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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-08Ethanol-based synthesis of hierarchically porous carbon using nanocrystalline beta zeolite template for high-rate electrical double layer capacitorKyoungsoo Kim; Choi, Minkee; Ryong Ryoo
2013-08High-throughput instant quantification of protein expression and purity based on photoactive yellow protein turn off/on labelYoung Min Kim; Prabhakar Ganesan; Hyot Cherl Ihee
2013-08Poly(norepinephrine): Ultrasmooth Material-Independent Surface Chemistry and Nanodepot for Nitric OxideSeonki Hong; Jihoon Kim; Yun Suk Na, et al
2013-08Photothermally Triggered Cytosolic Drug Delivery via Endosome Disruption Using a Functionalized Reduced Graphene OxideHighly Cited PaperHyunwoo Kim; Duhwan Lee; Jinhwan Kim, et al
2013-08Dy(III) Single-Ion Magnet Showing Extreme Sensitivity to (De)hydrationRen, Min; Pinkowicz, Dawid; Minyoung Yoon, et al
2013-08Simple method for simulating the mixture of atomistic and coarse-grained molecular systemsPandian Sokkar; Sun Mi Choi; Young Min Rhee
2013-09Wide band gap characteristic of quaternary and flexible Mg and Ga co-doped ZnO transparent conductive thin filmsSeung Wook Shin; In Young Kim; Ki Seok Jeon, et al
2013-09The geometric algebra of Fierz identities in arbitrary dimensions and signaturesC.I. Lazaroiu; E.M. Babalic; I.A. Coman
2013-09The RNA-binding protein repertoire of embryonic stem cellsHighly Cited PaperS. Chul Kwon; Hyerim Yi; Eichelbaum, Katrin, et al
2013-09A New High-Energy Cathode for a Na-Ion Battery with Ultrahigh StabilityHighly Cited PaperYoung-Uk Park; Dong-Hwa Seo; Hyung-Soon Kwon, et al
2013-09Transfection and intracellular trafficking properties of carbon dot-gold nanoparticle molecular assembly conjugated with PEI-pDNAJinhwan Kim; Juhee Park; Hyunwoo Kim, et al
2013-09A chemically activated graphene-encapsulated LiFePO4 composite for high-performance lithium ion batteriesHa J.H; Park S.K.; Seung-Ho Yu, et al
2013-09High-resolution transmission electron microscopy study of twinned ZnS nanoparticlesH.B. Ahn; J.Y. Lee
2013-09ZnO-ZnS porous films by sulfidation of three-dimensional ZnO porous templates: Evolution of inward growth during sulfidation processAhn H.B.; Jeong Yong Lee
2013-09Effects of a low-temperature sulfidation process on the microstructural properties of ZnO nanowires: ZnS formation and nanoscale Kirkendall effectAhn H.B.; Lee J.Y.
2013-09Correlation between Functionality Preference of Ru Carbenes and exo/endo Product Selectivity for Clarifying the Mechanism of Ring-closing Enyne MetathesisLee, Ok Suk; Kyung Hwan Kim; Kim, Jinwoo, et al
2013-09Novel reversible Zn2+-assisted biological phosphate "turn-on" probing through stable aryl-hydrazone salicylaldimine conjugation that attenuates ligand hydrolysisTsay O.G.; Sudesh T. Manjare; Kim H., et al
2013-09Size-dependent nanographene oxide as a platform for efficient carboplatin releaseMakharza, Sami; Cirillo, Giuseppe; Alicja Bachmatiuk, et al
2013-09Cu–Bi–Se-based pavonite homologue: a promising thermoelectric material with low lattice thermal conductivityJung Young Cho; Hyeona Mun; Byungki Ryu, et al
2013-09Effects of carbon nanotubes on electro-optic characteristics in vertically aligned liquid crystal displayYoung Jin Lim; Surjya Sarathi; Weiwei Tie, et al
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