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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-124f occupancy and magnetism of rare-earth atoms adsorbed on metal substratesAparajita Singha; Romana Baltic; Fabio Donati, et al
2019-11Atomic and electronic structures of graphene-decorated graphitic carbon nitride (g-C3N4) as a metal-free photocatalyst under visible-lightJeong T.; Huiyan Piao; Park S., et al
2017-10Atomic structure governed diversity of exchange-driven spin helices in Fe nanoislands: Experiment and theoryJeison A. Fischer; Leonid M. Sandratskii; Soo-hyon Phark, et al
2017-05Atomic-scale sensing of the magnetic dipolar field from single atoms.Taeyoung Choi; William Paul; Steffen Rolf-Pissarczyk, et al
2019-10Coherent spin manipulation of individual atoms on a surfaceKai Yang; William Paul; Soo-Hyon Phark, et al
2019-09Controlling the stereospecific bonding motif of Au-thiolate linksColazzo, L; Mohammed, MSG; Gallardo, A, et al
2019-07Cotunneling mechanism for all-electrical electron spin resonance of single adsorbed atomsGalvez, JR; C. Wolf; Delgado, F, et al
2017-10Defect passivation of transition metal dichalcogenides via a charge transfer van der Waals interfaceJun Hong Park; Atresh Sanne; Yuzheng Guo, et al
2019-04Dimensionality Control of Self-Assembled Azobenzene Derivatives on a Gold SurfaceKim H.W.; Jung J.; Han M., et al
2019-06Dithia[3.3]paracyclophane Core: A Versatile Platform for Triplet State Fine-Tuning and Through-Space TADF EmissionAuffray M.; Kim D.H.; Kim J.U., et al
2019-11Donor-Acceptor Distance-Dependent Charge Transfer Dynamics Controlled by Metamaterial StructuresLee, KJ; Xiao, YM; Eun Sun Kim, et al
2017-12Donor-sigma-Acceptor Motifs: Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence Emitters with Dual UpconversionYan Geng; Anthony D'Aleo; Ko Inada, et al
2019-11Donor−Acceptor Distance-Dependent Charge Transfer Dynamics Controlled by Metamaterial StructuresKwang Jin Lee; Yiming Xiao; Eun Sun Kim, et al
2018-12Electrically controlled nuclear polarization of individual atomsKai Yang; Philip Willke; Yujeong Bae, et al
2018-04Excited Spin-State Trapping in Spin Crossover Complexes on Ferroelectric SubstratesChristian Wackerlin; Fabio Donati; Aparajita Singha, et al
2018-10Gate-tunable graphene-organic interface barrier for vertical transistor and logic inverterSubir Parui; Mario Ribeiro; Ainhoa Atxabal, et al
2019-04High Blocking Temperature of Magnetization and Giant Coercivity in the Azafullerene Tb 2 @C 79 N with a Single-Electron Terbium–Terbium BondVelkos G.; Krylov D.S.; Kirkpatrick K., et al
2018-02High-efficiency electroluminescence and amplified spontaneous emission from a thermally activated delayed fluorescent near-infrared emitterHighly Cited PaperDae-Hyeon Kim; Anthony D’Aléo; Xian-Kai Chen, et al
2018-10Hyperfine interaction of individual atoms on a surfacePhilip Willke; Yujeong Bae; Kai Yang, et al
2018-09Interface morphology effect on the spin mixing conductance of Pt/Fe3O4 bilayersThi Kim Hang Pham; Mário Ribeiro; Jun Hong Park, et al
2019-07Large effect of metal substrate on magnetic anisotropy of Co on hexagonal boron nitrideGallardo, I; Arnau, A; Delgado, F, et al
2019-01Low interface trap density in scaled bilayer gate oxides on 2D materials via nanofog low temperature atomic layer depositionIljo Kwak; Mahmut Kavrik; Jun Hong Park, et al
2019-10Magnetic properties of on-surface synthesized single-ion molecular magnetsDiller K.; Aparajita Singha; Pivetta M., et al
2018-07Magnetic properties of single rare-earth atoms on graphene/Ir(111)Romana Baltic; Fabio Donati; Aparajita Singha, et al
2019-10Magnetic resonance imaging of single atoms on a surfacePhilip Willke; Yang K.; Yujeong Bae, et al
2018-10Near-Infrared Electroluminescence and Low Threshold Amplified Spontaneous Emission above 800 nm from a Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescent EmitterYe, H; Dae Hyeon Kim; Chen, XK, et al
2019-09On-surface Photochemistry of Pre-ordered 1-Methyl-2-phenyl-acetylenes: C-H Bond Activation and Intermolecular Coupling on Highly Oriented Pyrolytic GraphiteLuciano Colazzo; Sambi, M; Sedona, F, et al
2019-07Organic Monolithic Natural Hyperbolic MaterialLee Y.U.; Gaudin O.P.M.; Lee K., et al
2018-02Probing quantum coherence in single-atom electron spin resonancePhilip Willke; William Paul; Fabian D. Natterer, et al
2019-11Selective resolution of phonon modes in STM-IETS on clean and oxygen-adsorbed Cu(100) surfacesLee Minjun; Oh Myungchul; Jeon Hoyeon, et al
2019-06Single-Crystalline Monolayer Graphene Wafer on Dielectric Substrate of SiON without Metal CatalystsBong Gyu Shin; Dae Hwan Boo; Bumsub Song, et al
2019-10Single-Electron Lanthanide-Lanthanide Bonds Inside Fullerenes toward Robust Redox-Active Molecular MagnetsLiu F.; Spree L.; Krylov D.S., et al
2018-12Spin Excitations in a 4f−3d Heterodimer on MgOA. Singha; F. Donati; F. D. Natterer, et al
2017-12Spin-polarized scanning tunneling microscopy with quantitative insights into magnetic probesSoo-hyon Phark; Dirk Sander
2017-11Studies of magnetic dipolar interaction between individual atoms using ESR-STMTaeyoung Choi; Christopher P. Lutz; Andreas J. Heinrich
2019-07Studies of single atom magnets via scanning tunneling microscopyTaeyoung Choi
2019-07Superstructures of Se adsorbates on Au(111): Scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy studyLee M.; Kang S.; Oh M., et al
2018-08Surface reconstruction and charge modulation in BaFe2As2 superconducting filmKim S.; Yi S.; Oh M., et al
2019-11Tuning Single-Atom Electron Spin Resonance in a Vector Magnetic FieldPhilip Willke; Aparajita Singha; Xue Zhang, et al
2019-06Tuning the Exchange Bias on a Single Atom from 1 mT to 10 TYang K.; Paul W.; Natterer F.D., et al
2019-11Understanding the Superior Stability of Single-Molecule Magnets on an Oxide FilmMichał Studniarek; Christian Wäckerlin; Aparajita Singha, et al