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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-10Differential evolution algorithm approach for describing vibrational solvatochromismKijeong Kwac; Minhaeng Cho
2018-02Effect of Osmolytes on the Conformational Behavior of a Macromolecule in a Cytoplasm-like Crowded Environment: A Femtosecond Mid-IR Pump–Probe Spectroscopy StudyAchintya Kundu; Pramod Kumar Verma; Minhaeng Cho
2018-09Frequency comb single-photon interferometrySun Kyung Lee; Noh Soo Han; Tai Hyun Yoon, et al
2018-10Interferometric Measurement of Transient Absorption and Refraction Spectra with Dual Frequency CombJunWoo Kim; Tai Hyun Yoon; Minhaeng Cho
2018-03Interferometric Scattering Microscopy with Polarization-Selective Dual Detection Scheme: Capturing the Orientational Information of Anisotropic Nanometric ObjectsIl-Buem Lee; Hyeon-Min Moon; Jong-Hyeon Joo, et al
2018-05Quantum optical measurement with tripartite entangled photons generated by triple parametric down-conversionMinhaeng Cho
2018-07Selective suppression of CARS signal with three-beam competing stimulated Raman scattering processesDae Sik Choi; B. Jayachander Rao; Doyeon Kim, et al
2018-12Selective suppression of CARS signal with two competing stimulated Raman scattering processesB. Jayachander Rao; Dae Sik Choi; Minhaeng Cho
2019-12Simultaneous enhancement of transition dipole strength and vibrational lifetime of an alkyne IR probe via π-d backbonding and vibrational decouplingDorota Kossowska; Lee, Giseong; Han, Hogyu, et al
2018-04Spectral modulation of stimulated Raman scattering signal: Beyond weak Raman pump limitSohee Lim; Bonghwan Chon; Hanju Rhee, et al
2019-11Theory of three-pulse photon echo spectroscopy with dual frequency combsJonggu Jeon; JunWoo Kim; Tai Hyun Yoon, et al
2019-12Two-dimensional infrared spectroscopic study of cytochrome c peroxidase activity in deep eutectic solventKoji Osawa; Dorota Kossowska; Kwanghee Park, et al
2019-08Two-Dimensional Infrared Spectroscopy and Molecular Dynamics Simulation Studies of Nonaqueous Lithium Ion Battery ElectrolytesJoonhyung Lim; Lee, Kyung-Koo; Liang, Chungwen, et al
2019-12Ultrafast Chemical Exchange Dynamics of Hydrogen Bonds Observed via Isonitrile Infrared Sensors: Implications for Biomolecular StudiesKubel, Joachim; Lee, Giseong; Ooi, Saik Ann, et al
2020-01Vibrational Lifetime of the SCN Protein Label in H2O and D2O Reports Site-Specific Solvation and Structure Changes during PYP's PhotocycleSchmidt-Engler Julian M.; Blankenburg, Larissa; Blasiak Bartosz, et al
2019-09Water hydrogen-bonding structure and dynamics near lipid multibilayer surface: Molecular dynamics simulation study with direct experimental comparisonEuihyun Lee; Achintya Kundu; Jonggu Jeon, et al