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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-03X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy Study of the Effect of Rh doping in Sr2IrO4Chang Hee Sohn; Deok Yong Cho; Cheng-Tai Kuo, et al
2019-11X-ray spectroscopies of high energy density matter created with X-ray free electron lasersByoung Ick Cho
2018-02Xenopus: An alternative model system for identifying muco-active agentsSim H.J.; Kim S.-H.; Kyung-Jae Myung, et al
2019-01YAP and TAZ Negatively Regulate Prox1 During Developmental and Pathologic LymphangiogenesisCho H.; Jaeryung Kim; Ahn J.H., et al
2020-12YAP/TAZ direct commitment and maturation of lymph node fibroblastic reticular cellsSung Yong Choi; Bae H.; Jeong S.-H., et al
2018-06YAP/TAZ Initiates Gastric Tumorigenesis via Upregulation of MYCChoi, W; Kim, J; Park, J, et al
2017-09YAP/TAZ regulates sprouting angiogenesis and vascular barrier maturationHighly Cited PaperJongshin Kim; Yoo Hyung Kim; Jaeryung Kim, et al
2020-01YAP1 and TAZ negatively control bone angiogenesis by limiting hypoxia-inducible factor signaling in endothelial cellsSivaraj, KK; Dharmalingam, B; Mohanakrishnan, V, et al
2018-10Yin-and-yang bifurcation of opioidergic circuits for descending analgesia at the midbrain of the mouseJong-Hyun Kim; Gireesh Gangadharan; Junweon Byun, et al
2014-12Young capillary vessels rejuvenate aged pancreatic isletsJoana Almaca; Molina, J; Drigo, RAE, et al
2019-03Yttrium Catalyzed Dialkyl Vinyl Phosphonate Polymerization: Mechanistic Insights on the Precision Polymerization from DFTPudasaini B.
2018-04Zeolite-templated nanoporous carbon for high-performance supercapacitorsHao Lu; Kyoungsoo Kim; Yonghyun Kwon, et al
2018-06Zero-field ambient-pressure quantum criticality in the stoichiometric non-fermi liquid system cerhbiVivek K. Anand; Devashibhai T. Adroja; Adrian D. Hillier, et al
2017-02Zero-Temperature Study of a Tetrameric Spin-1/2 Chain in a Transverse Magnetic FieldJavad Vahedi; M. Shabani Arbousara; S. Mahdavifar
2018-06Zitterbewegung of exciton-polaritonsSedov E.S.; Rubo Y.G.; Kavokin A.V.
2014-02ZnO nanowire arrays on 3D-hierachical graphene foam: Biomarker detection of Parkinson's diseaseHongyan Yue; Shuo Huang; Jian Chang, et al
2013-09ZnO-ZnS porous films by sulfidation of three-dimensional ZnO porous templates: Evolution of inward growth during sulfidation processAhn H.B.; Jeong Yong Lee
2017-02ZnTe alloying effect on enhanced thermoelectric properties of p-type PbTeAhn K.; Hocheol Shin; Im J., et al