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Wang, Bin

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Publication Date Title Author(s)
2020-04 Large-area single-crystal AB-bilayer and ABA-trilayer graphene grown on a Cu/Ni(111) foil Ming HuangPavel V. BakharevWang, ZJMandakini BiswalYang, ZSunghwan JinBin WangHyo Ju ParkYunqing LiQu, DSYoungwoo KwonXianjue ChenSun Hwa LeeWillinger, MGYoo, WJZonghoon LeeRodney S. RuoffMing HuangPavel V. BakharevMandakini BiswalSunghwan JinBin WangHyo Ju ParkYunqing LiYoungwoo KwonXianjue ChenSun Hwa LeeZonghoon LeeRodney S. Ruoff
2019-04 Structure-directing effect of single crystal graphene film on polymer carbonization and graphitization Benjamin V. CunningBin WangTae Joo ShinRodney S. RuoffBenjamin V. CunningBin WangRodney S. Ruoff
2019-03 Efficient Metal-Free Electrocatalysts from N-Doped Carbon Nanomaterials: Mono-Doping and Co-Doping Kun GaoBin WangLi TaoBenjamin V. CunningZhipan ZhangShuangyin WangRodney S. RuoffLiangti QuBin WangBenjamin V. CunningRodney S. Ruoff
2017-08 Porous Two-Dimensional Monolayer Metal-Organic Framework Material and Its Use for the Size-Selective Separation of Nanoparticles Yi JiangGyeong Hee RyuSe Hun JooXiong ChenSun Hwa LeeXianjue ChenMing HuangXiaozhong WuDa LuoYuan HuangJeong Hyeon LeeBin WangXu ZhangSang Kyu KwakZonghoon LeeRodney S. RuoffYi JiangGyeong Hee RyuXiong ChenSun Hwa LeeXianjue ChenXiaozhong WuDa LuoYuan HuangBin WangXu ZhangZonghoon LeeRodney S. Ruoff
2017-02 Controlled Folding of Single Crystal Graphene Bin WangMing HuangNa Yeon KimBenjamin V. CunningYuan HuangDeshun QuXianjue ChenSunghwan JinMandakini BiswalXu ZhangSun Hwa LeeHyunseob LimWon Jong YooZonghoon LeeRodney S. RuoffBin WangMing HuangBenjamin V. CunningYuan HuangXianjue ChenSunghwan JinMandakini BiswalXu ZhangSun Hwa LeeHyunseob LimZonghoon LeeRodney S. Ruoff
2016-11 Graphene Coatings as Barrier Layers to Prevent the Water-Induced Corrosion of Silicate Glass Bin WangBenjamin V. CunningSun-Young ParkMing HuangJu-Young KimRodney S. RuoffBin WangBenjamin V. CunningSun-Young ParkRodney S. Ruoff
2016-05 Rapid thermal decomposition of confined graphene oxide films in air Xianjue ChenDongli MengBin WangBao-Wen LiWei LiChristopher W. BielawskiRodney S. RuoffXianjue ChenDongli MengBin WangBao-Wen LiWei LiChristopher W. BielawskiRodney S. Ruoff
2016-01 Support-Free Transfer of Ultrasmooth Graphene Films Facilitated by Self-Assembled Monolayers for Electronic Devices and Patterns Bin WangMing HuangLi TaoSun Hwa LeeA-Rang JangBao-Wen LiHyeon Suk ShinDeji AkinwandeRodney S. RuoffBin WangMing HuangSun Hwa LeeBao-Wen LiRodney S. Ruoff