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Publication Date Title Author(s)
2018-10 Investigation of Zirconium effect on the corrosion resistance of aluminum alloy using electrochemical methods and numerical simulation in an acidified synthetic sea salt solution Yong-Sang KimJong Gil ParkByeong-Seon AnYoung Hee LeeCheol-Woong YangJung-Gu KimJong Gil ParkYoung Hee Lee
2018-07 van der Waals Metallic Transition Metal Dichalcogenides Gang Hee HanDinh Loc DuongDong Hoon KeumSeok Joon YunYoung Hee LeeGang Hee HanYoung Hee Lee
2018-07 Near-zero hysteresis and near-ideal subthreshold swing in h-BN encapsulated single-layer MoS2 field-effect transistors Quoc An VuSidi FanSang Hyup LeeMin-Kyu JooWoo Jong YuYoung Hee LeeQuoc An VuYoung Hee Lee
2018-07 Intragranular Dispersion of Carbon Nanotubes Comprehensively Improves Aluminum Alloys Kang Pyo SoAkihiro KushimaJong Gil ParkXiaohui LiuDong Hoon KeumHye Yun JeongFei YaoSoo Hyun JooHyoung Seop KimHwanuk KimJu LiYoung Hee LeeJong Gil ParkYoung Hee Lee
2018-07 Plasma-Induced Phase Transformation of SnS2 to SnS Jung Ho KimSeok JoonYunHyun Seok LeeJiong ZhaoHoucine BouzidYoung Hee LeeJung Ho KimYoung Hee Lee
2018-07 Superconductivity in Te-deficient polymorphic MoTe2-x and its derivatives: rich structural and electronic phase transitions Se Hwang KangHo Sung YuJaeyoon BaikHeejun YangYoung Hee LeeSuyeon ChoSung Wng KimSe Hwang KangYoung Hee Lee
2018-07 Synthesis of high quality graphene on capped (111) Cu thin films obtained by high temperature secondary grain growth on c-plane sapphire substrates YoungwooKimEric MoyenHemianYiJoséAvilaChaoyuChenMariaCAsensioYoung Hee LeeDidier PribatYoung Hee Lee
2018-06 Gas adsorbates are Coulomb scatterers, rather than neutral ones, in a monolayer MoS2 field effect transistor Hyunjin JiHojoon YiJinbong SeokHyun KimYoung Hee LeeSeong Chu LimHojoon YiYoung Hee Lee
2018-06 Direct growth of doping controlled monolayer WSe2 by selenium-phosphorus substitution Won Tae KangIl Min LeeSeok Joon YunYoung Il SongKunnyun KimDo-Hwan KimYong Seon ShinKiyoung LeeJinseong HeoYoung-Min KimYoung Hee LeeWoo Jong YuSeok Joon YunYoung Hee Lee
2018-05 Misorientation-Angle-Dependent Phase Transformation in van der Waals Multilayers via Electron-Beam Irradiation Un Jeong KimHyangsook LeeWoojin LeeHye Yun JeongHyun KimGang Hee HanHyo Sug LeeYeonsang ParkYoung‐Geun RohYoung Hee LeeEunha LeeSung Woo HwangHye Yun JeongYoung Hee Lee
2018-05 Soft Coulomb gap and asymmetric scaling towards metal-insulator quantum criticality in multilayer MoS2 Byoung Hee MoonJung Jun BaeMin-Kyu JooHomin ChoiGang Hee HanHanjo LimYoung Hee LeeByoung Hee MoonYoung Hee Lee
2018-05 High energy density and enhanced stability of asymmetric supercapacitors with mesoporous MnO2@CNT and nanodot MoO3@CNT free-standing films Tae Hoon LeeDuy Tho PhamRamkrishna SahooJinbong SeokThi Hoai Thuong LuuYoung Hee LeeTae Hoon LeeYoung Hee Lee
2018-04 CMOS-compatible batch processing of monolayer MoS2 MOSFETs Kuanchen XiongHyun KimRoderick J MarstellAlexander GöritzChristian WipfLei LiJi-Hoon ParkXi LuoMatthias WietstruckAsher MadjarNicholas C StrandwitzMehmet KaynakYoung Hee LeeJames C M HwangHyun KimYoung Hee Lee
2017-12 Probing defect dynamics in monolayer MoS2 via noise nanospectroscopy Seung Hyun SongMin-Kyu JooMichael NeumannHyun KimYoung Hee Lee
2017-12 Telluriding monolayer MoS2 and WS2 via alkali metal scooter Seok Joon YunGang Hee HanHyun KimDinh Loc DuongBong Gyu ShinJiong ZhaoQuoc An VuJubok LeeSeung Mi LeeYoung Hee Lee
2017-06 Impact of Carboxyl Groups in Graphene Oxide on Chemoselective Alcohol Oxidation with Ultra-Low Carbocatalyst Loading Yan CuiYoung Hee LeeJung Woon Yang
2017-04 Recent development of two-dimensional transition metal dichalcogenides and their applicationsHighly Cited PaperHot Paper Wonbong ChoiNitin ChoudharyGang Hee HanJuhong ParkDeji AkinwandeYoung Hee Lee
2017-04 Selective control of electron and hole tunneling in 2D assembly Dongil ChuYoung Hee LeeEun Kyu Kim
2017-01 Tip-Enhanced Raman Scattering Imaging of Two-Dimensional Tungsten Disulfide with Optimized Tip Fabrication Process Chanwoo LeeSung Tae KimByeong Geun JeongSeok Joon YunYoung Jae SongYoung Hee LeeDoo Jae ParkMun Seok Jeong
2017-01 Dynamical observations on the crack tip zone and stress corrosion of two-dimensional MoS2 Thuc Hue LyJiong ZhaoMagdalena Ola CichockaLain-Jong LiYoung Hee Lee
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