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Publication Date Title Author(s)
2019-11 Bio-orthogonal Supramolecular Latching inside Live Animals and Its Application for in Vivo Cancer Imaging Meng LiKim S.Lee A.Annadka ShrinidhiYoung Ho KoLim H.G.Kim H.H.Bae K.B.Kyeng Min ParkKimoon KimMeng LiAnnadka ShrinidhiYoung Ho KoLim H.G.Kyeng Min ParkKimoon Kim
2019-07 Cucurbit[7]uril-conjugated dyes as live cell imaging probes: Investigation on their cellular uptake and excretion pathways Meng LiLee A.Kim S.Annadka ShrinidhiKyeng Min ParkKimoon KimMeng LiAnnadka ShrinidhiKyeng Min ParkKimoon Kim
2018-03 Mono-allyloxylated Cucurbit[7]uril Acts as an Unconventional Amphiphile To Form Light-Responsive Vesicles Kyeng Min ParkKangkyun BaekYoung Ho KoAnnadka ShrinidhiJames MurrayJang, WHKim, KHLee, JSJejoong YooKim, SKimoon KimKyeng Min ParkKangkyun BaekYoung Ho KoAnnadka ShrinidhiJames MurrayJejoong YooKimoon Kim
2018-02 Autophagy Caught in the Act: A Supramolecular FRET Pair Based on an Ultrastable Synthetic Host-Guest Complex Visualizes Autophagosome-Lysosome Fusion Meng LiLee, AKyung Lock KimJames MurrayAnnadka ShrinidhiSung, GKyeng Min ParkKimoon KimMeng LiKyung Lock KimJames MurrayAnnadka ShrinidhiKyeng Min ParkKimoon Kim
2018-01 Dye-Cucurbit[n]uril complexes as sensor elements for reliable pattern recognition of biogenic polyamines Kyeng Min ParkKim J.Young Ho KoAhn Y.James MurrayMeng LiAnnadka ShrinidhiKimoon KimKyeng Min ParkYoung Ho KoJames MurrayMeng LiAnnadka ShrinidhiKimoon Kim
2018 Supramolecular hydrogels encapsulating bioengineered mesenchymal stem cells for ischemic therapy Hwang B.W.Kim Y.-E.Kim M.Han S.Bok S.Park K.M.Shrinidhi A.Kim K.S.Ahn G.-O.Hahn S.K.Park K.M.Shrinidhi A.
2017-02 Enrichment of Specifically Labeled Proteins by an Immobilized Host Molecule James MurraySim, JOh, KSung, GLee, AAnnadka ShrinidhiAyyavu ThirunarayananDinesh ShettyKimoon KimJames MurrayAnnadka ShrinidhiAyyavu ThirunarayananDinesh ShettyKimoon Kim