Journal Papers (저널논문)99

Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-01Self-recognition sensitizes mouse and human regulatory T Cells to low-dose CD28 superagonist stimulationLangenhorst D.; Tabares P.; Gulde T., et al
2017-06Functional and Homeostatic impact of Age-Related Changes in Lymph node StromaHeather L. Thompson; Megan J. Smithey; Charles D. Surh, et al
2016-12Modulation of gut microbiota and delayed immunosenescence as a result of syringaresinol consumption in middle-aged miceSi-Young Cho; Juewon Kim; Ji Hae Lee, et al
2016-06Moxifloxacin: Clinically compatible contrast agent for multiphoton imagingWang T.; Jang W.H.; Lee S., et al
2015-11Adipose tissue macrophages induce PPARγ-high FOXP3+ regulatory T cellsOnodera, T; Fukuhara, A; Myoung Ho Jang, et al
2015-04TAGLN2 regulates T cell activation by stabilizing the actin cytoskeleton at the immunological synapseNa BR; Kim HR; Piragyte I, et al
2015-11TLR9 regulates adipose tissue inflammation and obesity-related metabolic disordersChun-Pyo Hong; Chang Ho Yun; Lee GW, et al
2015-10Salmonella typhimurium Suppresses Tumor Growth via the Pro-Infammatory Cytokine Interleukin-1 betaJung-Eun Kim; TX Phan; VH Nguyen, et al
2015-09Glucocorticoid-induced tumor necrosis factor receptor-related protein co-stimulation facilitates tumor regression by inducing IL-9-producing helper T cellsKim I.-K.; Kim B.-S.; Koh C.-H., et al
2014-02Transcriptional regulator CTR9 inhibits Th17 differentiation via repression of IL-17 expressionYoo HS; Choi Y; Ahn N, et al
2016-05Harnessing the IL-7/IL-7R alpha axis to improve tumor immunotherapyJohnson, C. Bryce; Wrangle, John; Mehrotra, Shikhar, et al
2016-11CD45-mediated control of TCR tuning in naive and memory CD8(+) T cellsJae-Ho Cho; Hee-Ok Kim; Young-Jun Ju, et al
2016-11A CURIous Case of Molecular KidnappingDipayan Rudra; Warner J.R.
2016-09Affinity for self antigen selects Treg cells with distinct functional properties.Wyss L; Stadinski BD; King CG, et al
2016-07Human antibody reactivity against xenogeneic N-glycolylneuraminic acid and galactose-α-1,3-galactose antigen.Hurh S; Kang B; Choi I, et al
2016-08The aged lymphoid tissue environment fails to support naive T cell homeostasisBecklund B.R.; Purton J.F.; Ramsey C., et al
2016-01Transcription factor NFAT1 controls allergic contact hypersensitivity through regulation of activation induced cell death programHK Kwon; Gi-Cheon Kim; Ji Sun Hwang, et al
2018-03Locus-Specific Reversible DNA Methylation Regulates Transient IL-10 Expression in Th1 CellsWon Hwang; Choong-Gu Lee; Changhon Lee, et al
2017-12Lineage differentiation program of invariant natural killer T cellsDong-il Kwon; You Jeong Lee
2017-06Gut-specific Delivery of T-helper 17 Cells Reduces Obesity and Insulin Resistance in MiceChun-Pyo Hong; Park, Areum; Yang, Bo-Gie, et al
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