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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-03Probing polarization modes of Ag nanowires with hot electron detection on Au/TiO2 nanodiodesYoung Keun Lee; Jaemin Lee; Hyosun Lee, et al
2013-04Solvent-Dependent Molecular Structure of Ionic Species Directly Measured by Ultrafast X-Ray Solution ScatteringKyung Hwan Kim; Jae Hyuk Lee; Kim, Joonghan, et al
2013-07Diffusion study by IR micro-imaging of molecular uptake and release on mesoporous zeolites of structure type CHA and LTABonilla M.R.; Titze T.; Schmidt F., et al
2013-07Between scylla and charybdis: Hydrophobic graphene-guided water diffusion on hydrophilic substratesKim J.-S.; Choi J.S.; Lee M.J., et al
2013-10Nanoscale Schottky behavior of Au islands on TiO2 probed with conductive atomic force microscopyHyunsoo Lee; Young Keun Lee; Trong Nghia Van, et al
2013-10Work function engineering of single layer graphene by irradiation-induced defectsJong-Hun Kim; Jin Heui Hwang; Joonki Suh, et al
2013-11Conjugated organic framework with three-dimensionally ordered stable structure and delocalized π cloudsHighly Cited PaperJia Guo; Yanhong Xu; Shangbin Jin, et al
2013-12Directed self-assembly of block copolymers for next generation nanolithographySeong-Jun Jeong; Ju Young Kim; Bong Hoon Kim, et al
2014Size and shape controlled hydrothermal synthesis of kesterite Cu2ZnSnS4 nanocrystalsSeung Wook Shin; Bae, WR; Yang, HS, et al
2014-01High catalytic performance of surfactant-directed nanocrystalline zeolites for liquid-phase Friedel-Crafts alkylation of benzene due to external surfacesJeong-Chul Kim; Kanghee Cho; Ryong Ryoo
2014-01Investigation of changes in the surface structure of LixNi 0.8Co0.15Al0.05O2 cathode materials induced by the initial chargeSooyeon Hwang; Chang W.; Kim S.M., et al
2014-01Complementary p- and n-type polymer doping for ambient stable graphene inverterJe Moon Yun; Park S.; Hwang Y.H., et al
2014-01Electrical biomolecule detection using nanopatterned silicon via block copolymer lithographyJeong C.K.; Hyeong Min Jin; Ahn J.-H., et al
2014-01Device-oriented graphene nanopatterning by mussel-inspired directed block copolymer self-assemblySeokhan Park; Je Moon Yun; Uday Narayan Maiti, et al
2014-0125th anniversary article: Chemically modified/doped carbon nanotubes & graphene for optimized nanostructures & nanodevicesHighly Cited PaperUday Narayan Maiti; Won Jun Lee; Ju Min Lee, et al
2014-01Fundamental Aspects of Energy Dissipation in FrictionJeong Young Park; Miquel Salmeron
2014-01Three-dimensional shape engineered, interfacial gelation of reduced graphene oxide for high rate, large capacity supercapacitorsHighly Cited PaperUday Narayan Maiti; Joonwon Lim; Kyung Eun Lee, et al
2014-01Molecular reaction and solvation visualized by time-resolved X-ray solution scattering: Structure, dynamics, and their solvent dependenceKyung Hwan Kim; Jeongho Kim; Jae Hyuk Lee, et al
2014-02Development of flexible Mg and Ga co-doped ZnO thin films with wide band gap energy and transparent conductive characteristicsSeung Wook Shin; In Young Kim; G.V. Kishor, et al
2014-02N-doped graphitic self-encapsulation for high performance silicon anodes in lithium-ion batteriesWon Jun Lee; Tae Hoon Hwang; Jin Ok Hwang, et al
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