Center for Self-assembly and Complexity(복잡계 자기조립 연구단)327

Center for Self-assembly and Complexity복잡계 자기조립 연구단

Our research center studies self-assembly in complex environments and habitats where a number of elements are known to mix in the natural world. We also study well-refined, contained environments (the main area of research up to now) so that we can overcome existing limitations of research into self-assembly. One objective is to study the manifest specific properties of self-assembly by either controlling specific variables or by producing materials with such properties.
If our trials are successful, we should be able to develop previously undiscovered molecular aggregates and materials that have outstanding properties and functions. These valuable materials can be used for making tools that diagnose and treat cancers in the early stages. We can also use them for the development of technologies for producing or storing clean energy (e.g., solar power, hydrogen, etc.). In addition, our studies on self-assembly in complex environments should elucidate some of nature's underlying puzzles. Questions on the chemical origins of life can be answered with a deeper understanding of self-assembly.


Center for Self-assembly and Complexity(복잡계 자기조립 연구단)

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