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Publication Date Title Author(s)
2016-10 Stranski-Krastanov and Volmer-Weber CVD Growth Regimes To Control the Stacking Order in Bilayer Graphene Huy Q. TaDavid J. PerelloDinh Loc DuongGang Hee HanSandeep GorantlVan Luan NguyenAlicja BachmatiukSlava V. RotkinYoung Hee LeeMark H. RümmeliDavid J. PerelloYoung Hee LeeMark H. Rümmeli
2016-06 Electron-Driven Metal Oxide Effusion and Graphene Gasification at Room Temperature Ta H.Q.Bachmatiuk A.Warner J.H.Zhao L.Sun Y.Jiong ZhaoGemming T.Trzebicka B.Liu Z.Pribat D.Mark H. RümmeliJiong ZhaoMark H. Rümmeli
2015-11 Two-dimensional membrane as elastic shell with proof on the folds revealed by three-dimensional atomic mapping Jiong ZhaoDeng, Q.Thuc Hue LyGang Hee HanSandeep, G.Mark H. Rümmeli
2015-06 Silicon carbide-free graphene growth on silicon for lithium-ion battery with high volumetric energy densityHighly Cited Paper Son I.H.Park J.H.Kwon S.Park S.Mark H. RummeliAlicja BachmatiukSong H.J.Ku J.Choi J.W.Choi J.-M.Doo S.-G.Chang H.
2015-11 Observation of Electrochemically Driven Elemental Segregation in a Si Alloy Thin-Film Anode and its Effects on Cyclic Stability for Li-Ion Batteries Oh, MNa, SWoo, CSJeong, JHKim, SSAlicja BachmatiukMark Hermann RummeliHyun, SLee, HJAlicja BachmatiukMark Hermann Rummeli
2015-10 Chemical vapor deposition growth of large-scale hexagonal boron nitride with controllable orientation Song, XJGao, JFNie, YFGao, TSun, JYMa, DLLi, QCChen, YBJin, CHBachmatiuk, AMark H. RuemmeliDing, FZhang, YFLiu, ZFMark H. Ruemmeli
2015-09 Confirming the Dual Role of Etchants during the Enrichment of Semiconducting Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes by Chemical Vapor Deposition Ibrahim I.Kalbacova J.Engemaier V.Pang J.Rodriguez R.D.Grimm D.Gemming T.Zahn D.R.T.Schmidt O.G.Eckert J.Mark H. RummeliMark H. Rummeli
2015-09 Direct Chemical Vapor Deposition-Derived Graphene Glasses Targeting Wide Ranged Applications Sun J.Chen Y.Priydarshi M.K.Chen Z.Bachmatiuk A.Zou Z.Chen Z.Song X.Gao Y.Mark H. RummeliZhang Y.Liu Z.Mark H. Rummeli
2015-08 Vertical Graphene Growth from Amorphous Carbon Films Using Oxidizing Gases Bachmatiuk, ABoeckl, JSmith, HIbrahim, IGemming, TOswald, SKazmierczak, WMakarov, DSchmidt, OGEckert, JFu, LMark H. RummeliMark H. Rummeli
2015-06 Oxidation as a means to remove surface contaminants on Cu foil prior to graphene growth by chemical vapor deposition Pang J.Bachmatiuk A.Fu L.Yan C.Zeng M.Wang J.Trzebicka B.Gemming T.Eckert J.Mark H. RummeliMark H. Rummeli
2015-03 A size dependent evaluation of the cytotoxicity and uptake of nanographene oxide Mendes R.G.Koch B.Alicja BachmatiukMa X.Sanchez S.Damm C.Schmidt O.G.Gemming T.Eckert J.Mark H. RummeliAlicja BachmatiukMark H. Rummeli
2015 Direct synthesis of graphene from adsorbed organic solvent molecules over copper Pang J.Bachmatiuk A.Fu L.Mendes R.G.Libera M.Placha D.Martynkova G.S.Trzebicka B.Gemming T.Eckert J.Mark H. RummeliMark H. Rummeli
2014-02 Porous graphitic materials obtained from carbonization of organic xerogels doped with transition metal salts Kicinski, W.Bystrzejewski, M.Ruemmeli, M. H.Gemming, T.
2014-11 Direct in situ observations of single Fe atom catalytic processes and anomalous diffusion at graphene edges Jiong ZhaoDeng, QMAvdoshenko, SMFu, LEckert, JMark Hermann RummeliJiong ZhaoMark Hermann Rummeli
2014-11 Silicon carbide embedded in carbon nanofibres: structure and band gap determination Anja Bonatto MinellaDarius PohlChristine TäschnerRolf ErniRaghu UmmethalaMark H. RümmeliLudwig SchultzBernd RellinghausMark H. Rümmeli
2014-09 Chemical vapor deposition of twisted bilayer and few-layer MoSe2 over SiOx substrates Alicja BachmatiukAbelin R.F.Huy Ta QuangTrzebicka B.Eckert J.Mark Hermann RummeliAlicja BachmatiukMark Hermann Rummeli
2014-09 Dominantly epitaxial growth of graphene on Ni (1 1 1) substrate Fogarassy Z.Mark Hermann RummeliGorantla S.Alicja BachmatiukDobrik G.Kamaras K.Biro L.P.Havancsak K.Labar J.L.Mark Hermann RummeliAlicja Bachmatiuk
2014-09 CO2 Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition Growth of Few-Layer Graphene over NiOx Son, IHSong, HJKwon, SAlicja BachmatiukLee, SJBenayad, APark, JHChoi, JYChang, HMark Hermann RummeliAlicja BachmatiukMark Hermann Rummeli
2014-09 Graphene coatings for the mitigation of electron stimulated desorption and fullerene cap formation Alicja BachmatiukDianat A.Ortmann F.Huy Ta QuangMagdalena Ola CichockaGonzalez-Martinez I.Fu L.Rellinghaus B.Eckert J.Cuniberti G.Mark , Hermann RummeliAlicja BachmatiukMark , Hermann Rummeli
2014-08 High-yield photolytic generation of brominated single-walled carbon nanotubes and their application for gas sensing D. HinesMark Hermann RummeliD. AdebimpeD. L. AkinsMark Hermann Rummeli
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