptides targeting pro-atherogenic endothelium in disturbed flow regions -Targeted siRNA delivery to pro-atherogenic endothelium in vivoJihwa Chung; Hyunbo Shim; Kwanchang Kim, et al
2017-10Point-of-Use Detection of Amphetamine-Type Stimulants with Host-Molecule-Functionalized Organic TransistorsYoonjung Jang; Moonjeong Jang; Hyoeun Kim, et al
2016-07Defect engineering route to boron nitride quantum dots and edge-hydroxylated functionalization for bio-imagingJung-Hwan Jung; Moumita Kotal; Min-Ho Jang, et al
2016-09Activation of C-F bonds in fluoroarenes by N-heterocyclic carbenes as an effective route to synthesize abnormal NHC complexesYoungsuk Kim; Eunsung Lee
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