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Publication Date Title Author(s)
2019-07 Mouse BOLD fMRI at ultrahigh field detects somatosensory networks including thalamic nuclei Won Beom JungHyun-Ji ShimSeong-Gi KimSeong-Gi Kim
2019-07 A new ultrafast 3D gradient echo‐based imaging method using quadratic‐phase encoding Jae‐Kyun RyuSoHyun HanSe‐Hong OhJoonsung LeeSeong‐Gi KimJang‐Yeon ParkJae‐Kyun RyuSeong‐Gi Kim
2019-02 MRI techniques to measure arterial and venous cerebral blood volume Jun HuaPeiying LiuTae KimManus DonahueSwati RaneJean ChenQin QinSeong-Gi KimSeong-Gi Kim
2018-05 Chemical exchange-sensitive spin-lock MRI of glucose analog 3-O-methyl-D-glucose in normal and ischemic brain Tao JinHunter MehrensPing WangSeong-Gi KimSeong-Gi Kim
2018-04 Optogenetic investigation of the variable neurovascular coupling along the interhemispheric circuits Bistra lordanovaAlberto VazquezTakashi DY KozaiMitsuhiro FukudaSeong-Gi KimSeong-Gi Kim
2017-11 Label-free nanoscale optical metrology on myelinated axons in vivo Junhwan KwonMoonseok KimHyejin ParkBok-Man KangYongjae JoJae-Hwan KimOliver JamesSeok-Hyun YunSeong-Gi KimMinah SuhMyunghwan Choi
2017-08 Autism Spectrum Disorder Related Functional Connectivity Changes in the Language Network in Children, Adolescents and Adults Yubu LeeBo-yong ParkOliver JamesSeong-Gi KimHyunjin Park
2017-09 Chemical-exchange-sensitive MRI of amide, amine and NOE at 9.4T versus 15.2T Julius Juhyun ChungWonmin ChoiTao JinJung Hee LeeSeong‐Gi KimJulius Juhyun ChungSeong‐Gi Kim
2017-08 Enhancing sensitivity of pH-weighted MRI with combination of amide and guanidyl CEST Tao JinPing WangT. Kevin HitchensSeong-Gi KimSeong-Gi Kim
2017-06 Phase imaging with multiple phase-cycled balanced steady-state free precession at 9.4T Jae-Woong KimSeong-Gi KimSung-Hong ParkSeong-Gi Kim
2017-04 Unexpected global impact of VTA dopamine neuron activation as measured by opto-fMRI S LohaniAJ PoplawskyS-G KimB MoghaddamS-G Kim
2016-08 Non-invasive MRI Assessments of Tissue Microstructures and Macromolecules in the Eye upon Biomechanical or Biochemical Modulation Ho L.C.Sigal I.A.Jan N.-J.Yang X.Van Der Merwe Y.Yu Y.Chau Y.Leung C.K.Conner I.P.Jin T.Wu E.X.Seong-Gi KimWollstein G.Schuman J.S.Chan K.C.
2016-08 Retinal Structures and Visual Cortex Activity are Impaired Prior to Clinical Vision Loss in Glaucoma Matthew C. MurphyIan P. ConnerCindy Y. TengJesse D. LawrenceZaid SafiullahBo WangRichard A. BilonickSeong-Gi KimGadi WollsteinJoel S. SchumanKevin C. Chan
2016-06 A soft, transparent, freely accessible cranial window for chronic imaging and electrophysiology Chaejeong HeoHyejin ParkYong-Tae KimEunha BaegYong Ho KimSeong-Gi KimMinah Suh
2016-12 Glucose metabolism-weighted imaging with chemical exchange-sensitive MRI of 2-deoxyglucose (2DG) in brain: Sensitivity and biological sources Tao JinHunter MehrensPing WangSeong-Gi KimSeong-Gi Kim
2016-08 Improved spatial accuracy of functional maps in the rat olfactory bulb using supervised machine learning approach Matthew C. MurphyAlexander J. PoplawskyAlberto L. VazquezKevin C. ChanSeong-Gi KimMitsuhiro FukudaSeong-Gi Kim
2016-01 Top-down influence on the visual cortex of the blind during sensory substitution Matthew C. MurphyAmy C. NauChristopher FisherSeong-Gi KimJoel S. SchumanKevin C. ChanSeong-Gi Kim
2016 Submillimeter-resolution fMRI: Toward understanding local neural processing Fukuda, MPoplawsky, AJS.-G. KimS.-G. Kim
2015-11 Layer-specific fMRI responses to excitatory and inhibitory neuronal activities in the olfactory bulb Alexander John PoplawskyMitsuhiro FukudaMatthew MurphySeong-Gi Kim
2015-06 Neural and hemodynamic responses to optogenetic and sensory stimulation in the rat somatosensory cortex Iordanova B.Vazquez A.L.Poplawsky A.J.Fukuda M.Seong-Gi KimSeong-Gi Kim
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