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Publication Date Title Author(s)
2020-07 Tailoring Domain Morphology in Monolayer NbSe2 and WxNb1–xSe2 Heterostructure Sehwan ParkSeok Joon YunYong In KimJung Ho KimYoung-Min KimKi Kang KimYoung Hee LeeSehwan ParkYoung Hee Lee
2020-06 Identifying Fibrillization State of Aβ Protein via Near-Field THz Conductance Measurement Chaejeong HeoTaewoo HaChunjae YouThuy HuynhHosub LimJiwon KimMallikarjuna Reddy KesamaJinkee LeeTeun-Teun KimYoung Hee LeeChaejeong HeoYoung Hee Lee
2020-05 Ferromagnetic Order at Room Temperature in Monolayer WSe2 Semiconductor via Vanadium Dopant Seok Joon YunDinh Loc DuongDoan Manh HaKirandeep SinghThanh Luan PhanWooseon ChoiYoung-Min KimYoung Hee LeeSeok Joon YunYoung Hee Lee
2020-05 Wafer-scale high-quality Ag thin film using a ZnO buffer layer for plasmonic applications Bo-Gwang JungMiyeon CheonSu Jae KimAlexander GliserinSoo Hoon ChewChae Ryong ChoSeong-Gon KimYoung Hee LeeSeungchul KimSe-Young JeongYoung Hee Lee
2020-03 Ferromagnetic quasi-atomic electrons in two-dimensional electride Seung Yong LeeJae-Yeol HwangJongho ParkChandani N. NandadasaYounghak KimJoonho BangKimoon LeeKyu Hyoung LeeYunwei ZhangYanming MaHideo HosonoYoung Hee LeeSeong-Gon KimSung Wng KimSeung Yong LeeYoung Hee Lee
2020-03 Temperature dependence of velocity saturation in a multilayer molybdenum disulfide transistor Byoung Hee MoonHyunjin JiJung Jun BaeYoung Hee LeeByoung Hee MoonYoung Hee Lee
2020-03 Unveiling the Hot Carrier Distribution in Vertical Graphene/h-BN/Au van der Waals Heterostructures for High-Performance Photodetector Young Rae KimYoung Rae KimYong Seon ShinWon Tae KangUi Yeon WonIlmin LeeJi Eun KimKunnyun KimYoung Hee LeeWoo Jong YuYoung Rae KimYoung Hee Lee
2020-02 How Clean Is Clean? Recipes for van der Waals Heterostructure Cleanliness Assessment Isabella GasparuttiSeung Hyun SongMichael NeumannXu WeiKenji WatanabeTakashi TaniguchiYoung Hee LeeIsabella GasparuttiYoung Hee Lee
2020-02 Tailoring Quantum Tunneling in a Vanadium-Doped WSe2/SnSe2 Heterostructure Sidi FanSeok Joon YunWoo Jong YuYoung Hee LeeSidi FanYoung Hee Lee
2020-02 Improvement of corrosion penetration resistance for aluminum heat exchanger by alloying zirconium Yong-Sang KimIn-Jun ParkByeong-Seon AnJong Gil ParkCheol-Woong YangYoung Hee LeeJung-Gu KimJong Gil ParkYoung Hee Lee
2020-02 Ultrashort Vertical-Channel van der Waals Semiconductor Transistors Jinbao JiangManh‐Ha DoanLinfeng SunHyun KimHua YuMin‐Kyu JooSang Hyun ParkHeejun YangDinh Loc DuongYoung Hee LeeJinbao JiangHyun KimYoung Hee Lee
2020-01 Quantitative insights into the growth mechanisms of nanopores in hexagonal boron nitride Ouafi MouhoubRafael Martinez-GordilloJaysen NelayahGuillaume WangJi-Hoon ParkKi Kang KimYoung Hee LeeChristophe BicharaAnnick LoiseauChristian RicolleauHakim AmaraDamien AlloyeauJi-Hoon ParkYoung Hee Lee
2020-01 Time Evolution Studies on Strain and Doping of Graphene Grown on a Copper Substrate Using Raman Spectroscopy Ukjae LeeYoojoong HanSanghyub LeeJun Suk KimYoung Hee LeeUn Jeong KimHyungbin SonSanghyub LeeYoung Hee Lee
2020-01 Measuring Photoexcited Free Charge Carriers in Mono- To Few-Layer Transition-Metal Dichalcogenides with Steady-State Microwave Conductivity Jeffrey L. BlackburnHanyu ZhangAlexis R. MyersJeremy R. DunklinDavid C. CoffeyRebecca N. HirschDerek Vigil-FowlerSeok Joon YunByeong Wook ChoYoung Hee LeeElisa M. MillerGarry RumblesObadiah G. ReidSeok Joon YunYoung Hee Lee
2020-01 Hot electron effects and electric field scaling near the metal-insulator transition in multilayer MoS2 Byoung Hee MoonGang Hee HanYoung Hee LeeByoung Hee MoonYoung Hee Lee
2019-12 Long-range ferromagnetic ordering in vanadium-doped WSe2 semiconductor Dinh Loc DuongSeok Joon YunYoungkuk KimSeong-Gon KimYoung Hee LeeDinh Loc DuongYoung Hee Lee
2019-12 Carrier multiplication in van der Waals layered transition metal dichalcogenides Ji-Hee KimMatthew R. BergrenJin Cheol ParkSubash AdhikariMichael LorkeThomas FrauenheimDuk-Hyun ChoeBeom KimHyunyong ChoiTom GregorkiewiczYoung Hee LeeJi-Hee KimYoung Hee Lee
2019-11 Edge Contact for Carrier Injection and Transport in MoS2 Field-Effect Transistors Homin ChoiByoung Hee MoonJung Ho KimSeok Joon YunGang Hee HanSung-gyu LeeHamza Zad GulYoung Hee LeeHomin ChoiYoung Hee Lee
2019-11 Anisotropic mechanical properties and strengthening mechanism in superaligned carbon nanotubes-reinforced aluminum Jong Gil ParkJeong-Gyun KimKang Pyo SoJun Yeon HwangEun Sung KimJu LiDongseok SuhYoung Hee LeeJong Gil ParkYoung Hee Lee
2019-09 Fast-Charging High-Energy Battery-Supercapacitor Hybrid: Anodic Reduced Graphene Oxide-Vanadium(IV) Oxide Sheet-on-Sheet Heterostructure Ramkrishna SahooTae Hoon LeeDuy Tho PhamThi Hoai Thuong LuuYoung Hee LeeRamkrishna SahooYoung Hee Lee
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