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Publication Date Title Author(s)
2019-12 Effective approximation of electromagnetism for axion haloscope searches Younggeun KimDongok KimJunu JeongJinsu KimYun Chang ShinYannis K. SemertzidisYounggeun KimYun Chang ShinYannis K. Semertzidis
2019-04 Axionlike dark matter search using the storage ring EDM method Seung Pyo ChangSelcuk HaciomerogluOn KimSoohyung LeeSeongtae ParkYannis K. SemertzidisSelcuk HaciomerogluOn KimSoohyung LeeSeongtae ParkYannis K. Semertzidis
2018-09 Theory of flavors: String compactification Jhin E KimJhin E Kim
2018-08 "Invisible" QCD axion rolling through the QCD phase transition Jihn E. KimSe-Jin KimJihn E. Kim
2018-04 Light WIMP Searches Involving Electron Scattering J. D. VergadosCh. C. MoustakidisYeuk-Kwan E. CheungH. EjiriYeongduk KimJeong Yeon LeeJ. D. VergadosYeongduk KimJeong Yeon Lee
2017-12 Dark Energy, QCD Axion, and Trans-Planckian-Inflaton Decay Constant Jihn E. KimJihn E. Kim
2017-10 Magnetoresistance in copper at high frequency and high magnetic fields Saebyeok AhnSung Woo YounJaeun YooDong Lak KimJunu JeongMyung Kyu AhnJunsung KimD. LeeJin Hong LeeTea Gyeong SeongYannis K. SemertzidisSung Woo YounJaeun YooYannis K. Semertzidis
2016-09 Leptogenesis with high-scale electroweak symmetry breaking and an extended Higgs sector Laura CoviJihn E. KimBumseok KyaeSoonkeon NamJihn E. Kim
2016-01 An ultralight pseudoscalar boson Jihn E. KimDavid J. E. MarshJihn E. Kim
2015-06 Towards unity of families: anti-SU(7) from Z(12-I) orbifold compactification Jihn E. KimJihn E. Kim