Journal Papers (저널논문)597

Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-07Synthesis and Characterization of Hexagonal Boron Nitride as a Gate DielectricJang S.K.; Youn J.; Young Jae Song, et al
2016-04Phase transitions via selective elemental vacancy engineering in complex oxide thin filmsLee, SA; Jeong, H; Woo, S, et al
2016-04High Color-Purity Green, Orange, and Red Light-Emitting Didoes Based on Chemically Functionalized Graphene Quantum DotsKwon, W; Kim, YH; Ji-Hee Kim, et al
2016-05Migration mechanism of a GaN bicrystalline grain boundary as a model systemLee, SB; Yoo, SJ; Young-Min Kim, et al
2016-03Selector-free resistive switching memory cell based on BiFeO3 nano-island showing high resistance ratio and nonlinearity factorJeon, JH; Joo, HY; Young-Min Kim, et al
2015-11Silver nanowires decorated with silver nanoparticles for low-haze flexible transparent conductive filmsMenamparambath, MM; Ajmal, CM; Kim, KH, et al
2015-12Flexion bonding transfer of multilayered graphene as a top electrode in transparent organic light-emitting diodesTae Lim J.; Lee H.; Cho H., et al
2015-03Carrier localization in In-rich InGaN/GaN multiple quantum wells for green light-emitting diodesHyun Jeong; Hyeon Jun Jeong; Hye Min Oh, et al
2015-06Enhanced response and sensitivity of self-corrugated graphene sensors with anisotropic charge distributionJeong, SY; Jeong, S; Lee, SW, et al
2015-07Control of Photoluminescence of Carbon Nanodots via Surface Functionalization using Para-substituted AnilinesKwon, W; Do, S; Ji-Hee Kim, et al
2015-03Electrostatically transparent graphene quantum-dot trap layers for efficient nonvolatile memoryKim Y.R.; Jo Y.E.; Yong Seon Shin, et al
2017-08Tunable Mobility in Double-Gated MoTe2 Field-Effect Transistor: Effect of Coulomb Screening and Trap SitesHyunjin Ji; Min-Kyu Joo; Hojoon Yi, et al
2017-08Multiphoton Absorption Coefficients of Organic-Inorganic Lead Halide Perovskites CH3NH3PbX3 (X = Cl, Br, I) Single CrystalsFelix Ochieng Saouma; Dae Young Park; Sung Hyuk Kim, et al
2017-10A Novel and Facile Route to Synthesize Atomic-Layered MoS2 Film for Large-Area ElectronicsStephen Boandoh; Soo Ho Choi; Ji‐Hoon Park, et al
2017-08Ultrastretchable Analog/Digital Signal Transmission Line with Carbon Nanotube SheetsYourack Lee; Min-Kyu Joo; Viet Thong Le, et al
2017-11Silver nanoflowers for single-particle SERS with 10 pM sensitivityShrawan Roy; C Muhammed Ajmal; Seunghyun Baik, et al
2017-11Superior Dielectric Screening in Two-Dimensional MoS2 SpiralsThuc Hue Ly; Hyun Kim; Quoc Huy Thi, et al
2017-08Photofluidic Near-Field Mapping of Electric-Field Resonance in Plasmonic Metasurface Assembled with Gold NanoparticlesMinwoo Kim; Ji-Hyeok Huh; Joohyun Lee, et al
2017-10Topotactic Metal-Insulator Transition in Epitaxial SrFeOx Thin FilmsAmit Khare; Dongwon Shin; Tae Sup Yoo, et al
2017-10Te Monolayer-Driven Spontaneous van der Waals Epitaxy of Two-dimensional Pnictogen Chalcogenide Film on SapphireJae-Yeol Hwang; Young-Min Kim; Kyu Hyoung Lee, et al
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