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Publication Date Title Author(s)
2019-11 Atomic and electronic structures of graphene-decorated graphitic carbon nitride (g-C3N4) as a metal-free photocatalyst under visible-light Jeong T.Huiyan PiaoPark S.Jae-Hun YangGoeun ChoiWu Q.Kang H.Woo H.J.Jung S.J.Kim H.Bong Gyu ShinYoungkuk KimHwang E.H.Choy J.-H.Young Jae SongBong Gyu ShinYoungkuk Kim
2019-11 Tuning Single-Atom Electron Spin Resonance in a Vector Magnetic Field Philip WillkeAparajita SinghaXue ZhangTaner EsatLutz C.P.Andreas J. HeinrichTaeyoung ChoiPhilip WillkeAndreas J. Heinrich
2019-11 Selective resolution of phonon modes in STM-IETS on clean and oxygen-adsorbed Cu(100) surfaces Lee MinjunOh MyungchulJeon HoyeonYi SunwoukZoh InhaeZhang ChaoChae JungseokKuk YoungChae Jungseok
2019-11 Understanding the Superior Stability of Single-Molecule Magnets on an Oxide Film Michał StudniarekChristian WäckerlinAparajita SinghaRomana BalticKatharina DillerFabio DonatiStefano RusponiHarald BruneYanhua LanSvetlana KlyatskayaMario RubenAri Paavo SeitsonenJan DreiserAparajita Singha
2019-11 Donor−Acceptor Distance-Dependent Charge Transfer Dynamics Controlled by Metamaterial Structures Kwang Jin LeeYiming XiaoEun Sun KimFabrice MathevetLoic MagerOlivier CregutFrédéric FagesJean-Charles RibierreJeong Weon WuAnthony D’AléoEun Sun Kim
2019-11 Donor-Acceptor Distance-Dependent Charge Transfer Dynamics Controlled by Metamaterial Structures Lee, KJXiao, YMEun Sun KimMathevet, FMager, LCregut, OFages, FRibierre, JCJeong Weon WuAnthony D’AléoEun Sun Kim
2019-10 Magnetic properties of on-surface synthesized single-ion molecular magnets Diller K.Aparajita SinghaPivetta M.Wackerlin C.Hellwig R.Verdini A.Cossaro A.Floreano L.Velez-Fort E.Dreiser J.Rusponi S.Brune H.Aparajita Singha
2019-10 Single-Electron Lanthanide-Lanthanide Bonds Inside Fullerenes toward Robust Redox-Active Molecular Magnets Liu F.Spree L.Krylov D.S.Velkos G.Avdoshenko S.M.Popov A.A.Krylov D.S.
2019-10 Coherent spin manipulation of individual atoms on a surface Kai YangWilliam PaulSoo-Hyon PharkPhilip WillkeYujeong BaeTaeyoung ChoiTaner EsatArzhang ArdavanAndreas J. HeinrichChristopher P. LutzSoo-Hyon PharkAndreas J. Heinrich
2019-10 Magnetic resonance imaging of single atoms on a surface Philip WillkeYang K.Yujeong BaeAndreas J. HeinrichLutz C.P.Philip WillkeAndreas J. Heinrich
2019-09 On-surface Photochemistry of Pre-ordered 1-Methyl-2-phenyl-acetylenes: C-H Bond Activation and Intermolecular Coupling on Highly Oriented Pyrolytic Graphite Luciano ColazzoSambi, MSedona, FCasarin, MLuciano Colazzo
2019-09 Controlling the stereospecific bonding motif of Au-thiolate links Colazzo, LMohammed, MSGGallardo, AAbd El-Fattah, ZMPomposo, JAJelinek, Pde Oteyza, DGColazzo, L
2019-07 Organic Monolithic Natural Hyperbolic Material Lee Y.U.Gaudin O.P.M.Lee K.Eunyoung ChoiPlacide V.Takaishi K.Muto T.Andre P.Muranaka A.Uchiyama M.Mathevet F.Aoyama T.JeongWeon WuAnthony D’AléoRibierre J.-C.Eunyoung Choi
2019-07 Superstructures of Se adsorbates on Au(111): Scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy study Lee M.Kang S.Oh M.Jungseok ChaeYu J.Young KukJungseok Chae
2019-07 Studies of single atom magnets via scanning tunneling microscopy Taeyoung ChoiTaeyoung Choi
2019-07 Large effect of metal substrate on magnetic anisotropy of Co on hexagonal boron nitride Gallardo, IArnau, ADelgado, FBaltic, RAparajita SinghaFabio DonatiWackerlin, CDreiser, JRusponi, SBrune, HAparajita Singha
2019-07 Cotunneling mechanism for all-electrical electron spin resonance of single adsorbed atoms Galvez, JRC. WolfDelgado, FLorente, NC. Wolf
2019-06 Tuning the Exchange Bias on a Single Atom from 1 mT to 10 T Yang K.Paul W.Natterer F.D.Lado J.L.Yujeong BaeWillke P.Taeyoung ChoiFerron A.Fernandez-Rossier J.Heinrich A.J.Lutz C.P.Yujeong BaeHeinrich A.J.
2019-06 Single-Crystalline Monolayer Graphene Wafer on Dielectric Substrate of SiON without Metal Catalysts Bong Gyu ShinDae Hwan BooBumsub SongSunam JeonMinwoo KimSangwoo ParkEun Soo AnJun Sung KimYoung Jae SongYoung Hee LeeBong Gyu ShinBumsub SongYoung Hee Lee
2019-06 Dithia[3.3]paracyclophane Core: A Versatile Platform for Triplet State Fine-Tuning and Through-Space TADF Emission Auffray M.Kim D.H.Kim J.U.Bencheikh F.Kreher D.Zhang Q.Anthony D’AleoRibierre J.-C.Mathevet F.Adachi C.Anthony D’Aleo
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