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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-04H+-Assisted fluorescent differentiation of Cu+ and Cu2+: Effect of Al3+-induced acidity on chemical sensing and generation of two novel and independent logic gating pathwaysHa Y.; Murale D.P.; Yun C., et al
2017-06Hairs of discrete symmetries and gravityKang Sin Choi; Jihn E. Kim; Bumseok Kyae, et al
2018-08Half-metallic ferromagnetism and metal–insulator transition in Sn-doped SrRuO3 perovskite oxidesNamwook Kim; Rokyeon Kim; Jaejun Yu
2014-12Hall conductivity in the normal and superconducting phases of the Rashba system with Zeeman fieldSuk Bum Chung; Rahul Roy
2017-09Hamiltonian C-0-continuity of Lagrangian capacity on the cotangent bundleOh, YG
2016-07Hamiltonian circle action with self-indexing moment mapYunhyung Cho; Kim M.K.
2019-09Hard ferromagnetic van-der-Waals metal (Fe,Co)3GeTe2: A new platform for the study of low-dimensional magnetic quantum criticalityInho Hwang; Matthew J Coak; Nahyun Lee, et al
2016-11Hard Lefschetz property of symplectic structures on compact Kähler manifoldsYunhyung Cho
2019-09Harnessing Secondary Coordination Sphere Interactions That Enable the Selective Amidation of Benzylic C-H BondsHoimin Jung; Malte Schrader; Dongwook Kim, et al
2016-05Harnessing the IL-7/IL-7R alpha axis to improve tumor immunotherapyJohnson, C. Bryce; Wrangle, John; Mehrotra, Shikhar, et al
2019-07Haze-free transparent electrodes using metal nanofibers with carbon shells for high-temperature stabilitySangyoon Ji; Jihun Park; Yejin Jo, et al
2016-04Heat and Light Measurement of a (CaMoO4)-Ca-40-Mo-100 Crystal for the AMoRE Double Beta Decay ExperimentKim, GB; Choi, JH; Jo, HS, et al
2017-08Heat transport study of the spin liquid candidate 1T-TaS2Y. J. Yu; Y. Xu; Lanpo He, et al
2018-07heating of strongly interacting massive particlesAyuki Kamada; Hee Jung Kim; Hyungjin Kim
2013-09Heck and Sonogashira cross-coupling reactions using recyclable Pd-Fe3O4 heterodimeric nanocrystal catalystsJooyoung Chung; Kim, J; Jang, Y, et al
2019-10Height determination of single-layer graphene on mica at controlled humidity using atomic force microscopyLee H.; Jeong Young Park
2019-06Helical transport in coupled resonator waveguidesJungYun Han; Clemens Gneiting; Leykam, D
2015-07Hematopoietic Signaling Mechanism Revealed from a Stem/Progenitor Cell CistromeKyle J. Hewitt; Duk Hyoung Kim; Prithvia Devadas, et al
2014-08Hepatitis C Virus Entry Is Impaired by Claudin-1 Downregulation in Diacylglycerol Acyltransferase-1-Deficient CellsPil Soo Sung; Asako Murayama; Wonseok Kang, et al
2018-01Herbivore-induced volatile blends with both "fast" and "slow" components provide robust indirect defence in natureJoo, Y; Schuman, MC; Goldberg, JK, et al