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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-06Jahn-Teller distortion driven magnetic polarons in magnetiteH.Y. Huang; Z.Y. Chen; R.-P. Wang, et al
2017-05Janus Graphene Oxide Sponges for High-Purity Fast Separation of Both Water-in-Oil and Oil-in-Water EmulsionsJongju Yun; Fakhre Alam Khan; Seunghyun Baik
2017-07Janus Particle Synthesis, Assembly, and ApplicationJie Zhang; Bartosz A. Grzybowski; Steve Granick
2020-01Joint-connectivity-based sparse canonical correlation analysis of imaging genetics for detecting biomarkers of Parkinson’s diseaseMansu Kim; Ji Hye Won; Jinyoung Youn, et al
2017-03Junction-Structure-Dependent Schottky Barrier Inhomogeneity and Device Ideality of Monolayer MoS2 Field-Effect TransistorsByoung Hee Moon; Gang Hee Han; Hyun Kim, et al
2019-12k-Space deep learning for reference-free EPI ghost correctionJuyoung Lee; Yoseob Han; Jae-Kyun Ryu, et al
2018-12K-stability of smooth del Pezzo surfacesJihun Park; Joonyeong Won
2016-03Kepler’s Laws and Conic SectionsAlexander Givental
2019-12Kibble–Zurek universality in a strongly interacting Fermi superfluidBumsuk Ko; Jee Woo Park; Y. Shin
2019-07Kinetic modulation of graphene growth by fluorine through spatially confined decomposition of metal fluoridesLiu C.; Xu X.; Qiu L., et al
2017-09Kinetic Monte Carlo approach to nonequilibrium bosonic systemsLiew T.C.H.; Flayac H.; Poletti D., et al
2019-03Kinetics of Graphene and 2D Materials GrowthJichen Dong; Leining Zhang; Feng Ding
2017-09Kinetics of the E46Q mutant of photoactive yellow protein investigated by transient grating spectroscopyCheolhee Yang; Tae Wu Kim; Youngmin Kim, et al
2017-11KK graviton resonance and cascade decays in warped gravityBarry M. Dillon; Chengcheng Han; Hyun Min Lee, et al
2017-11KLK5 induces shedding of DPP4 from circulatory Th17 cells in type 2 diabetesTitli Nargis; Krishna Kumar; Amrit Raj Ghosh, et al
2014-04Knitted Fabrics Made from Highly Conductive Stretchable FibersRujun Ma; Jiyong Lee; Choi, D, et al
2015-03Knockdown of phospholipase C-β1 in the medial prefrontal cortex of male mice impairs working memory among multiple schizophrenia endophenotypesSeong-Wook Kim; Minsun Seo; Duk-Soo Kim, et al
2016-11Knockout of the ribonuclease inhibitor gene leaves human cells vulnerable to secretory ribonucleasesSydney P. Thomas; Eunji Kim; Jin-Soo Kim, et al
2019-12Kondo effect in a Aharonov-Casher interferometerA. V. Parafilo; L. Y. Gorelik; M. N. Kiselev, et al
2019-02Korea Brain Initiative: Emerging Issues and Institutionalization of NeuroethicsJeong, SJ; Lee, IY; Jun, BO, et al