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Heinrich, Andreas

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Publication Date Title Author(s)
2019-10 Coherent spin manipulation of individual atoms on a surface Kai YangWilliam PaulSoo-Hyon PharkPhilip WillkeYujeong BaeTaeyoung ChoiTaner EsatArzhang ArdavanAndreas J. HeinrichChristopher P. LutzSoo-Hyon PharkAndreas J. Heinrich
2019-10 Magnetic resonance imaging of single atoms on a surface Philip WillkeYang K.Yujeong BaeAndreas J. HeinrichLutz C.P.Philip WillkeAndreas J. Heinrich
2018-12 Electrically controlled nuclear polarization of individual atoms Kai YangPhilip WillkeYujeong BaeAlejandro FerrónJose L. LadoArzhang ArdavanJoaquín Fernández-RossierAndreas J. HeinrichChristopher P. LutzPhilip WillkeAndreas J. Heinrich
2018-10 Hyperfine interaction of individual atoms on a surface Philip WillkeYujeong BaeKai YangJose L. LadoAlejandro FerrónTaeyoung ChoiArzhang ArdavanJoaquín Fernández-RossierAndreas J. HeinrichChristopher P. LutzPhilip WillkeAndreas J. Heinrich
2018-02 Probing quantum coherence in single-atom electron spin resonance Philip WillkeWilliam PaulFabian D. NattererKai YangYujeong BaeTaeyoung ChoiJoaquin Fernández-RossierAndreas J. HeinrichChristoper P. LutzPhilip WillkeAndreas J. Heinrich
2017-11 Switching Magnetism and Superconductivity with Spin-Polarized Current in Iron-Based Superconductor Seokhwan ChoiHyoung Joon ChoiJong Mok OkYeonghoon LeeWon-Jun JangAlex Taekyung LeeYoung KukSungBin LeeAndreas J. HeinrichSang-Wook CheongYunkyu BangSteven JohnstonJun Sung KimJihnhwan LeeJong Mok OkWon-Jun JangAndreas J. HeinrichJun Sung Kim
2017-11 Studies of magnetic dipolar interaction between individual atoms using ESR-STM Taeyoung ChoiChristopher P. LutzAndreas J. HeinrichTaeyoung ChoiAndreas J. Heinrich
2017-05 Atomic-scale sensing of the magnetic dipolar field from single atoms. Taeyoung ChoiWilliam PaulSteffen Rolf-PissarczykAndrew J. MacdonaldFabian D. NattererKai YangPhilip WillkeChristopher P. LutzAndreas, HeinrichTaeyoung ChoiAndreas, Heinrich
2017-03 Reading and writing single-atom magnetsHighly Cited Paper Fabian D. NattererKai YangWilliam PaulPhilip WillkeTaeyoung ChoiThomas GreberAndreas J. HeinrichChristopher P. LutzAndreas J. Heinrich