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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-02Control over Electron-Phonon Interaction by Dirac Plasmon Engineering in the Bi2Se3 Topological InsulatorIn C.; Sang Wan Sim; Kim B., et al
2018-02Ultrafast transient photocarrier dynamics of the bulk-insulating topological insulator B i1.5 S b0.5 T e1.7 S e1.3Young Gwan Choi; Zhung C.J.; Park S.-H., et al
2018-02Spectroscopic, electronic and computational properties of a mixed tetrachalcogenafulvalene and its charge transfer complexWalwyn R.J.; Chan B.; Usov P.M., et al
2018-03Thickness driven spin reorientation transition of epitaxial LaCrO3 filmsJunho Park; Kim D.-H.; Lee D., et al
2018-03Highly efficient computer algorithm for identifying layer thickness of atomically thin 2D materialsJekwan Lee; Seungwan Cho; Soohyun Park, et al
2018-03Directly Assembled 3D Molybdenum Disulfide on Silicon Wafer for Efficient Photoelectrochemical Water ReductionDinsefa Mensur Andoshe; Gangtae Jin; Chang-Soo Lee, et al
2018-03Effect of chemical doping on heterostructured Fe-based superconductor Sr2VO3FeAsJong Mok Ok; Na S.W.; Jun Sung Kim
2018-04Importance of the van Hove singularity in superconducting PdTe2Kyoo Kim; Kim S.; J. S. Kim, et al
2018-04An Organic Mixed-Valence Ligand for Multistate Redox-Active Coordination NetworksHa, JY; Jin Young Koo; Ohtsu, H, et al
2018-05Highly reproducible alkali metal doping system for organic crystals through enhanced diffusion of alkali metal by secondary thermal activationJinho Lee; Park C.; Song I., et al
2018-05Determining the Facile Routes for Oxygen Evolution Reaction by in Situ Probing of Li-O2 Cells with Conformal Li2O2 FilmsMisun Hong; Chunzhen Yang; Raymond A. Wong, et al
2018-05Nematicity and magnetism in LaFeAsO single crystals probed by As 75 nuclear magnetic resonanceJ. M. Ok; Baek S.-H.; Efremov D.V., et al
2018-06Restructure science in South KoreaYeom H.W.
2018-07Magnetic interactions in PdCrO2 and their effects on its magnetic structureManh Duc Le; Seyyoung Jeon; Kolesnikov, AI, et al
2018-07Synthesis of a Scalable Two-Dimensional Covalent Organic Framework by the Photon-Assisted Imine Condensation Reaction on the Water SurfaceKim S.; Hyunseob Lim; Lee J., et al
2018-07Dual Nature of Magnetism in a Uranium Heavy-Fermion SystemJooseop Lee; Masaaki Matsuda; John A.Mydosh, et al
2018-07Large anomalous Hall current induced by topological nodal lines in a ferromagnetic van der Waals semimetalKyoo Kim; Junho Seo; Eunwoo Lee, et al
2018-08Crystallisation of organic molecules with a remarkably suppressed coffee-ring effect by a drop-drying process using binary solvent core-shell dropletsYoolim Ahn; Yohwan Park; Jin Young Koo, et al
2018-08Role of Spin Hall Effect in the Topological Side Surface ConductionJekwan Lee; Sangwan Sim; Soohyun Park, et al
2018-09Writing monolithic integrated circuits on a two-dimensional semiconductor with a scanning light probeSeung-Young Seo; Jaehyun Park; Jewook Park, et al
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